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  1. Tattoos

    I am pro-tattoo unless they're sexual and/or pornographic ones. Because I've seen pictures of sexual tattoos online that range from just sexual text to realistically graphic depictions of sex acts and/or genitals tattooed on people, and I would never even consider dating someone with tattoos like that. I also don't like poorly done tattoos, but I'm way more open to dating someone with a terrible looking tattoo than I am a sexual one. I don't have any tattoos myself, but I might get some someday. Tattoos are just artwork injected into your skin, as someone who likes art, it just makes sense to me. I already have two ideas for tattoos (I even have a little Pinterest board for my future potential tattoo and piercing ideas), but when/if I ever get any, I don't know if I'll get either of those ideas tattooed on me (I need money for that anyway). And if a guy doesn't like tattoos on me, then that is enough motivation for me to get my whole body covered in them.
  3. lol this is random but I can't believe you have almost 30k profile views!!!! People must love you:)

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    2. Amber Elizabeth

      Amber Elizabeth

      I might even buy him a kid's meal as long as he's on his best behavior. :D 

      Okay, I'm not sure how I'll get the meat for the eagles every day. I guess I could just use my unloyal subjects to feed the eagles, maybe even my king if necessary, I just hope it wouldn't make the poor eagles sick. :( What do you think? I could use your expert advice and knowledge on what kind of meat is best for happy and healthy eagles. 

    3. SG1


      A kids meal? How generous of you. :D

      My apologies for the delay. I did not know the answer to your intelligent question. So I packed up my gear and I embarked on another trek. This time I traveled all the way up to Western Mongolia and stayed with the Kazakh tribe, in the Altai Mountain range. They are the world’s best and last known peoples to train eagles to hunt down prey. They informed me any kind of meat will work for your prized Harpy Eagles and they showed me how to train an eagle how to hunt. I utilized the knowledge bestowed upon me from the elders and worked with a young tribesman to train his eagle. Here is a quick clip of our success:

      I could train your much larger and more powerful Harpy Eagles to hunt like this…and if anyone tries to flee from you…lol they won’t get too fare.

      P.S. You’re hilarious:lol::lol::lol::lol:

    4. Amber Elizabeth

      Amber Elizabeth

      I get to keep the toy though. :P 

      I would be very grateful if you could train them like that. I need strong, independent eagles that don't need no one to feed or protect them. And I'd love to have some attack eagles to protect me and to help me to destroy my enemies. :D 

      Well, of course I'm hilarious, I'm a queen and it's part of my job. and because I'm just amazing like that anyway. :D 

  4. BIzarre hypothetical situation

    I would make them fight to the death for me, or I would just kill them both and then get a third husband. Because if I can trick two guys into wanting to marry me, then I can trick a third into wanting to marry me. No need to try to choose between my first two husbands.
  5. Random Thoughts

    So, a couple of hours ago at the concert I was at, I tried to get a picture taken with the singer for the first band that played because they were taking some pictures at their merch table after their set was over and before the set of the next band started. But there was only 15 minutes between the sets, and they were going to leave early after that so they travel to the next show, and they weren't at the table for the first couple of minutes, so it was only really a 10 minute or so window for getting a picture taken with the singer. I stood in line to try to get one, and if I was a bit closer in line and/or there were a couple more minutes left, then I would have likely gotten one because I was one of the next few people in line before the time was up. Little disappointed that I didn't get to get a picture with her, but I tried. (Also she's shorter than me. )
  6. Random Thoughts

  7. I'm not super religious anyway, so I would still wait. Besides, there's plenty of practical and non religious reasons for waiting such as avoiding unplanned pregnancy and STDs.
  8. What kind of bedroom do you want?

    I don't care what the bedroom looks like, but I want my own. I don't want to share a bedroom with my husband.
  9. Do you abstain from other things besides sex too?

    I abstain from socialization. I also don't smoke or do drugs and things like that.
  10. Random Thoughts

    I'm going to my first true concert tomorrow night.
  11. What are you reading?

    I'm currently reading the comment I'm writing.
  12. Marrying a 16 Year Old Girl?

    Completely unacceptable. I do not care about the specifics, an adult being in a romantic and/or sexual relationship with a minor is depraved.
  13. Would you marry someone who isnt your faith, but is WTM?

    Maybe, it depends on how compatible he is with me otherwise. I have requirements in a spouse that are way more important than religion, and I'd rather date/marry a non-religious guy that had all my other requirements than date/marry a religious guy that only had some or even none of my important requirements. I might end up dating/marrying a non-religious guy anyway cause religious guys are kinda unappealing to me nowadays. Besides, most religious guys wouldn't want to be in a relationship with me anyway because I wouldn't be religious enough for them.
  14. Your Dream Guy !!

    Me, but as a guy. And hot.
  15. Sologamy, its not too late to marry yourself

    I should do that. I wouldn't buy the kit or anything like that though.