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  1. Sure, most likely. Though I would still likely want some smaller gestures. But the bigger, more elaborate, and overly romantic ones can make me cringe. So I would be fine if he never did any of those. And I'd rather receive no stereotypical romantic gestures than to have forced and unnatural ones.
  2. Favorite YouTube channels?

    I don't know, my channel is pretty cool (not really). Some of my favorite channels are just video game playthroughs, review, and top whatever list channels. Nothing any cool people would care about.
  3. Do You Crush and Tell?

    Nope, I don't crush and tell. I haven't even really crushed in over a decade.
  4. No longer fun..... (?)

    You're not the only one. The site would be better if more people posted. Doesn't seem like people post as much as they did 2-3 years ago. I only constantly visit this site so I can read all the new posts, but since people don't post that much anymore... Seems this site has been slow for the past year or so. Hopefully it picks up sometime.
  5. 1. No, I'm proud to be a virgin. 2. I don't think so. 3. No. Other people's opinion of me doesn't matter. 4. I don't think so.
  6. I would never crush on someone, so this question doesn't apply to me. But if I did, I'd just wait for him to make a move. I'm not a conversation initiator.
  7. I've heard about it before. I've even borrowed and flipped though this book from the library a couple of times that's aimed at younger women and it's about praying for your future husband, but I haven't actually done it myself. I wouldn't pray for my husband though, and I don't pray anyway. If I did pray for him, I would pray that he finds some other nice woman to marry.
  8. Obeying Your Husband

    No, I will not obey or submit to my husband in any way (especially not sexually, I'm not into that shit). He can't make me do anything I don't want to do, nor should he expect me to or think I should do whatever he wants. I'm just not going to do whatever my husband wants, especially if I disagree on what he wants. I will not date or marry anybody that believes in this BS. My husband and I will be equals. Sure, one of us might take charge at times, but that doesn't mean we can make the other do whatever we want.
  9. Random Thoughts

    Happy Singles Awareness Day everybody!
  10. Do you find men with long hair attractive?

    It depends. Some guys look better with short hair, some look better with long hair. And some guys can pull off both looks. As long as it looks good on him, I don't care if a guy has long or short hair.
  11. What do you think of guys' chest hair?

    I think chest hair is disgusting. I don't like chest hair on guys, not even a little bit. I only like clean shaven chests. To be honest, I don't like body hair of any kind on guys (arms, legs, chests, armpits, and most facial hair). Though I'm okay with hair 'down there', cause I think it's kinda more weird to not have any there. If the hair is not on his head or crotch, then shave it off. But he shouldn't shave his eyebrows, he'd just look silly.
  12. Facial Hair

    Ew no, I don't like facial hair on guys. Though there are some guys I think look attractive with short facial hair, the short stubbly facial is fine at times depending on the guy. But I generally do not like facial hair, especially if it's a weird mustache or a full on beard. I mostly prefer clean shaven men.
  13. Random Thoughts

    The 1st essay I turned in for my English comp 2 class is the same one as the 4th essay I turned into for my English comp 1 class back in December. It just has some rewritten and copy and pasted parts, and then edited a bit down because it was a bit over the 1250 word limit. I hope this teacher likes it as much as my other one did. I got a 190 out of 200 for the final draft of the original version. Too bad the other three papers are likely going to be a different kind of essay, cause I won't be able to hand in a slightly edited version of my old ones. And I got 190/200 for the final drafts of all my papers, except for the second one because I got a perfect score.
  14. What about tattoos?

    I don't have any tattoos, but I want some. I have a couple of ideas for ones, but I'm not completely sure what I want to get. Is it stupid that all/most of the tattoos I might get in the future will be something nerdy? But I don't have the money for any tattoos right now, and I'd have to find a good artist that can tattoo what I want to get well. I want the artwork that's going to be injected into my skin to be really awesome and well done. But maybe I won't even get any someday. Who knows. I kinda want to have several tattoos and more then the four piercings than I do now before my wedding day. Cause I think it would look cool to have bright pink hair, a couple of tattoos, and multiple piercings as a bride.
  15. I want to date a guy about 1 or 2 years before getting engaged, 3 at the most. After about the second year I would like to get engaged. Even if we couldn't get married within a year for whatever reason, I would still at least like to get engaged. I think 1-3 years will be a long enough time to know if I wanted to marry someone. It might not be a good sign if I didn't know by then. Since I'm in my twenties, I wouldn't need to date someone as long as I would have if I was still a teenager before getting married to them. So I don't need to wait 5 years+ or so. And I just don't want to be someone who dates or is engaged to someone for years on end without getting married. I am not a teenage nor am I someone who basically lives a married life with someone they're only dating, so there's really no need to put it off for years. It also depends on how well I know a guy before we start dating. If we were good friends before we started going out, then we wouldn't need to have to date as long before getting engaged.