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  1. Hi guys!

    Hi Mike! My favourite thing about POTO is definitely the romance side of it. I can't really relate it to any WTM thing, just because it's set in the 1880's and practically everyone waited back then (well, women were expected to anyway, maybe not so much for Victorian men). But I think everyone here would be able to relate to the romance. The main character is (obviously) the Phantom, whose real name is Erik (I'm sure a lot of people who have only seen the musical don't know that). He is utterly devoted to the singer Christine Daae, and does everything he can to forward her career and help her see past how he looks, because he wuvs her so much . Christine isn't interested because she's in love with someone else. And so, desperate for her love, Erik decides to kidnap Christine and threatens to blow up the opera house and everyone in it if she doesn't agree to marry him. Bear with me, it gets romantic again at the end... So anyway, Christine agrees to marry Erik to save everyone, but then Erik has an epiphany, and realises that if he truly loves Christine, he has to let her go. So he does. And then he dies three weeks later from a broken heart. Em...yeah, they sort of left that part out of the musical. So, I guess I need to come up with some kind of moral to the story... How about, it's nice to be devoted to the person you love, but when you start kidnapping them or killing people, you've gone too far, and they'll probably not be interested in you anymore. Personally, I really love Erik: to me he's like what Edward Cullen is to the Twilight fans. Misunderstood, a little bit creepy, and in desperate need of a hug. xxx