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  1. thinking about leaving the wtm community. ....

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    2. Jasmine23


      GIVING UP!!? HECK TO THE NO AND NOOOOOO TO THE HECK! I already said that I'm putting up a lot of Caution Red Jesus tape."

    3. 573V3N


      So, what you're saying is that you feel burned out? I understand. If that is so, then take as long as a break you need and get refreshed. Most of us will be here when you choose to return(hopefully, if & when you show up, some of us will be successful waiters).

    4. Jasmine23


      Exactly. Just so burned out. IF I decide to stay I'll just take a break but if not I'll just give my number and or email to everyone I'm close with that we may keep in touch but until I decide I'll just be here quickly. Thank you 573V3N :)