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  1. Amber Elizabeth, thank you for this great post I joined the site January 2013. My reason for joining was that I was meeting up with a girl who didn't wait and already had a daughter. I felt jealous and upset that she didn't wait and felt like I am the only person in the world who is WTM. It was really important to me. I found this site of fellow WTMers who provided comfort. THEN: Relationship status: Single, but on the dating scene Virginity status: Virgin, but kissed before WTM status: Waiting till marriage. It was very important to me NOW: Relationship Status: Married for 2 years now Virginity status: Not a virgin obviously WTM status: Still a believer. Both me and my wife waited successfully till marriage and we are damn proud of it. And WTM is what I will teach my kids
  2. And so all good things must come to an end.....:(
  3. The question is self explanatory really All I want to know is in terms of your appearance, what are you most grateful for?
  4. Dating Site Mistakes

    I have been on and off of dating sites with various degrees of successes. I have in the past years met up with 5 girls from these sites. Four of which ended up not liking me despite showing a high level interest in my dating profile initially and vice versa with the other girl. With the latter it seemed like it was a different person than on her profile. With this being said, I have had maybe a dozen of girls ignoring me flat out. I would send them a message saying hi and that I am hoping she is having a wonderful day. And I would comment on how honest and good her profile is. So first contact. Many do not even bother to read it. Some would read it and never reply at all. And lately its been a row of disappointments. What am I doing wrong? Do I come across as a creeper with a big dark van and bags of candy? I have always considered myself as above average looking with a likable personality. At the moment I feel very down in the dumps about it and in all honesty starting to get a bitter taste when it comes to dating and women and this is the last thing I want.
  5. How is this Site STILL standing?

    I think it is time Mike "archives" the site as read only content. No new users, no new posts, but anyone stumbling on the site via google to see a discussion on a topic can read it.
  6. How is this Site STILL standing?

    Don't know. I thought it was closed down and archived already. Seems like there is not much new posts. Back in the hey day there used to be several discussions on a daily basis. Good thing is I have made several good friends on here and some people found their soul mates when the site was at its peak.
  7. Dating Site Mistakes

    Update......... Firstly I'd like to say thanks for everyone's input. So I started with sending messages about specific things that caught my attention on their profiles. I really showed that I payed attention. So the first one blocked me LOL. To no surprise, I had many unread, ignored, messages still. But a really amazing woman replied back who reciprocated my feelings. We have been in a relationship since 30 June And each day is getting better and better. God kept the wrong doors closed just to open the right one at the right time.
  8. Dating Site Mistakes

    Thanks everyone. It is evident then that I need to start all over again. To me it just kinda seem "petty", for the lack of a better word, for someone to hang around a dating site for say 3 years and when they get a message, base the decision that may contribute to the happiness for the rest of their lives on the perfection of that first message. We live in a world where first contact is always hard and kinda akward. Deeper qualities lies hidden, still to be unearthed as both get to know each other better. Anyway thanks. So back to the drawing board for me.
  9. Howdy!

    Welcome to the site Sooooo........where you from (mostly at least since you say you're having a "nomadic" life)?
  10. Temporary Chatroom Activated

    For some reason I am having problems with the chat. It keeps telling me I am disconnected. :/
  11. Temporary Chatroom Activated

    Dankjewel mij goede heer
  12. And do you love the job that you currently do?
  13. I second that motion. Missing the chat with like-minded people.
  14. Life be like "Dude did you forget? You are not supposed to enjoy me. Now I'll make you PAY!!!!!!"

  15. Do any of you other waiters also get very broody? And is it normal for a guy such as myself to become this way? It happens most frequently when I have been around children. Then I become very protective and long for kids of my own so badly.
  16. Indeed yes. I find braces attractive for some odd and unexplainable reason LOL.
  17. Probably yes. Especially when it comes to being ready on time for things and doing things quickly and effectively. I have an "explosive impatience". Maybe that is not so good though and we might get too impatient with each other at times. But other than that, yeah.
  18. Hello there

    Hi again and welcome
  19. Feeling regret

    Welcome to the forum Greengecco. Unfortuately there isn't anything you can do about it now at this time and place. The feelings of regret you feel is quite normal and natural as I am sure any one of us would have felt that way going through all of that. The feelings will just have to burn out over time. But what is important in this situation as it is currently is that you must take a learning out of this. It is okay to make a mistake. We are all human and we often let our judgement slip. Everyone makes terrible decisions at times. But the man who has never made a mistake has never made anything. As long as the same mistake doesn't happen again.
  20. I've found that there are lots of other people out there who are also waiting. I found my ex on a different website. Though the site was not neccesarily for waiters (as there were many sexually oriented groups on there which I blocked myself from seeing) there were also pro wtm groups on there. She was also a strict waiter. When visiting her once, her mom made the suggestion that we should try out sex to see if we are compatible with each other. We both laughed her off and said it is not going to happen. It was a bit of an awkward situation. I once before that, dated a girl who was a non-waiter. She was very critical of me for never touching or kissing her and called me a "sorry excuse" and thought there was something wrong with me being in the mid 20s already and never been intimate. But yeah, I am optimistic and believe there are still many waiters out there. I just sometimes hope that I am not too naive.
  21. Random Thoughts

    Ever wondered what would happen if there was a hole (theoretically) right through the center of the earth and you happen to fall into it with a perfect heat insulated space suit? Would you fall through the center and then slow down and come back, fall through it in the opposite direction etc, or would you slow down as you approach the center and when you finally reach it you would stop and stay afloat?
  22. Random Thoughts

    Why do they call it Red Bull if it is not red?
  23. Hi from Maryland!

    Welcome Emily!