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  1. Freckles!

    Everyone has a freckle or two some where !?,?,

    Hmmmm. Travel the world. Love sailing I have the yacht although I only sail in lovely weather so no bumpy stuff ta. True love hell thats a funny one........ True love..... True love at my age is so complicated especially as I only grew up not to long ago ha ha ha ..... But contented with a partner has to be a major goal. Past mistakes are now thankfully a blur. Help others. Love sailing and next year I hope to sail around Great Britain for charity. That would be cool. Adore children and whatever I can do for any of them is a priority. Happy Saturday. Col xx
  3. Certain Members On the Forum

    Aw for a start. That lovely girl Brenda. Oooops did I add a bit ha ha. Ok similar age, worldly,nice,good faith and a bit of a naughty streak I suspect? And talks of the hills of north Carolina enough to want me to sail my old tub there. Josh. Well this guy should be a Brit he has the humour of a Brit. And I think your great mate. Cou, Like a white rose just about to burst into bloom but you are soooooo young I need to vet every chap that attempts to talk to you xx Ian. Soul mate as such who I wish I had the time to chat to more on a PM basis and hope that as life slows for me I can say hey Im on a plane lets have a beer. Starter for ten. Happy Saturday. Col xxx
  4. What is your dream job?...

    Ty. Second million is the hardest. Ha ha ha .........
  5. What is your dream job?...

    Chimney sweep. Love it
  6. You know the old saying chaps ? What's mine is our's and what is her's is her own. He he
  7. Two left ear but v v subtle. Goes with the pirate image I like to have when on board ha ha
  8. Secondary virgin here !

    Helloee from the UK. Welcome hope you enjoy it here I'm sure you will. Col.
  9. Hmm ok. Here we go. Father was my best mate until the day he died. We sat down in "his" room when I was a child and teen and he subtly explained to me many principles of WTM which I listened to until I grew to an age where I thought I knew better (idiot) glad I remember his wise words. Still feel that he guides me to this day. Mother is still alive (93) and is in an old peoples home and I visit here as much as I can. I think I'm one of the only people she remembers ( she has memory loss ). She is a sweety. Both proud that they only had each other !!!
  10. What is your ethnicity/national identity?

    British through and through. And very proud to be so.
  11. Do you like anyone on this site?

    Well the only way for me also to comment here is to imagine that I was a 20 or so year old WTM and I had grown some common sense earlier than I actually did. Then yep I would be on a plane. Actually can I have my yacht that I bought at 40 and I will sail across the pond he he he . Great mind teaser chaps keep them coming.
  12. Hmmmm. Ok I am ok with it and im ok with some soft stuff before marriage. All but no actual intercourse. These are my ideals of course as in real life I grew up far too slowly. To change that would be high on my " if you could change one thing list". He he As already said everyone to their own opinions but for me im ok with people doing a little sexual selection before they commit to a permanent sexual relationship/marriage. Hey nearly the weekend. Have a good one, Col.
  13. A lone-wolf female

    Sounds perfect. Col.
  14. Aw there is no age that you can say is right. Its just when its right for you. Im an old Daddy. Very old. He he. I get tired out when Henry wants to play ball and wants me to run from him when he is armed with his new Nerf gun !!! But at my age im better off and can spoil him. Swings and roundabouts. Love bears no age mind. Tonight we sat in the garden watching the moon rise. Same moon that you guys will see in a couple of hours and he watched the Geese migrating and said they are going South Daddy where it is warmer. Precious. Happy Saturday all. Col. Xx

    FANTASTIC. Proper man of my own heart.............
  16. Ah not Scotland then. JOKE. I have always felt safe there and I have been there a lot. Happy Tuesday. Col.
  17. Deception

    Wow you are very deep today. Ha ha Are you hinting that a man may lie to look good/big in front of a woman ? And a woman may wear make up to lure a chap ? If so I guess lies are worse as they contain un truths, showing off doing a Tarzan impersonation may be better but these days its hard to get the swim costume !!! Make up nar thats not the same. As said its a good ego booster, many women like to be admired and why not. Thats ok in my book. I guess if make up is worn just to attract and then once you have a partner you never wear it again then hmmmmmmm YES. Thats lying. Ha ha Joke. Col.....

    Aw and when they get off the loo all proud that they are off a potty and they shout "at the top of their voice". Please will you wipe my bottom Daddy. Bet you will not mind poo then. Ha ha .

    He he yes feeding time is amazing isn it and a couple of months breast feeding is amazng too blooming well done getting more and more rare over here. The more chaps get involved in the nitty gritty the better. All part of bonding as well. Im pretty close to my daughter 14. and son 6. Both get lots of cuddles and when that happens any relationship un compatabillities are insignificant Hmmm the money fairy has been usefull this Summer break ! I played on my sailing boat with Henry whilst the Females went to Rome....to help with the school project. Venice......... Hmmmmm another school project ! And the last two days London on our doorstep... Forget what that was for. But hey has to be some benefits to havn an older Daddy ha ha . Half blood prince. Ooooooooo if said wife is at home caring for the children, makin your meals, keeping the house clean, Dont always expect her to be at her best. Its a big job they have !! Depends of course if family help. Take care. Col ....
  20. Hey interesting isn it. If someone read my posts and opinions on here then my beliefs wishes and wants are pretty much on the table so hey it could all be part of courtship. He he Happy Saturday all xx
  21. Hmmm interesting. Ideal world I would share it. That would be great. Sally/dodgy rotters lol. Sadly my views are n shared so booooo. Have a great weekend. Col.
  22. I'd like to add... don't let anyone tell you that you have a compulsion or that you need therapy because you struggle with someone's past. That's utterly absurd and profoundly biased. It's suggesting that we all think alike and all have identical values. One can only make that conclusion without thinking critically. Fantastic.
  23. Good evening, Hey I say that and its evening here and I know The world has not ended but you guys don't. He he !!! I guess thats all about checking out how things go as you "court" a chap in as much as you see what your interests are and see if your wants can be for-filled. Like you I like my own space. I grab this by perusing my sailing interests and so if I want I sail away for a weekend, drop the anchor and just talk to the stars. Actually I would like to do this with a loved one too but not to be. Friends of mine do this by running, gym, working odd shifts at work etc etc but if you look its all a chance to get some space. Its nothing criminal. And just about to press the post button and I suspect your an English girl ? So possibly asleep. ,!!! Hope you all have a great weekend. Col.
  24. What is the fastest you've driven?

    And after scaring myself to death results came back ok. Phew. Xx
  25. What is the fastest you've driven?

    He he how odd that last week the limiter came off. I will share the reason. High PSA reading so ooops is the Prostate playing up. So in the wait for my detailed results the limiter came off and I went to the MIRA circuit in Warwickshire England. I had her up to 177 mph as I saw the straight runnng out so I still dont know what she will do. But my nerve was close to saying nooooooooooo. My car is a Jaguar XF 5.0 litre she is lovely as in the street she looks kinda normal but that grow is me chaps he he. Friday hoorah.