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  1. No longer fun..... (?)

    Ah right. I didn't know used to lead here. My bad!
  2. No longer fun..... (?)

    It's not a dead link though... is there, just as it's always been
  3. "I Don't Know What To Say"

    I needed to hear that today, thank you. * I completely agree with the above post. I would add the following to the second point: Sometimes people genuinely care and want to help, but they don't know how. Maybe they think you want space when you really want a hug. Maybe they think you don't want to talk about it when you really do. I have a number of support people in my life who were completely lost - always trying their best, but still at a loss, sometimes to the point that their efforts were counterproductive - until I told them what I needed. It can take a heart-to-heart conversation, or even a spreadsheet with "what I need", "what to do when ___", etc if necessary. In any case, if you believe this person is supportive of you and wants to help but honestly doesn't know how, I would highly recommend talking to them about it. Sadly, it's true that not everyone has the skills to help you in this kind of situation. In that case, it's okay to turn to someone else. Maybe you could find a support group for what you are experiencing. You don't have to be alone just because one person wasn't able to help. Best of luck to you (((hugs)))
  4. Tell Me a Story, I'm Sick

    I hope you feel better soon! My pet bunny really likes to nibble our house plants, and he knows he's not allowed to. Yesterday I caught him nibbling one, so I told him off. As soon as I wasn't looking anymore, he hopped over to the next house plant and nibbled that one. Every time I told him off, he would just hop over to the next one, and the next, and the next. He went around the entire living room like that. To be fair, he wasn't wrong. I never told him not to eat all the plants... One time I went to a meeting where the speaker talked about printing a flute with a 4D printer. He meant 3D, of course. But it was funny listening to him talk about his "four-dimensional flute" during the entire presentation. Last week I realised the key I have to a storage room at university actually unlocks all the rooms on that floor. Said rooms are the offices of my teachers. I realised this late at night, while I was tidying up with a classmate and nobody else was around. So I did the obvious thing... I unlocked my professor's office, hid in the darkness, and jumped out shouting "BOOH" when my classmate walked past PS: @mewaiting good luck for your exam tomorrow!
  5. Values your parents taught you

    Hey guys After vanishing for a couple of months, I'm back and I see people have been talking about the site being dead. Since I've had values on my mind for a while now, I thought I'd use it as a topic to hopefully hear a bit from you guys (and get to know the new people better - hi!). WTM people talk a lot about their strong values and how they guide us in life. We also talk a lot about marriage and future families. My question is: which values did your parents teach you that still guide you today? (Not necessarily WTM, but that can be one of them!) And which values would you like to pass on to your children? Are there values you learnt on your own, but that you wish your parents had taught you? I'll start: I didn't have a religious or particularly ethics-oriented upbringing, so values like faith, community or even generosity weren't often talked about. I ended up exploring those parts of life on my own. Still, my parents taught me these values which I am glad I hold today: respect for living beings, nature and the world we live in respect for books and education in general gratitude for what I have awareness of my roots and appreciation of my culture critical thinking and not relying on others to make my own choices treating people according to who they are rather than what they are (African or European, straight or LGBT, rich or poor, old or young...) by extension, pride in who I am despite peer pressure to conform These are all values I'd like to pass on to my children. Others I wasn't taught but would like to pass on are: reverence towards all deities and acknowledgement of what is greater than us spiritual roots and tradition the importance of family and community respect for ancestors and those who paved the way for us, and for the wisdom of elders communication and reconciliation over anger and resentment compassion and generosity speaking well of others As you can tell, many of these are religion-based; the others are things my family implicitly valued, but never really taught. I believe the above points would've made my upbringing stronger and provided more solid foundations from which to grow. Though I'm glad I built them eventually, and overall I am happy with the way my parents raised me, I would like to provide these foundations from the beginning to my children. Your turn now!
  6. Random Thoughts

    I'm back! Who are all these new people and where did they come from I'm kidding, I'm glad to see new faces around
  7. Would you marry someone who isnt your faith, but is WTM?

    Given how many people share my tradition, I'll probably have to In all seriousness, I would marry someone of any faith or non-faith so long as they met two criteria: 1. their beliefs/values stem from a similar place as mine - that is, being the best person you can be through compassion, tolerance, piety towards their God(s) (if religious) and showing consideration for all life; 2. they respect my beliefs and tradition. I wouldn't marry someone who expects only their beliefs to be practised openly in the household. It should be a fair deal - the children get exposed to both traditions, and when they're old enough they decide for themselves. Criteria 1 is important because no matter what they choose, they should be raised first and foremost as good people. I'd much rather have kind, discerning Christian/Muslim/Jewish/other children than selfish, disrespectful Hellenic ones. So yes, I would marry someone of a different faith so long as our other beliefs line up.
  8. Three religions. One house.

    Personally I think this is a fantastic idea. I think I heard about it a while ago and had the same thought - it has the opportunity to bring closer a lot of people who wouldn't really interact otherwise. If a temple of my religion was included in a building like that (well, first off, I'd be amazed it's included somewhere xD) I would most certainly go there to worship! My only worry would be that this could lead to disagreements and potential vandalism. I can easily see, for example, members of one group (any group!) jumping on the opportunity to trash another group's holy place, or to cause havoc in the common room. I don't think these people would be in the majority, far from it - and there would likely be less and less as time goes by and as dialogue is encouraged - but it would still have the potential to be harmful and discouraging. I still think it's a concept well worth trying out.
  9. Do you find men with long hair attractive?

    Yessssss I'm all for long hair. Ideal length is between ear and shoulder length, but anything goes - I just really like long hair On girls too. As a girl with hip length hair, whenever I see another girl with hair that long, it's an insta-like
  10. Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas everyone! And happy Hannukah too!
  11. Is this forum for me?

    Another non-American non-Christian here! You're most welcome
  12. Religion!

    Yesss a Jewish person! (Well, a believer in Judaism.) It's lovely to see an extra faith represented here. I've been wondering where our Jewish waiters were So if I understand you correctly, you're not ethnically Jewish but you did convert to Judaism? I'm your local Pagan by the way. Hellenic polytheist.
  13. 25 facts about YOU!

    And did he turn into a prince?
  14. "The Questionnaire"

    1. What is your favourite word? Ineffable and goulash. Better: ineffable goulash. 2. What is your least favourite word? Greubons. It's a Swiss word for the hard bits that are left over when lard melts. 3. What sound or noise do you love? Splashing water. 4. What sound or noise do you hate? Loud and unexpected noises. 5. What turns you on? Kindness and intelligence. 6. What turns you off? Arrogance and people who smoke. 7. What is your favourite curse word? Dammit! 8. What profession other than your own would you like to attempt? Humanitarian relief worker, or funeral director. 9. What profession would you least like to attempt? Soldier. 10. If Heaven exists, what would you want to hear God say to you when you arrive at the pearly gates? "The Fields of Asphodel are that way, sweet one. Your loved ones are waiting for you."
  15. Random Thoughts

    So I was reading an ancient text for one of my classes and it mentioned a prince called Masturbi. Masturbi. Thank God the poor guy died three millennia ago.