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  1. Have you ever met a celebrity?

    Well I met Marianas Trench before their concert. It's a Canadian band. I've also met Fefe Dobson after her concert. Another Canadian singer. Never met anyone super cool though Not sure who I would like to meet, I don't really admire any celebrities. I wouldn't mind meeting just about anyone to be honest.
  2. What would you do if...

    What would you do if you got to an age where you realized finding someone to marry, nevermind wait for you was a very very slim possibility? Or you realized you are the next "40 year old virgin." Would you stick to waiting or would then maybe change your views?
  3. Yes, with what others have mentioned swap sugary drinks for water, snacks for fresh fruit and veggies. Walk or bike places instead of driving. Those are all simple lifestyle changes. Plus, you can MAKE time to exercise. Even if it's only for 20 minutes, it's better than nothing. I hate traditional exercise or workouts like running. I recommend Zumba. It's so fun, you forget you're even working out and burns a TON of calories. But you are beautiful, no matter what you look like. But I also understand what it's like to have low self-confidence and wanting to live a healthy life. It makes you happier, healthier and feel more confident. Just remember to always love who you are. I wish you the best of luck on your journey to a healthy life
  4. PDAs

    I don't mind hand holding or a few pecks here and there but when they can't be independent and are having make out sessions in public that's just too much.
  5. Which ring?

    Hey everyone, I plan to get myself a purity ring with 'true love waits' engraved on it. I can't decide between these two. I'm just wondering which one you guys like better? (this ring I will also get a bible verse engraved inside) OR I like the first one because of it's shine, thin design and boldness. But I also love the simplicity of the second one and how it's not quite as standout-ish. Honest opinions please. And keep in mind I'm a 15 year old girl
  6. Goodbye Aditya, best of luck!
  7. Waiting until marriage is important to me because I do NOT want to be a teen mom. My mom was and it turned her whole world upside down. I also know the risks of STD's and what not but I find it also important for the love aspect of it. I'm quite the hopeless romantic, and I only want to share that part of myself with one person only and the only way I can guarantee that is by waiting until my wedding day. I know the emotional damage it can cause, that's something I would like to avoid, I don't want to bring baggage into my marriage. I think by waiting it helps you connect at a deeper level in other parts of your relationship, it shows respect and faithfulness to your spouse. I don't want to mess around with anyone else's (future) husband. The divorce rate is lower, sex is reported to be better as well. You just connect at a deeper level overall. There's a never-ending list of reasons. And of course because my God tells me to. I'm Christian and a lot of Christians overlook God's want for sexual purity but I think it's such an obvious choice, for me anyways. Plus, I love the fact that I'm kind of rebelling against society
  8. Hey everyone I was just wondering at what age did you decide to save sex for marriage? Growing up no one ever really told me about waiting until marriage, so I just figured I'd wait for the "right" person. Over the past year or 2 I've started educating myself on the topic and after MUCH thought and consideration I became committed to my choice. My family actually doesn't completely agree with it, but I'm okay with that. Tell me your story on how and when you made your choice? Thanks!
  9. I plan to get a purity ring soon, hopefully for Christmas, I already have one picked out. Some think people who wear purity rings are just being showy and think they are better than everyone else. I personally just want one as a little reminder to myself and so that at my wedding ceremony my husband can remove my purity ring and replace it with a wedding band. Maybe pass it on to my daughter one day if she makes that decision for herself. Some people get the wrong impression from it, and you might get some questions, but I'm proud of my decision and there's no reason not to wear one if you want it for the right reasons. But I also agree with you don't NEED a ring to prove your waiting and not everyone approves of putting your virginity out there for the world to see, but it's your personal decision. And to Andi, not all are expensive. I just plan on getting a simple band with "true love waits" written on it, they tend not to cost too much on most sites.
  10. What's your personality type?

    Haha, I thought so. I think I just didn't have enough examples from the site to go off of. So another NF then! weird...
  11. What's your personality type?

    1. Usually off in my own world.. hehe. 2. I do intend on going to grad school. 3. I love reading fiction and do it often. 4. I'm only 15 so not sure of my dream job, either something involving helping other people or something more artistic/writing oriented. So what does this tell me?
  12. What's your personality type?

    I got INFJ for my results, although I could easily be an ISFJ because I found the second question pretty much equal for me
  13. Oh, I know this, believe me. I am personally against abortion but i understand that if she makes that choice I should only support her in it and in no way does that make her a bad person, we all have different views. Although, I am pretty sure she is keeping the baby because she's the one who told me she didn't want to live with that guilt. She may not be a follower of God but I do hope he'll have some way of helping her through this. That is for sure genius! I absolutely hate that argument but that was a great point he made. Thanks for sharing.
  14. Mmm, good point there. Very true. I think though, they should at least propose the option in all schools, whether or not they really have a discussion about it.
  15. Haha, that post you read was mine. At my highschool (in Canada) they did give the option of waiting until marriage. Someone asked why would someone do that, and the class had an open discussion about it. But I got the vibe that even the teachers didn't really believe in that. Here in Ontario, you are at least given the option of it but no one really supports it. I'm pretty sure they just say it because it is in our curriculum. Instead, they spend the majority of the class like you said, how to have safe sex and options for pregnancy. They make it seem totally okay for people my age to engage in sexual activity. A friend of mine just found out she is pregnant, she is 14. 14, and she is pregnant! and from here on her life has changed, no matter her choice. Even with abortion, she has to live with the fact that she killed a human being. She can't take it back now, and later down the road her and her boyfriend are likely to break up a good relationship because of this child. I think the reasons you mentioned for not teaching kids about this is absolutely absurd! My other friend lost her virginity with her boyfriend, and a few weeks later he left her. Now he's "dating" some new girl. Society is sick now, they have no respect for themselves, or they just don't care about the consequences. And some people my age think they are "in love" and will one day marry this guy. You're kidding me, right? You're just fooling yourself so you don't feel bad about giving into your hormones. I realize mine has also turned into a small rant, but I just can't believe it. People say you should "test the car" because the divorce rate is so high now a days. Think about it, back then (when the divorce rate was lower) people waited until marriage, now it's higher when people don't. They say alot of divorces happen due to sex problems, well if you didn't wait then why are there any problems in the first place!? If you wait, you have nothing to compare to, you learn together, you aren't thinking of someone else, you don't often lose the urge to after marriage, the connection is so much greater, the list goes on. The chance of incompatibility is small and that can be worked through. To me, there are SO many more advantages to wait, so why wouldn't they teach this in schools when it's the best option. Just my 2 cents