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  1. wow cant believe ive been off here for over 2 years!! good to be back

  2. Hello everyone!

    welcome Aurora ... and like you i feel having a community like this only makes your stand stronger.... here's to waiting like a boss till marriage
  3. Ever since i decided to wait, ive been struggling with the very real fear that i may never find anybody (in my case a guy) who's ready to wait with me without getting sex elsewhere . and on not so good days i sometimes entertain the thought i might be alone forever. i remember telling a good friend of mine that i was for sure this time waiting till marriage, his reply ranged from amusement, to well good luck with that.. and he told me point blank sex was important for him and he couldn't deal without it. So here i am in a day where people make crude jokes like just as you have to test drive a car before buying it, you have to "test" each other before taking the marriage plunge *sigh*. So my question is do any of you entertain this very real fear and what are you doing to overcome it??
  4. Honestly, my decision to wait was hugely based on the fact that i had a pregnancy nipped. i decided then after i had dealt with the guilt and depression, that more than anything outside of the fear of getting pregnant again or worrying about pills & different contraceptive methods to use, i just wanted a relationship that was held together by something more than sex.
  5. Brand New Me

    I cant remember how many sweeping declearations ive made on this time im going to wait (that's the cue for im not a virgin ) but yeah i always got back on the sex wagon... fastforward to 6 months later and one nipped pregnancy, ive come to what i can only see as a wake up call for me.. I want what i can only put as a fresh start, build a relationship without the sex and make my last declearation of no sex till marriage without going back. So today i decided to search for people on the same page as i am and latch myself there. i figure i cant go wrong if there are loads of people rooting for each other to make it (i'm making it sound like some sort of race/ competition, forgive me). The point is im here today because i really want the last time i fell off the wagon to be the last time. so here's to a brand new me