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  1. What is your career?

    I want to be a doctor, and I will start medical school in the fall. Until then I am a professional bum. I am going to live for 3 months in Buenos Aires, and there I'll try to teach English to win some bread money. I graduated in may with a degree in chemistry. I was a chemist for a few months, but I absolutely HATED it.
  2. Weird Thing About You

    Hahahahaha so many people like the smell of gasoline! So do I btw, but I'm always paranoid that Ill loose brain cells so I never smell it directly. Its more like an ,"oh well I'm pumping gas and it smells like gas.... AWESOME!"
  3. What's your personality type?

    I'm an ENTJ. I noticed there are a lot of INTJ's on this site which is unusual because they are one of the rarest types. The Mastermind! I've heard you should never play Risk with one because they are almost certain to win.
  4. Not a Virgin but I Want to Wait

    Wow thanks for all the encouragement guys! And to answer your question Kendra I am 22 years old.
  5. Hi everyone! My name is Jack and I would like to start out honestly by saying that I am not a virgin. I am however going to wait until marriage from now on. I realize now that not waiting makes sex not as special or important, and I really want that bond with my future wife. I'd love to talk with anyone who is in my situation if there are any on this site?