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  1. Meet me!!

    We're supposed to get five or ten minutes of snow tomorrow, but the temp will still be a balmy 50 degrees warmer than Mirage's -15. Now. That. Is. Cold.
  2. Meet me!!

    "East is East and West is West and never the twain shall meet." Rudyard Kipling Psalm 103:12 New International Version (NIV) "as far as the east is from the west, so far has he removed our transgressions from us." My apologies, your thread inspired me.
  3. Being chased by girls

    Yeah, I know there are plenty of men who are players, and I used to think that it was almost always the guys who pushed dates or relationships into bed. While I still think that men in general are more likely to be guilty of this, there are some women that just want a man and will not endure being alone. Either way, it is sad and (in my opinion) wrong. But I still tend to give women the benefit of the doubt, I was brought up that way.
  4. After the interested people have tried, I will provide answers, including the reasoning and calculations.
  5. Math and Socks challenge - place your answers here

    Awesome. You mentioned 12/17 in your explanation of #6, but put 6/17 in your calculation. That would make answer 6 more like 26%, or twice as likely as #7. When my brain is a little more awake, I'll post the formulas that can be used to help confirm the answers. I admit to not calculating 5, 6 and 7 ahead of time, but doing some calculations now and then comparing with yours, I think you are right.
  6. Well put, I wouldn't change that part of me either.
  7. Being chased by girls

    I would not mind being encouraged a little extra, especially if there was some mutual interest already, and it was sincere interest. I try to hint interest by being friendly but I can never think of what to say and how to say it. Or rather, by the time I have settled on the perfect thing to say, my interests have disappeared and I never see them again. On the other hand, if it is someone with different standards than me, e.g. not a waiter and there has been no real encouragement from me at all, then it is a bit irritating. I've had insincere women try to finesse me along with any other eligible males that cross their path and I don't enjoy that. I try not to hurt or embarrass anyone who approaches me, but especially not someone who approaches me sincerely.
  8. What is your biggest regret in life?

    I would second that. I've probably let my loneliness distract me, drag me down sometimes, and waste energy and focus in the past. I've since realized that whether alone or not, each day is mine to make the best of and that dwelling on uncertainty creates terrible inertia. Otherwise, I always wanted to play an instrument, would have been nice to take lessons when I was younger. And there is a family member relationship that went wrong at some point and if I could figure out when and why (and even whether there is anything I could have done differently to change it), I would. And also, to learn earlier not to be a perfectionist in everything, but rather aim for excellence so time is better used. But as several earlier posters have stated, experiences and decisions good and bad are what shape us into what we are today, so there probably isn't much I could change and still be me.
  9. Human nature and reasoning tends to put value on 'nevers' and 'firsts', but quickly rationalizes after that to "I've already done that, it won't make much difference to do so again... and again and again". And I would suggest that this is the case with something tempting, even if it violates one's own set of values. So being human, if I was single but not committed to waiting like I am, I suppose that I might be cohabiting with someone that I found reasonably attractive and interesting, and she would of course be at least averagely attracted to me, and perhaps even like minded to a point. However, even so, I can't see playing the field, I would still want depth in a relationship. Either way, it just feels like it would put a hollow place in my soul to know somewhere inside that the person I was e.g. living with was probably going to be someone else's spouse one day, and that we were just biding time together until someone we liked significantly more came along. Blech!
  10. Math and Socks challenge - place your answers here

    3) There are 18 socks in the drawer, six of each color. In aiming for at least one white pair, the worst possible case would be to end up with all 6 red socks and all 6 blue socks before you drew any white socks, e.g. you could theoretically be holding 12 socks and still have no white socks. But when you have 13 socks, you must have at least one white sock... so you need to draw out 14 socks to be certain of one white pair. 2) This follows from the above relatively easily, try it. But here's the answer anyway. In the worst case, you pull out all 6 blue socks first. Then the 7th sock would have to be red or white. And so would the 8th one. But since the 7th and 8th socks may not be a pair, you need a 9th sock to ensure that you will have at minimum one red or one white pair.
  11. Math and socks challenge...

    Hey folks don't all 600-odd members answer at once. I knew this was a geeky idea, maybe a bit too much so. Anyhow, I find that engaging the math, programming, technical side of my brain makes it easier to 'wait', if that's the right term for WTM. Or maybe it's part of the reason I'm still waiting... I'll post some detailed solutions in the answer thread as I am able.
  12. Math and socks challenge...

    So, see if you can figure out the right answer to a few math probability and combinatorics brain teasers. Feel free to ask questions or discuss ways of finding the answers in replies to this topic. However please do not give your answers in reply to this topic - use the separate answer topic I also created. Suppose you have a drawer full of socks that are either red, white or blue. Otherwise the socks are identical in size and material. And, like my sock drawer, they are loose, not folded in pairs. You are in a rush to go somewhere and just about to pick out a pair of socks when your room light bulb burns out, leaving you in total darkness, standing in front of the sock drawer. 1. What is the minimum number of socks you need to take out of the drawer to be sure that you have at least one matching pair of any color to put on when you get into a lit room? Now, suppose you know that there are exactly three pairs of each color sock (6 of each color) loose in the drawer. (And all socks are returned to the drawer at the start of each question below.) 2. Since blue doesn't go with your clothes today, what is the minimum number of socks you have to take with you to be certain of either a white pair or a red pair? 3. And then you realize that you must have white socks today - what minimum number will you need to take to have at least one white pair? Now, your 'friend' in the other room realizes your predicament and decides to wager / bet on what color socks you draw. 4. He wants to bet you $10 that if you take one sock out, it will not be white. What is the likelihood, also called probability, that this happens (in percent)? Do you think that is a good bet? 5. Now, he says that he'll bet you $100 that you will not get a pair of any color socks if you take out just two socks. What is the probability that you would lose the bet? 6. It happens to be the Fourth of July and he says he's patriotic and will give you $1000 for fireworks if you pick out three socks in any order and end up with one red, one white and one blue. How patriotic is he being? 7. Finally, he offers to bet his new BMW against your Toyota that you cannot select three socks in the exact order of red, then white then blue, and says he'll give you three tries from the full drawer (socks put back after each try). How likely are you to lose your Toyota if you agree? In replies to this post, feel free to ask questions or discuss ways of finding the answers. However, please place your final answers in the separate thread marked for answers to this question.
  13. How Much Is Too Much?

    There should be a balance between practical and extravagant. Things that are necessary to a successful event vs things that are nice to have but not essential. A good venue is important, but it doesn't have to be the most expensive building in the state. I would consider places like a relatively private beach, a large private garden, or like you offered, a friend's estate. Decor, well, I'd suggest that it be complete but not beyond necessary. Try to have the environment the bride wants without splurging. And I think that if there are more than a handful of guests, a good photographer and a good caterer are essential. If I had the money on hand to spend, then going all out would be fun, but most of us (including me) don't have a lot of savings to spend and it would be foolish in my opinion to go into debt beyond a few $K to pull the day off. I haven't put much thought into a gift registry (how male of me) but I'm not against something simple that allows people to chose something they know is wanted. But I would limit the items to essentials and let people who wanted to buy fancier items do so outside the registry but with its contents and theme as a guide. And I would not count on it to get 'money back' to offset what we spent on the wedding vs what we should have spent on setting up our home. Overall, I don't have much family or many friends on my side, so this feature would be more for my bride's benefit and guests. My opinions, of course, and women have this way of seeing these things differently too...
  14. Math and socks challenge...

    Hints supplied below: read if you need a little push in the right direction. Hint: For the first three questions, try figuring out the worst case possible to achieve the result and you will arrive at the answer quicker. For example, in question 1, the worst case would be that after selecting three socks, each one is a different color... Hint: Try answering question 3 before question 2. Hint: Question 4 is a simple fraction based on the total number of socks in the drawer versus the number of ways to win the bet. Hint: Question 6 is what we call a combination, where order is not important in reaching the answer. Hint: Question 7 is what we call a permutation, and order is important to calculating the answer.
  15. Math and Socks challenge - place your answers here

    1) Mark, it is indeed 4. In the worst case for the desired outcome of this question, as we draw socks the first three could all be different colors, but the fourth has to match at least one of them to make a pair.
  16. Soo....

    Mmmmm, I'll try to keep them generally applicable and interesting.
  17. Alcohol/Drinking

    Nicole, I've had relatively little alcohol in my life and I have never been 'drunk'. I don't really fit in with people who want to go to bars and hang out, even if I don't mind having a single drink. I sometimes have a cider or a light beer, but I often still feel awkward and out of place, I can't recall when last I was in a bar. So I would agree that your friends are probably either enjoying alcohol too much, or looking for trouble, or both. Alcohol has a relaxing effect on most people, but it also lowers inhibitions. Alcohol will likely loosen your tongue and make you more open to suggestions that you would otherwise never consider. Some people enjoy that feeling and make that a lifestyle, but not without making plenty of mistakes along the way. If these friends are worth trying to hang with and/or you want to try, you can always order one of the chaser drinks like Ginger Ale or Coke. Or order one of the fancy cocktails as a virgin version e.g. ask for a virgin strawberry daiquiri or a virgin piña colada and you can enjoy the mix without the alcohol. And if you want something with a little alcohol but not so harsh, try e.g. a cider like Redds or Angry Orchard, they are sort of like spiked apple cider. But if you still feel out of place, leave and don't feel bad about it, most bar atmospheres are not encouraging to waiters nor are they helpful to those of us walking the straight and narrow. As always, these are my humble opinions.
  18. Soo....

    Would anyone complain if I put up some math-ey brain teasers in the forum? Or perhaps the better question is would anyone participate?
  19. Soo....

    Yeah, it isn't universally true for every choice of x and y, but it is true for all x and y where x = y/(y-1). Plug any number into y in this equation, solve for x, then put them in the original xy = x + y and voila! Equations like this might seem too theoretical to be useful, but they can be used to solve real world problems, especially when you can describe a problem with a set of several equations. Though I don't talk about it much, I am partial to certain mathematics and combinatorics.
  20. Soo....

    Weapon X, you know how to dream! My past dreams were like that, but my dream now is a little simpler... that the right person for me in fact exists, and that we cross paths before I get too stuck in my ways to care.
  21. Soo....

    No one said X and Y could not be equal... good catch Ruby and Cou, X = Y = 2 works, as well as both 0, as well as other non-integers. And thanks to Egirly for reminding me, I once saw a poster that read... Sex Education: 1 + 1 = 3
  22. Soo....

    X + Y = XY
  23. Dating sites?

    Though I canned all my accounts over a year ago, I looked at some of the sites and I would warn you to avoid pof(plentyoffish) as well as speeddate and any that seem really cheap. One or both sold my email address to porn spammers, fortunately it was a disposable address. Christianmingle as a site is not really sincere as it is run for profit by people who really don't seem to care beyond selling memberships. That doesn't mean the people there are not sincere, just that the site is a typical dating site but with a Christian title. If I was to seriously pursue online dating, eHarmony was the most interesting. Their guided communication approach lets you sort of sound out people in a controlled series of questions before you choose to make unscripted contact. I asked a few women there in the guided conversation what they thought about sex before marriage, and a couple of them seemed to like waiting, but there are many who think premarital sex is part of finding a partner. And I think some women respond more positively about sex than they may actually feel comfortable with, so that they don't scare off their potentials. But I suppose I see it the other way.
  24. Psych test: How achievement-oriented are you?

    1. Is being comfortable more important to you than getting ahead? No 2. Are you satisfied to be no better than most other people at your job? No 3. Do you like to make improvements to the way the organization you belong to functions? Yes 4. Do you take trouble to cultivate people who may be useful to you in your career? Yes 5. Do you get restless and annoyed when you feel you are wasting time? Yes 6. Have you always worked hard in order to be among the best in your own line? (school, organization, profession). Yes 7. Would you prefer to work with a congenial but incompetent partner rather than with a difficult but highly competent one? No 8. Do you tend to plan ahead for your job or career? No, not enough 9. Is "getting on in life" important to you? Yes 10. Are you an ambitious person? Yes 11. Are you inclined to read of the successes of other rather than do the work of making yourself a success? No 12. Would you describe yourself as being lazy? No 13. Will days often go by without your having done a thing? Not usually 14. Are you inclined to take life as it comes without much planning? Not anymore.
  25. What Do You Guys (and Girls) Think?

    Yes, the numbers probably reduce exponentially as age increases. It's the deceptiveness of popular culture along with a widespread lack of spiritual foundation. (In my opinion, of course.) But there are still waiters out there at almost all ages, it is by no means hopeless, and this site proves it.