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  1. Aw they are really all fantastic, Boys generally just want or run run run climb climb climb. Girls you want to wrap in cotton wool, All are individual, show them respect as they mature and with luck they show it right back.
  2. Those adorable pink cheeks they get when they are keeping you up at night teething !!!! Lol. All children are fab. I'd have 10 !!
  3. Darn so that's where I have been going wrong. Lol. Great article.
  4. Helloee, interesting one hey perhaps it's the mad English. I have a very respectable couple of friends "married" and over a glass of wine she confessed to anal sex being her preference. From what I gather they are mostly into lots of lovey dovey stuff but now and again she likes to feel forced and that's her thing. So all in all their choice and it doesn't hurt anyone else ? I totally agree with the swinger/threesome stuff being wrong but just out of curiosity do people think its ok for that to be shared in just fantasy ? Col
  5. Hello!

    Hello from the UK
  6. How old are you?

    Middle aged. Aaaaaaaaaaaah
  7. For Your Husband...

    Ah interesting..... Ok yes if she wanted me to then yes of course all in the call of duty keeping my partner happy. If she wanted me to wax then it would be a general anaesthetic Lol lol
  8. Hackers

    Ah ok so if it happens its all around to my place to cook your toast in front of my woodburner lol
  9. For Your Husband...

    Hope you don't mind a boys opinion ? To be honest doesn't appeal, trim yes but shave nar. And at some time you will get bored with it and and I understand itches as it grows back aaaaah. Waxing I just cannot imagine this without picturing it as a cartoon sketch. All the best. Col.
  10. Golly, ok personal opinion I'm happy with most things within marriage. I'm ok with raunchy, fantasy, and most things as long as to use a popular expression "your both reading from the same book". The most important thing is to keep a marriage fun. Second bit. Hmmmmmm ok skip actual "wants". Not the right section to list them !! Yes very very important to bash out all the desires ,wish list lol for when your wed. Hence the need for a long courtship. If there were things that one of you would want but the other didn't well within reason it depends what it was. Annoyed? nar just discuss the reasons why and understand. Perhaps just Christmas/birthday treats !! Or hey a glass of wine works wonders lol....... All the best, col.
  11. Does anyone have a passion for...

    Hmm had lots of cars my love was a 1969 Triumph vitesse soft top. Eventually fell apart. Now I'm old and jus treated myself to. a Jaguar XF which I love.
  12. Introductions are in order!

    Hello and welcome, From what I have seen so far this a great site and great people. Straight talking people which is lovely and take folk as they are. I have not been here for too long and I'm no spring chicken but I have learnt a lot about myself concerning religion and my opinions on promiscuity which has been amazing. Just wish I could turn back time.. Think I will stay straight for now though but hey who knows get my heart broken again " joke" lol lol. Hope my English humour does not offend.... All the best, Col.
  13. Premarital sex in movies

    Ah got to have my full penny worth here !!!! I love James Bond movies and whilst I envy him being chased by ladies please have a little more respect James !! As I get older I look more like Sean Connery so I must see how he treats ladies In his movies lol.
  14. He he same here took a few days to think about it and................nar
  15. How do you plan on raising your children?

    He he. I like everything you have put here Josh truly. Good values, morals are a must. Give them every opportunity for their own character to flourish. However, the computer the Nintendo the cell phone are all things that are needed "in moderation" in this day and age. When you are both short of sleep then any distraction to give you 10 mins to hoover/wash up are wonderful, if your 13 yr old daughter walks to the shop/might need picking up from swimming early then a mobile phone makes it safer and so all in moderation but all in all guy good call. Col.
  16. Premarital sex in movies

    Hmmm I used to think it was cool but then I grew up. Sends off the wrong messages to those who do not have good role models and makes that sort of behaviour seem the norm.... Yeuk..
  17. Being chased by girls

    Fantastic. Never could run very fast ooops jus tripped lol
  18. Sexy Hands

    Helloee, well interesting one, I have biggish hands, Rough ish Well I thought hey I will take a picture of one of these hands and I might get an opinion, hey someone might be able to read my life line and tell me if I need to get on with life a bit quicker lol........ Read this post this afternoon as I was working away on my old floating bath tub !! Boat !! And at the time I was drilling a hole in a bulkhead and oops forgot to move my right hand from behind oooops came close to an additional piercing lol. So decided I would take a photo of my "unwounded" left hand and at home away I went. Well ever tried to take a nice picture of your own hand ? Wow it looked like one of a horror film. So tomorrow I will try with a delay on my camera and see if I look human. Col.
  19. Hmm thinking about improving my tennis serve, my sailing or even tuning the carburettor on my old 1969 Triumph helps me !!!!
  20. Helloee, Ooooooo jus a word of caution on the money subject. I appreciate your opinion as the lack of money is drab and makes life harder. I have enough money to see me out without working another day in my life but it has not really given me true happiness or love. That's come from belief, having clear thoughts and a purpose in life. Other than that way to go guy !!! Ps as a driver to do well in studies etc also cool.
  21. Boyish girls vs. girlish boys

    Hmmm interesting one, as Vince says v personal. I'm q stocky so love the out doors stuff, digging holes etc However I love .............sewing. Please don't think less of me lol. However on a practical point I have made all the covers,awnings etc for my boat saving me thousands of pounds. Also adore house work in particular cleaning the kitchen and I have a pinny eeeek
  22. 90, 60, 90 = perfection?

    Oh my goodness just got the tape measure out darn. It gets sooo hard to stay trim in your middle age !! Hope your not eating 45". 40". 40" Ryvita anyone ?
  23. 90, 60, 90 = perfection?

    Aha ty for the conversion. Golly nooooo one good point about our government is that we will stay pounds,inches,mph. Eat your heart out Brussels !! Ok back to the plot.. Personal opinion yes perfect however I'm comfy (preference not physical lol) with a lady having a slightly bigger bottom ( if that's what u politely call it over there ? ). My friends tease me for this saying its a sign I think a lady with wider hips will be a good child bearer ??? I guess that's what catches the eye before you discover what's inside her mind which is more important. Col.
  24. 90, 60, 90 = perfection?

    I'm afraid I'm going to have to get back to you on this one . We are inches here !! Lol