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  1. 25 facts about YOU!

    Weee! Ok 1. I'm a major cynic. Surprise! 2. My favorite color is green. 3. I looooove books soooo much don't even get me started. 4. My favorite book is Anne of Green Gables. 5. I love animals, especially birds, horses and dogs. 6. My house burned down when I was 15, which was a traumatic 6 month ordeal which forced me to grow up fast and as a result has a lot to do with my current character. 7. I can't touch my toes 8. I'm an astronomy major. I love space :3 9. I'm hoping hoping hoping that God has a plan for me, and all the heartache I have suffered along the way (a lot as a result of WTM) is just temporary and it will all be worth it someday. 10. I have a big lazy Thoroughbred named Stanley Livingston <3 11. My parrot is named Byrd - he's 9 years old. He was the only one of my birds to survive the fire. He also has a foot fetish. 12. I created my own alphabet and am proficient in reading and writing in it. Don't judge... 13. I've had two grand mal seizures (scariest moments of my life were waking up from these and not knowing where or who I was), but they were a side effect of a medication which I do not take anymore. 14. I'm starting to feel like I'm the only virgin among people I know... 15. Solitaire and math are like crack to me. 16. I love comedy. My favorite comedians are Aziz Ansari and Kevin Hart. 17. I speak French fluently. 18. Indian curry is my favorite food. 19. I have green eyes with red and yellow flecks. 20. My favorite author is arguably Libba Bray. 21. Most of the girls who were mean to me when I was younger are now either pregnant, promiscuous, or both. 22. Being outdoors is a passion of mine; I essentially grew up outdoors. 23. I am constantly in the Friendzone. I think I'm cursed. 24. I have an intense fascination with trains and planes. 25. I believe in God, but I also believe in science.
  2. Yeah, the last time this happened, the guy gave his friend my number, who then sent me threatening text messages
  3. What are you majoring in?

    I'm just a freshman, and I'm deciding between astrophysics and vet science.
  4. How am I supposed to get anywhere if I get dropped whenever a guy discovers I don't put out? It seems like every guy who takes interest in me just wants to get in my pants, and I find out the hard way. And I don't even put out a vibe that I want to shag anyone (I'm sure yall know what I'm talking about). When they figure out (not by me telling them, but by me not making or returning advances) that I don't want to be involved like that, then on to the next girl. Does anyone else have this problem? Maybe it's just me... I'm doomed.
  5. How old are you?

    Sigh... 18.
  6. So like many people, waiting makes me nervous. I'm scared that I'll just be waiting my whole life for nothing - that no one will ever want to marry me. As of now, my love life is looking pretty dismal. I've thought about the possibility of having to die a virgin, and haven't convinced myself that this won't be the case. My friends (most of which are not waiting), tell me to calm down since I'm only 18, but I can't help but notice everyone else getting it figured out. So I'm in a state of doubt and fear that waiting will do nothing and that I'm hoping for something that will never happen. Does anyone else feel like this? Any thoughts? This is killing me
  7. So I was raised with traditional (Southern) values which most people would consider old-fashioned. Now, at 18, I cling to my decision to wait while I feel more and more alone among my peers as I'm seemingly the only virgin left. I defy the stereotype of losing one's virginity in high school, and now freshman year of college. However, I know that I will be grateful for my decision if I ever get the chance to get married. I've seen how society pushes sex on people and it frustrates me to no end. I don't want to buy into that - I respect myself enough not to. I quote from an unknown source, "Will it be easy? Nope. Will it be worth it? Absolutely." -Katie, 18
  8. I'm 18 and just started college so obviously there's a lot of pressure right now. In a way, I'm in the same boat as you. Most of my friends are non-virgins. While they don't really bother me about my decision to wait, I can tell they think I'm stupid for it. My guy friend tried to talk me out of it, explaining why it's a bad idea. I almost agreed, but stuck to my decision. In my opinion, we are just rarities in a society of casual sex. You are brave to make that decision and you will thank yourself later.