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  1. Random Thoughts

    VENT MODE ON: I like how the same exact group of people dog anyone that doesn't agree with them out. This so called WTM community has changed so much it's sickening. Because we don't agree with you we are on high horses and are wrong for speaking the truth in our eyes. People say that just because we are Christians we don't have the right to say anything and so many Christians sit out scared and say nothing but I'm not that type. Jesus spoke out why can't I? And I will. You people need to grow up and come out of that one minded road you're on or you're going to mess yourselves up. I don't care if you don't agree with me but when you start putting incorrect words in someone's mouth or using mistakes in grammar bash someone that's when it shows ignorance and when you start picking at innocent people because you hate their point of view it makes you look worse than you already look. For now on when the likes of people like you talk to me or even quote me you will be talking to yourselves and the group of hateful people you associate yourselves with. This so called community has become High schoolish and I really feel bad for the newbies having to see so much stupidity..... VENT MODE OFF: and I'm NOT looking for any replies. Thank you.
  2. I've never heard of it..... is it good or worth watching?
  3. I will say again from what Sobriquet has said, her actions are slutty if she gets paid for it her actions are whorish. Thats what I'm saying and that's what I'm sticking with. If she doesn't have premarital sex or if she does and feels sorry and ask for forgiveness then she's a woman or a lady in my opinion. No one said anything about hate so if they think they then they must hate themselves. I've said all I want to say and I'm not changing it.
  4. Random Thoughts

    Ah man! I choked on my Goldfish!
  5. Jesus also threw tables and told people the truth about themselves. Maybe I should have responded with "she's acting like" or "would be acting like" why is it so necessary to point out someones religion if they say how they feel or what they think? As a matter of fact you don't need to answer that because this topic isn't about religion it's about the actions of a young lady that supposedly wants to act out in a disgusting manner. Yes Jesus forgave a whore but if this girl will deliberately go out and expose herself then what do you call her? Definitely not a lady.
  6. New To This Site

    Welcome to the community Aaron
  7. Here's what I said for those that read too fast.... I didn't say she is a whore or slut I said she would be called those things do get that straight. Another thing, we are adults we may say what we please. If we offend someone we go to them personally and get it right as I have done in the past but since it seems like specific people like to jump down other people's throats there's no helping. My thing is.... it's said that people can't just vent on here anymore without argument. Sobriquet was venting. So what if he's fresh out of high school as someone (don't remember whom) decided to point out... Adults have their days too no one is perfect. You all that disagree with me and others don't always have to act like jerks and vice versa with us. We are all WTM so that's how we should see each other not as enemies but hey that's just my opinion. Although we only have one side of the story we spoke on what we had and from what Sobriquet said, to me her actions are on the slutty side imo.
  8. Ok ok people let's agree to disagree and continue helping each other wtm! Yes?
  9. What does a lion and cougar have to do with this?
  10. No not you Welcome sorry hehe
  11. Slut=queer.... got it!
  12. Hey um um...so I was wondering..... uhhhh errrr.... would this be considered a controversial topic...... or no?
  13. new

    HI *waves* Glad to have you here!
  14. Take Charge?

    I really wish I could talk with your brother and his friends..... You don't need to have sex with a bunch of randoms to take charge in bed. As I've always said I'd prefer to learn with my husband not be taught by him in that area. Even being inexperienced you can take charge in many ways. Your brother and his friends can and should learn from you. Thank you for taking a stand.
  15. How about this.... what I've learned over the years If you have sex with multiple people by choice and get some form of payment for it you're a whore. If you have sex with multiple people just because you want to you're a desperate person looking for love or satisfaction in all the wrong places or also called a slut...... or just plain stupid. But if you're trying to be something you're not, then you're pathetic OR should I say acting?
  16. He didn't call her a Slut it was basically me. There are all types of sluts. I was friends with one and she had the most amazing personality and she had an amazing heart. I use words of the past because I have no idea where she is or is doing now..... but no matter how sweet she was she was a slut. She willing slept with multiple guys and she nicely kicked them to the curb and went to the next one.
  17. I didn't see this until now lol made me laugh.
  18. Random Thoughts

    Some days I wonder what it would be like if I had a freezray gun......
  19. Good thing you found out now I guess. Now you can prepare yourself for a woman that isn't into that lifestyle.
  20. He didn't call her a SLUT I did What does this have to do with racism? He didn't give anythingto say shes black or white or oriental.....
  21. Where would you like to be kissed?

    Whe I'm married, husband is allowed to kiss me anywhere except the places below the belt. Before marriage, there's no kissing anywhere.