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  1. Favorite Stand up Comedian?

    Monique Marvez!
  2. Jeff Bethke

    I love him! Both he and his wife are very inspirational people and their advice has been absolutely wonderful.
  3. If you're a Christian...what denomination?

    I'm Pentecostal. It was what I was baptized as was my mother and her side of the family. I was raised across four denominations actually. My mother is Pentecostal, father is Methodist, step-mother is Catholic, and for a while my father and step-mother decided they were Southern Baptist. I think I've always identified as Pentecostal because I spent most of my time with my mother and her side of the family as a child and I had more stability within that denomination than with my father and step-mother, who just couldn't make up their minds. It hasn't been until recently though that I have made the conscious choice to live in Pentecostalism.
  4. love languages?

    My primary love language is physical touch, which baffled me at first, but made perfect sense once I really looked at my life through that lens. My only problem? I come from a non-touchy-feely family, so I rarely ever get any.
  5. Would you date a guy who's still living at home?

    I wouldn't have a problem dating someone who still lives at home. I'm in the same boat myself.
  6. Is anyone prepared for or thinking of this possibility? Are you afraid of the adverse effects it may have on your relationships with your children and your significant other? Girls, how will you handle it if it happens? Will you take any preventative measures or deal with it as it comes? Guys, how will you help your wives deal with this, while dealing with your own emotions and reactions to it?
  7. Not like that! Lol. I guess I just find it ironic that I've got three generations of people telling my I look like Lynda Carter, when I don't feel like I'm anywhere near as beautiful as she is.
  8. Lynda Carter's Wonder Woman. I don't see it, but I guess it could be worse.
  9. Why do girls go to public restrooms in groups?

    @madhatter89: Wow... you completely took this the wrong way. I meet many women on a daily basis, it's kind of hard not to unless you're a recluse, and I have plenty of female friends. I never said every woman on this planet perpetuates the stereotypes, but in my experience, about 90% of them do. I never said just because a woman primps and wears make-up means she's intolerable either. Nor am I prejudiced towards my own sex. I love women, I love talking with other women and getting to know them, and I love being a woman. If I didn't I would've had a sex change years ago. I do prefer having male friends because we have more common interests and perceptions on things. I've never let stereotypes stop me from getting to know someone, woman or man. And actually, in the case of the woman I was referring to, she did not need help with something private, she just wanted company. If one of my friends had an immediate private problem she needed me for, I would not hesitate to get up and help her. But when you just want "company", and stand there tapping your foot on the tile floor in the middle of a restaurant, making a scene just because I won't go with you, then I have a problem. I am not going to baby you and go with you just to listen to you do your business and gossip about other people. That is complete idiocy. You can be a big girl and take care of yourself. Me not having these qualities and saying that's why I get along better with men is not messed up, it's a fact and it's the truth. And there's nothing wrong with that. Just because I don't go to the bathroom with a horde of females does not mean I am prejudiced towards my own sex. Just because I don't wear make-up and primp does not mean I am prejudiced towards my own sex. I really couldn't give two f**** if you do any of the above, I DON'T. And just because you DO, does not mean I automatically assume your not worthy of my time. I'd appreciate it if you wouldn't jump down my throat just because I get along better with men rather than women. Perhaps YOU should get to know ME before you start jumping on board with stereotypes about women like me, making ignorant assumptions, and slinging accusations.
  10. Daddy's Girl or Mommy's?

    Neither. I've never been close to either of my parents for a number of reasons. As an adult, I'd say I'm close to my stepmother, but that's just a recent development and I'm by no means a stepmommy's girl. With my own children, that will be an entirely different story. I plan on cultivating a strong, loving relationship with them as they grow, starting as soon as their conceived!
  11. Is it naive for a woman in this day and age to want the fairy tale? To want to be swept off her feet and taken care of? To be the one to take care of her family and home in return? To want a man who isn't the stereotypical, uncouth, modern day husband? To want children who aren’t completely out of control? To want a family that doesn't break apart at the first sign of weakness? I’d like an honest male perspective on this. All I usually get is a funny look and an accusation/teasing of being weird. Because this on top of the “virginity thing†is apparently too outlandish for them to even think about. The women around me tell me it's stupid, childish, and naive. "No man will ever give you that, chivalry is dead. Stop looking for female characteristics in them, men aren't capable of things like sensitivity and class. It's the 21st century, go find a career. Being a man's b**** is a GREAT way to spend your life. It's not feasible for a family to live off one income anymore. It's a dishonor to your gender not to take advantage of the independence, freedom, and equality we finally have. Stop being lazy and get your head out of the clouds. Being a housewife is an outdated concept. This is reality, grow up and accept it. Whirlwind romances only exist in Disney movies; it's a child's dream." Is it really, though? I’m not looking for a fantasy life or perfection, just a higher standard than what the world shows me on a constant basis. I have a decent enough job with the government but no real motivation to climb the corporate ladder. My family keeps pushing me to constantly keep reaching higher and higher when it's not what I want. I've never wanted it. It doesn't make me happy at all. I don't mean to say that I have no aspirations in life and want to sit around mooching off my husband. I have hobbies and interests of my own. I love learning. I love writing. I do hope one day to be published and bring in added support for my family. But ultimately, I want my career to be my family. I want to take care of them. I want to be able to homeschool my children and give them a firm spiritual foundation to stand upon. When my husband comes home every night, I want to be the one that can make his stress flee with just a touch. I want to be my family’s keystone. Is that really so much to ask for? Is it really so naive for any woman to want those things? Am I alone in wanting those things? Is it wrong? Does it put too much pressure on you to be the breadwinner? To live up to the expectations? Is it too much for even a woman to take on? Do you think any of this is even possible or realistic? Or should I just throw in my towel and readjust my worldview?
  12. Why do girls go to public restrooms in groups?

    I'm a girl, and I honestly have no idea why other girls do this. I've always gone to the restroom by myself and only go when I feel the need. I don't wear make-up so I have no need to primp or check myself. I don't even use hairspray or anything so I have no need to check my hair either. I don't like to gossip, so that's out too. And really, I don't want people listening to me do my business while they're waiting on me. That's just gross. It's private. I've gotten into many arguments with other girls about this, because I've refused to go with them. Which usually ends up with me saying something nasty like, "You really need me to hold your hand while you take a p***?" Yeah...guess that's why I get along better with guys!
  13. I admit I'm more partial to wanting girls, I've always imagined I would have more girls than boys for some reason. But I definitely want some boys too!
  14. Is it naive to want the fairy tale?

    @Mstr Josh: Firstly, the fact that you would sacrifice the people in your life over something materialistic is appalling. While it's true your hobbies can be an important part of you, they do not define you as a human being. You can live without them. If you can choose your cars over your wife and children, you shouldn't be starting a family in the first place. Would you abandon your family in the middle of a financial crisis because you had no extra money to contribute to your hobby? Would you leave them in the cold because you've decided you can afford your hobby if you didn't have to support them anymore? Giving up a hobby to save the life of a loved one is not killing your identity or dreams. If your child was on her deathbed are you really going to sit here and tell me you wouldn't give something up to ensure her the medicine and help she needs to survive? You would sit there and watch her die? What if your wife became diagnosed with cancer, would you refuse her treatment to try to stop the disease because you won't have any money to give to your cars? How can you say that is not selfish? That is the definition of selfishness. Choosing yourself and your own interests over someone else. Secondly, while some women don't have the support of a family, this is a risk you choose when you decide to follow this path. I know for a fact my family would support me in this type of situation. We've had many discussions similar to this. Thirdly, daycares are not all their cracked up to be. I've experienced them first hand. I don't prefer them. Children can be socialized outside of daycare. There are many other activities out there for children to experience different lifestyles and opinions other than their own. Frankly, I don't want my children influenced by another adult in the teacher role who can negate everything I am trying to teach them. When they are that young, I want them around the people who love them and can devote one-on-one, personalized time with them. At that age, I want them influenced by people I know who are good and kind and encourage similar teachings. At a daycare, you don't really know the person you leave your child with. They could have beliefs and methods completely different from your own that you'd rather not have your child subjected to. And a thought always in the back of my head: what if they are one of those few who slip through the cracks and now your child is added to the ever-growing list of child sexual abuse? Granted, this doesn't happen in most cases, but still something that scares me. Unknowingly putting my child in the hands of a monster. Financially speaking, spending $10,000 per year on one child is insane. Doubling it every time you have another and it starts becoming astronomical. Why pay so much money when you're wife can do it at home cheaper and practically for free? Where you know your child will be taught with the character and beliefs you want to instill in them as they grow?
  15. Suggest Songs This is more from a parent's perspective on wanting their daughter to WTM.
  16. Is it naive to want the fairy tale?

    @wny: What I mean by “stereotypical, uncouth, modern-day husband†is a man with no tact or respect for their peers, wife, and family. Manners go a long way with me. When I go out with you, I don’t want you flying off the handle if someone says something you don’t like or catcalls at me. Likewise, I don’t want you catcalling at other women either. I don’t want to hate going out in public with you because I know you’ll find some reason to cause a scene. When you’re with your boys, I don’t want to have to wonder if you’re telling them every detail of our sex life and comparing me to their wives. I don’t want to have to wonder if you’re sleeping around on me every time you go out of town. I don’t want to hear derogatory, racist, and sexist crap coming out of your mouth every five minutes. And I don’t want you going around punching holes in the walls because you can’t control your anger. I want you to take into account how all of this would affect me and our children if you did something like that. I want you to have an opinion on things, but not to the point where you get belligerent if someone doesn't agree with you. I would like you to be big enough to know when people are just being idiots and trying to get a rise out of you, and ignore them. And instead of bottling up your anger and sadness so it can explode at a moment’s notice, TALK TO ME instead of taking it out on me or the kids. Open communication is a must. @Kailey: Thank you for the encouragement. It’s nice to know I’m not the only one who wants this. @envinceable: Thank you, too. I've tried using these same arguments with others, but it just goes in one ear and out the other. They don’t want to hear it. @Mstr Josh: How exactly is being a stay-at-home mom impractical? I don’t want my children being raised by an impersonal daycare system; I want that time with them. According to the CCAA, in 2012, the average cost for full time care for one infant is over $10,000. Center-based infant care cost more than 10 percent of the state’s average income for a two-parent family. You really want to put out that kind of money out just because you want your wife to work? If things between my husband and I did not work out for some reason, or he died unexpectedly, I am not without a support system. My family would take me in if something like that were to happen. And I would do anything to get back on my feet and support my children. Like I said, I don’t plan on mooching off of my husband. I don’t mind having to live a frugal life to do all of this. And if push comes to shove, I’m willing to compromise and get a part-time job. I spent too long trying to conform to what a woman should be in today’s world, I won't do it anymore. I won’t sacrifice my happiness or my children’s future just to please everyone else. This is very important to me. Regardless of what the financial situation is between me and my husband, I will find a way to make it work. It saddens me that you wouldn't do the same, but choose your hobbies over your spouse just because she wanted something different.
  17. Well, of course looks are important, but not to the degree pop culture would have you believe. Before you meet someone for the first time your looks are what first catches their eye, everything else comes afterward. But it's what comes afterward that's more important. I once new a male friend of mine for close to ten years and never found him particularly attractive or had any inclination to date him. I was suprised one day towards the end that somewhere along the way that I had become very sexually attracted to him. His physical appearance hadn't changed much, and I realized that the type of person he was and his quirky characteristics had MADE him good-looking to me. I can't speak for anyone else but because of that experience, I tend to disregard looks until I've gotten to really know a person. I'm, for the most part, willing to give anyone a chance. I find myself more attracted to the, psyche of a man I suppose, rather than the 'shell'.
  18. I can wait as long as it takes. Coming from someone who has been engaged once before, it is extremely hard not to just say 'eff it' and do the deed. Especially when your partner isn't as enthusiastic about waiting as you are and likes to push the issue. Temptation will come at some point for all of us. It's not pleasant, but it's for a reason. I like to think of it as a test, meant to 1.) see if you and your partner are meant to be, and 2.) see if you are strong enough to hold yourself to your own values.
  19. Fears and Phobias

    Public speaking, claustrophobia in crowds and bugs. A weird mix, but that's me.
  20. Weird Thing About You

    When I'm really, really tired I laugh hysterically at everything. That's when I know it's time for bed. When I'm upset or angry I clean. To the point where you can see your reflection on the painted walls. The bathroom is the only place in my house where I have ever felt safe. I like organizing things. I love office supplies (NEVER take me to Office Depot!)
  21. I've always wanted children so it's definitely a deal breaker. There would be a whole in my heart all of my life if I never had any.
  22. Premarital sex in movies

    Hate it. I don't want to see/read/hear/etc about other people's sex lives, fictional or otherwise. It just tends to irritate me beyond reason, especially if it's casual. Implying it, I can deal with. Sex to me is a private act, not something to be thrown out for the world to see. Ex: Kick Ass. The scene in which the male lead and his gf have sex in a dirty alley next to overflowing dumpsters and trash cans...completely grossed me out and ruined the whole movie for me. Take out that scene and the scene where she sleeps with him because she finds out he's the "superhero of her dreams", and it would have been perfect. Now anytime someone brings up that movie all I can think of is that alley-sex scene. Yuck.
  23. Single on Valentine's Day

    I try to ignore it and distract myself with other things, otherwise it's a downward spiral. I am a romantic at heart and In the future, I will totally own this day. Hopefully my husband won't be the type of man to be intimidated by this.
  24. Baby names?

    Guilty. However, it's mostly a by-product of my writing. Can't have characters without names! I have some ideas as to what to name my future children (though they tend to change a lot), but the only two that are non-negotiable for me are Madison Lucinda and Gabriel Thaddeus. The first names I fell in love with a long time ago and the middle names are for my maternal grandmother and paternal grandfather. I'm praying my future husband doesn't have a problem with these! I also enjoy the tradition of using names in the family (obviously ), names from ancient times, names from people that I admire or have inspired me in some way, and unique or unusual names. I'm pretty partial to Biblical, Irish and Japanese names as well.