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  1. Helloee, Ok worry number one. When you find your true love those little niggles that you describe will run away as fast as ever. Spending your life with someone is a lot about understanding and compromise and thats what courtship is for. Spending all of your time with someone doesn't have to include anything intimate! I spent lots of nights with girls, went out ,had a good drink kissed her goodnight and went to my bed alone. So id just let things happen. Worry number two. Hmmm yep I know its not regarded as a christian thing for the lady to be dominant. Im afraid thats just one thing of our faith I do not subscribe to. Dominance between couples is between the two of you sometimes there are areas that its good for the lad to take charge and vice versa. To me it doesn't matter and to be honest day to day whilst I am very much an Alpha male I am happy to be led. As long as she asks my permission. JOKE........ I recon you will make a fantastic wife and it will happen. Just when your not expecting it ! Take care. Col.
  2. What eye colour do you have?

    Blue. And I don't put anything on them to make them sparkle.............! As I am a chap. Lol

    Ok here we go. Answer from a Brit he he. Household chores. I hoover once a day and on a Friday I ( with a glass of wine to help me ) clean the kitchen from top to bottom, shelves, fridge the lot. It there is washing up to do i do it. Its sort of shared. Not keen on dishwashers as we have a fair bit of crystal. We dont Iron much but its shared. Yep I do all the spiders and crawling thngs but they are taken outside to play there. Garden/yard is joint I have always been the main bread winner and the only one now although semi retired. So I made the decision that accounts were joint as I dont think she should have to ask for money. When she first got pregnant I made this decision as I saw the start of me being the bread winner. I pay the main bills but she pays some odd ones out of the joint account I always have and will continue to make sure she has plenty of cash in her purse I check this daily and do it without any song and dance she basically thinks a money fairy tops it up. Ha ha. Yep I did my share of changing the "nappies/daipers". Would still do if another came along but sadly thats only my wish ooooops Feeds,,, Interesting one I would have helped if I could have !!! Both children breast fed until they were four. Ok answers from across the pond. He he. Take care. Col x
  4. How many kids do you want?

    Hmmmm ok got two one of each both twist me around their fingers wanted.................lots more.
  5. Why is virginity so important to you?

    Hello, Well there is a little bit of me in a lot of these posts and because of my immature youth days I myself cannot ever to have "expected" to marry a virgin. I have for some time regretted my past so much so that I remember none of the detail, I remember the people but the intimate bits have gone and to me thats an amazing blessing. Remembering those females as friends is in my mind what they should have stayed. Heaven knows whether there is any truth in this but I read many years ago that councillors treating people who have had trauma in their lives attacks,rape etc etc encourage them to put the detail out of their minds as soon as they crop up ! And this is what I did and yep my naughty bits are gone. For me therefore I would/have taken it as read that Mrs Happy when sailing wouldnt be a virgin, If however she shared the same belief that promiscuity is wrong,nothing to be proud of and wanted it out of her mind then I would be fine. Love would rule. Alas not to be but life goes on. I get encouragement from so many on here walking the right road...... Well done! Earlier someone mentioned what constitutes promiscuity and yes it is a minefield. Some say that if your in a serious relationship sex is ok and so if someone has had say five serious relationships then thats ok ? For me nar rubbish you can have a serious relationship without sex, the serious relationship is all about seeing if they tick all of your boxes minus sex. Ok back to my rocking Chair. Ha ha Col.
  6. Going on holiday! Will miss you all!

    Have fun mate which bit ? I adore Italy spend a lot of time in the Lucca area but its all cool. Stay safe and have a great time. Col.x
  7. Hi new here.

    Hello from the UK too
  8. Hmmmmmmmmm not great really is it ? And the local British feminist group to tell you how if they do it you can too ?. Aaaaaah All falling into the average shallow chaps mind think. And so who supports British feminism. Yup your average chap. Hooorah ???? Ok rant over. Have a great Sunday all ..
  9. Hmmmmmm. Interesting discussion, IAG. "Rewire your brain". Ha ha I like that great expression can I steal it ? Ok cards on the table for me I have respect for a lady who admits her mistakes, is sincere in saying she wished things had been different and wished she had waited for our love to have come along. As I would equally. Given that and convinced that she was. "The one" I would forgive and accept things as they are. Im not saying that is an easy thing to do ! Its not but can work. All the best. Col.
  10. Hair ????? Whats hair ???
  11. Intro

    Hello welcome from the UK
  12. Would you date/marry a shorter man?

    Ooops good tester I recon if he is insecure of being shorter. Alarm bells. I had a g/f once who was 6' and she used to lean on my shoulder and refer to me as shorty but hey she stood her round at the bar !! Lol
  13. What is your career?

    When I sail my old tub around the UK next Summer for charity I expect some Scotish hospitallity lol Lol
  14. Hmmmmmmmmm odd one this and unanswered for some time so hey i will give it a go. Hugs. Well hugs are ok although I must confess prior to 30+ i also was uncomfortable with them. Yes similar kept hugs to a sideward kinda hold. Now im ok with them. Use them to show my actual level of affection. Sadly most people use a hug as a normal form of embrace which is blooming enoying. Its kinda special.
  15. Shaving Off Hair

    Yep I agree long hair is so so so so. Long. Lol. Nar acually its a lovely feminine statement and kind of softens a girls face. Ok some ladies suit shorter hair but not all. Not in viewer discresion so will quickly move on he he ..
  16. What is the fastest you've driven?

    Hmmm. My Jaguar is restricted to 155 mph. So currently 155 mph on the German autobahns. However as I get older I get more irresponsible he he. So the restrictor may come off soon?. What rattled me most is that the Germans were overtaking me in their 2l. Golf,s £100 to take off my Jaguars limiter seemed a small sum he he...... Col x
  17. If you could freeze one moment in time...

    Hmmmmmm, Saturday was good, was at Keukenhof in Holland surrounded by beautiful tulips and flowers. Looked and smelt fab x
  18. Hello from a newbie!

    Hello from the UK.
  19. "Explore Partners!"

    IAG..... Where do people get the idea that sex is rocket science? Some people seem to suggest that it's like getting a college degree. You need to do it loads of time with various partners to get any good at it. And theses are the facts good call. Other opinions are really just excuses. Col.
  20. Golly jus caught this one.... Hmmm sailing is a passion. Soooo happy when I am on board with the children. Sadly no one other than them to sit in the cockpit with me to watch the sunset. But my imagination is good lol lol. Summer is here so hey.
  21. Husbandly Duties

    Hmmm lots of good stuff here. Ok what do I try to do so I will be honest to give you girls a chance to call me a git lol lol. Think its appropriate for a chap to do his "share" of the domestics. Personally I always clean the kitchen and bathroom on a Friday night. We all wake up on Saturday morning come downstairs and get greeted with a clean kitchen. A good few glasses of wine along the way of course and some fun. Henry has a soaked towel to clean the floor. But no wine lol I adore being the odd job king. Have learn all the trades even though I don like them all Plastering aaaaaaaahhh Im a stock chap but thats no essential. Im always good for a hug. As an ex doorman I like to protect when im out with a lady. Partner and family will always be safe. Guess im lucky as im retired as I sold my company to a multi national. Its nice being a good provider. A typical chap before I realised my stupid mistakes in life particularly concerning WTM. Im happy to declare my mistakes and ask my partner for her forgivness. Big duty for me but sadly not high on the agenda ! I live for the happness of my children. Whatever life throws at me they will carry on their youth happily. Whatever is happening in their parents life they will have the impression all is well. I adore playing with them, I love to get away with them, particularly on the boat, saling into the sunset, dropping anchour away from civilisation, dropping down the tender, water skiing etc etc barbeque on the beach, sunset,sleep perfect. Aha older now, And checking whether we are in user discression !!! I consider it a husbandly duty to keep my partner happy sexually thats in a word being consious of a ladys needs before my own. Enough info for this thread lol. Can I do my desires in a lady now lol lol ???? Have a great evening. Col.
  22. Hello :-)

    Hello from the UK too. Welcome. Col.
  23. Offensive words for guys

    Funny isnt it almost any word can be offensive if its in he wrong context or inapoprate situation then no. Saying that in a loving relationship some of those words may be ok by agreement ??
  24. Rude Kids

    Hallelujah .
  25. Hello I am new here.

    Hello welcome aboard. Col.