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    God will always be #1,then listening to music, writing songs, drawing,reading,having a good time with family and friends, and make-up.

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  1. Favorite musical genre?

    My favorite is rock!
  2. Lecrae

    I like his music
  3. I'm engaged!!

    Congratulations! I wish you both the best
  4. Excited Newbie

  5. Dating Abroad

    I'm open to it, I don't think the distance would bother me
  6. I like this article a lot
  7. just saying hello!

    Welcome Meghann!
  8. New member has arrived!

  9. Jax of all trades.....

    Hello and welcome Jax!
  10. New Member

  11. How do you feel about tattoos?

    I have a tattoo and plan on getting more someday, so I think if its something you really want to do go for it.