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  1. Indeed yes. I find braces attractive for some odd and unexplainable reason LOL.
  2. Probably yes. Especially when it comes to being ready on time for things and doing things quickly and effectively. I have an "explosive impatience". Maybe that is not so good though and we might get too impatient with each other at times. But other than that, yeah.
  3. Hello there

    Hi again and welcome
  4. Feeling regret

    Welcome to the forum Greengecco. Unfortuately there isn't anything you can do about it now at this time and place. The feelings of regret you feel is quite normal and natural as I am sure any one of us would have felt that way going through all of that. The feelings will just have to burn out over time. But what is important in this situation as it is currently is that you must take a learning out of this. It is okay to make a mistake. We are all human and we often let our judgement slip. Everyone makes terrible decisions at times. But the man who has never made a mistake has never made anything. As long as the same mistake doesn't happen again.
  5. I've found that there are lots of other people out there who are also waiting. I found my ex on a different website. Though the site was not neccesarily for waiters (as there were many sexually oriented groups on there which I blocked myself from seeing) there were also pro wtm groups on there. She was also a strict waiter. When visiting her once, her mom made the suggestion that we should try out sex to see if we are compatible with each other. We both laughed her off and said it is not going to happen. It was a bit of an awkward situation. I once before that, dated a girl who was a non-waiter. She was very critical of me for never touching or kissing her and called me a "sorry excuse" and thought there was something wrong with me being in the mid 20s already and never been intimate. But yeah, I am optimistic and believe there are still many waiters out there. I just sometimes hope that I am not too naive.
  6. Do any of you other waiters also get very broody? And is it normal for a guy such as myself to become this way? It happens most frequently when I have been around children. Then I become very protective and long for kids of my own so badly.
  7. Random Thoughts

    Ever wondered what would happen if there was a hole (theoretically) right through the center of the earth and you happen to fall into it with a perfect heat insulated space suit? Would you fall through the center and then slow down and come back, fall through it in the opposite direction etc, or would you slow down as you approach the center and when you finally reach it you would stop and stay afloat?
  8. Random Thoughts

    Why do they call it Red Bull if it is not red?
  9. Hi from Maryland!

    Welcome Emily!
  10. I ain't no girl but want to throw in my two cents. I've had people that thought I was lying when I told them I am not married yet. I've had people confuse my sister for my wife yesterday, and when I hang out with my brother over weekends in public people think know. One girl waitress even asked us that. So yeah it makes it hard to attract girls because even when I am alone I get the feeling that everyone assume I have a wife and kids.
  11. Greetings!

  12. Chat Problems =(

    Same here
  13. How many weddings have you been to?

    About 10 or 11: 4 of my older siblings all got married in a time span of 3 years. Yeah, my poor parents Then i was invited to 2 other weddings as a date where I actually didn't know the people getting hitched. On the first of these both the bride and groom were 34 years old and knew each other 3 months before getting engaged. I also went to possibly 3 of my cousins' weddings (I was little during some of them so I can't remember them all). One of my cousins got married 2 years ago with a Greek lady so I got to throw plates \:D/ Also when a grand cousin of mine got married I was the "sound boy" in church. And the last wedding I went to was in Indonesia 3 weeks ago when the company sent me there for work. It was a lady that worked for the same company. It is the first Muslim wedding I went to.
  14. My worst pain was probably when I had a dental abscess. The pain was so bad I thought of pulling out the tooth (which would have led to even worse problems). I couldn't think about anything else but the pain. It was throbbing throughout my head. My family had to drive me to the hospital in the middle of the night. They phoned my dentist while he was at home (and probably sleeping) and he gave them a telephonic prescription for pain medicine and antibiotics. Just a few hours after taking the antibiotics I could feel how the pain was melting away. Eventually he did a root canal on the tooth when the pain resurfaced months later. Almost equal to that was when my wisdom teeth were extracted. The two ones at the top were easy and were pulled out. The two in my lower jaw however was another story. They were rooted quite deep and the dentist had to cut down deep into the nerve. I remember waking up after surgery with the feeling that an 18 wheeler drove over my head. When I got home I started crying after realising that not even strong pain medication had any effect in relieving the pain. It bled for more than 24 hours. Quite a lot. And then there was another time I had to go to the hospital in the middle of the night where I experienced the 3rd worst pain. I was installing a new wooden door in my flat. It didn't have a slot for the placement of a lock so I had to make one. After drilling and chiseling away I went up to the slot and without safety glasses blew the dust and splinters out. Yes I know, that was stupid. I blew it straight into my eyes. After rinsing out my eyes several times, I couldn't get one specific splinter out of my right eye. Eye drops didn't help either. After lying with my eyes closed for a few hours the pain was still there. So, my family took me to the hospital in the middle of the night. The splinter was only a little bit painful. I weren't quite prepared for the procedures they took to remove a splinter. They ended up pulling my eyelid up all the way and taking cotton swabs and dragging it over my bare eyeball multiple times. In every single corner. The next day they found my retina was damaged by the splinters. Fortunately it was only temporary as it can heal itself. But the coolest part was I wore an eyepatch like a pirate. Though it did make driving difficult due to lack of depth perception.