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  1. Aha ty for the conversion. Golly nooooo one good point about our government is that we will stay pounds,inches,mph. Eat your heart out Brussels !! Ok back to the plot.. Personal opinion yes perfect however I'm comfy (preference not physical lol) with a lady having a slightly bigger bottom ( if that's what u politely call it over there ? ). My friends tease me for this saying its a sign I think a lady with wider hips will be a good child bearer ??? I guess that's what catches the eye before you discover what's inside her mind which is more important. Col.

  2. Dogs and rabbits are cool, I used to dive a lot and had a shark swim around me for a while then he/she came closer but I didn't feel threatened so as it went past and I hopped onto his back/ tail and held on for a few seconds before it got fed up of me and went deep far to fast for me to clear my ears so I let go. Fantastic moment.

  3. Hmmmmmm I think everyone on here should have lots and lots of children or adopt. Why ? Ok the vast majority of folk here have a fantastic attitude towards marriage,relationships and sex. This attitude will surely be passed on to those children who will start life better aware of their choices rather than just being driven along by "the norm" it is only a complete change of attitude in society that will make our wonderful world a better place to live. That's a job for us now and those who follow us in the future.

    All the best, Col.

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  4. Hmmm...well, I love a guy who opens doors and does all that manly/traditional guy stuff. I was going into an office building today and had a folder in my right hand, so I opened the door with my left and it was pretty heavy to me, this good looking guy got there just after I did and grabbed the door right away, I said thank you and smiled, then he hurried to grab the next door, so I smiled and said thank you again. Made me feel all nice inside  and I smiled thinking about it as I waited for my appointment :).

    It was me !!! Ha ha jus joking. But that's what I do makes me feel good too.

    Once however I held a door only to be told by a "lady" that she was ok opening a door herself. Oh hoorah for British feminists !!!


  5. Aw. With all due respects Tatyana you are very young, clearly a beautiful lady but at the moment in a bit of a state of flux relationship wise? Hey I'm jus a simple English chap so hey I could have this wrong (the state of flux bit) no other x

    Personally if I was you I'd keep an open mind, from experience I'd say. Meeting mr right, settling down, and changing your mind over children can change in what seems an instant but clearly from what you say on line here calculated, and you sound a sensible lady.

    Back to my comfy chair now. Lol. And look forward to your opinions.

    All the best. Col.

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  6. Golly some interesting ones here.


    -  I have the loo rolls oposite to the picture posted its neater.


    -  I love the smell of "petrol" as we call it here, Even better the smell of fibre glass I must stop drilling holes in my boat !!


    -  id love to watch a lady dry her feet with a hairdryer. I do not own a hair dryer as I dont have hair "by choice"


    -  I often hug a pillow as I go to sleep.  and I nearly always dream of whats in my mind t bedtime.


    -  Ah you chaps go on about pants, not wearing pants? Now this is odd as of course pants to a Brit are under wear !! Commando?


    - When sailing off shore I have been followed/sussed out by sharks and whales. They are no problem to my boat its sturdy but I have been known to say shooooooooo    lol


                  O there will be more!    Good topic

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  7. Joint. When you're married you marry everything about the person including the finances. Their debts are now yours and vice versa. Its not "your" money and "my" money its "our" money. So part of that in my opinion is getting a joint bank account. Now I've always been one to have multiple accounts so I'd be ok with say...a main joint checking and a joint savings and then you each had your own smaller checking accounts to play around with. That'd be ok but I personally wouldn't find it necessary. Reason being, even if you have separate accounts you should still share all aspects of your finances with each other. 

    Sounds perfect because hey if you have nowhere to hide the money for her Christmas presents then the lump in the carpet gets a drag!

  8. Wow interesting one ?? Suspicious of women yes they are of course from Venus ?,!! Everyone knows that.

    Hmmm read the paying for the bill on the 1st date debate a few times on here now. I'm afraid I always insist on paying, It's what a proper chap does whether he can afford it or not. Call me British if you wish ? Or even old fashioned. After the first date well that's one to discuss if needed.

    Personally a lady deserves to be treated like a lady, Yes I hold open doors ( and been critisized for it) by "ladies". But I still do it because its a mark of respect. A lady deserves to be treated respectfully but as an equal, all in all when we meet our true soul mate we know that we are equal in this world, we realise that as chaps we have qualities that our partner doesn't and vica versa.

    Phew I will go sit down for a rest now lol...


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  9. Helloee, yep another vote for ones own country which is cool. I adore Great Britain love the countryside ,coasts,people but oddly I also like the current government who are doing a good job of keeping us out of recession. Same as above love the multi culture and yes a biggie our public funded health care.

    We are also so strong as a country considering the size of us, we do not get bullied by others and stand up for our beliefs. Fantastic

    That said I say we are in the top 10 yes but have to agree with Canada being there too.

    Now here I wanted a picture of a Union Jack but it will not paste aaaaaah.

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