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  1. Welcome is right.... she wouldn't be a whore just a Slut..... so so vulgar. But then again a Whore doesn't have to take money she or he could take other things like std's and a piece of someone's heart.
  2. I do agree with the Adultery part for divorce but I also say anyform of abuse is cause for divorce. But they can also be used as a form of separation to reconcile the relationship. I don't believe in divorce one bit but if my husband hits me he's dead meat js
  3. Usted es de hecho impresionante! Su futura esposa es una mujer bendita ya! Salud! I can't just pick one..... uggh 1-10 are perfect
  4. NO. Why? 1. Because he's my husband and I love him. 2. Religious beliefs 3. Why would someone divorce their spouse because their sex drive is different? 4.
  5. I agree 110% with you.
  6. Welcome to the community WaterSunset! You've come to the right place and will find what you are looking for!
  7. Free the nipple?

    A woman needs to keep her nipples covered. Cleavage too. A woman needs to be modest men too the only time a woman or man should be showing their nipples or be topless is when they are in the privacy of their own home. Maybe I'm still too old fashioned but I don't care. This is my opinion and it's based on my views, upbringing, and religious beliefs.
  8. Random Thoughts

    Today has been the worst day EVER! First I missed the deadline for school so I have to wait 3 months and not even an hour ago I loose my Job because I cannot work after sunset on Friday and all Saturday...... anyone ever hear of Sabbath day?
  9. Favorite Sports teams

    Ha wanna bet?
  10. Favorite Sports teams

    Now that's a HUGE plus!! haha
  11. Favorite Sports teams

    That's awesome! He's seriously handsome haha js
  12. Favorite Sports teams

    Oooooooo how long have you been playing?
  13. Favorite Sports teams

    NHL: CHICAGO BLACKHAWKS! MLB:ST. LOUIS CARDINALS! NBA: any team the person im with cheers for hehe not a NBA fan NFL: any team the person im with cheers for hehe not a NFL fan Rugby: All Blacks
  14. How far is to far?

    For me personally kissing. Even then that's a little skeptical but since almost every has kissed a person they have dated I'd definitely look pass that. Also if God, sent a non virgin that is now waiting for the right one and he's sincere I'd even look past that with God's help. I'm not sure if I understand you correctly.... you're semi-wtm but you'll have sex when you're engaged? That's not wtm thats wte (waiting till engagement). The factor you should think of on that part is what if she (God forbid) use you to get the ring and say yes but after you've had sex she decides engagement off?
  15. 30 minutes

    Thank you! When you're with the one you're spending the rest of your life with and you are in love time doesn't matter.
  16. Brand New

    You've definitely got a spot here! Don't hesitate to contact anyone of us for extra support or even Comment in the forum! And Welcome to the community!
  17. Ah ok I understand now but guess what.... she will not be perfect but she will be perfect for you!
  18. "Pretty girls" ..... my opinion wait on the Lord be of.good courage and He will direct your path. In order to know if a "pretty girl" should be pursued is to talk to her. See where her heart stands with God. Just because you talk to.a."pretty girl" it doesn't mean you're not waiting on God. When talking to a "pretty girl" don't focus on if shes "the one" focus on God so he can guide your tongue and if she's the one you'll definitely know. Oh and there are people that Waited until they were 50 to get married but it doesn't mean they couldn't find anyone it just means God said that they weren't ready. Thank you for your service! And I hope all of this makes sense...... I'm a bit under the weather and tired lol GOD BLESS!
  19. 30 minutes

    No idea but I believe it depends on the person
  20. Random Thoughts

    I'm in a VERY angry and violent mood today.......
  21. Man caves

    YES or something like this for multiple friends to enjoy with. Especially for Hockey and Baseball
  22. Man caves

    I cannot wait to have a man cave for my husband! I'll have a cave of my own too!
  23. 50 Shades of Gray

    No matter the ratings the content is still soft porn
  24. Random Thoughts

    I thought I was the only one! I'm so glad I'm not alone! I was actually going to post the same!
  25. Random Thoughts

    They try because you are different. You have what others seek but are too afraid and weak to pursue. White, educated, and loves hip-hop..... normal Rugby player so you are aggressive.... so hockey players and football players must be ballerinas Goes to the gym so you're definitely narcissistic and not even focused on the real reason one goes to the gym....health. Doesn't party or get drunk must not have a life..... oh but wait I get drunk and party daily and forget my own name.oh the fun in that so he's a nobody. Don't let ignorance get you down. Do you see the color of my skin? I'm multiracial, I love latin and Christian rock music. I workout and I definitely don't party or get drunk and I'm highly educated and I play hockey. All of those things don't determine who you are. How you carry yourself and how you respond gives the true meaning of Javier. Keep your head up and ignore stupidity. I hope all of this makes sense.