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  1. na·tion·al·i·ty (nsh-nl-t, nsh-nl-) n. pl. na·tion·al·i·ties 1. The status of belonging to a particular nation by origin, birth, or naturalization. 2. A people having common origins or traditions and often constituting a nation. 3. Existence as a politically autonomous entity; national independence.
  2. I think hating your spouse is an outcome of spending too much time with them. I'm not sure if this relates but i have an identical twin sister and the longest we have been apart since birth has been about 3 days and the little things she does like chew her gum the way she does and how she always waits for the last minute to change lanes while driving drives me absolutely crazy! yet when someone else does it, it doesn't bother me. However, if we were separated for a long period of time i don't know how i would manage. So personally i think you can hate those little things someone does or even want to kill them at times but still love them. And for the people who say that marriage doesn't benefit women or marriage doesn't benefit men are delusional, marriage benefits, or a common law unions benefits both parties.
  3. nothing wrong with it but you are limiting your options. there are non-virgins out there who are just as faithful and God fearing as a virgin they just made a mistake in the past and Christianity is a religion of forgiveness
  4. I believe that having some alone time in a marriage is important but i don't believe in keeping anything private. I wouldn't want to sleep in different beds but i like the idea of having a room for yourself. I've had this discussion with a guy who says that he wants to have a sort of "man cave" in his house where he would have gym equipment and a giant tv to watch sports games with his buds, which i am completely fine with just as long as i get my own room that's like a spa where i can soak in a hot tub with my girls and talk away. But separate bedrooms? no thanks
  5. What are you majoring in?

    @Cou Karthik basically answered your question. and all the major's you mentioned seem very interesting!
  6. for all those current or past college/ university students who are waiting, i'm just curious to know what you are majoring in? I'm majoring in information technology any one else majoring in the same thing?
  7. Lets say you know someone in your life who you knew loved you deeply and would do anything for you; was a good friend, nice person, was willing to wait with you but you are not 100% attracted to them and no butterflies in your stomach when you see them. If she or he brought the topic of marriage up. would you marry them? What would u do in that situation?
  8. i think it depends on the person. I can cuddle in a bed with out thinking about sex. to me it's just like i'm wearing a blanket. But if it's to much for the other person then we don't have to do it.
  9. Dating an Older Guy

    my ex-boyfriend was 12 years older than me and i had mixed feelings about our age difference. I liked how he was more experienced, more confident, and knew at that point what kind of girl he wanted [so i trusted that he wouldn't cheat]. However, i will admit that i got a bit embarrassed when someone asked me how old he was and i would have to reveal our age gap. But all in all i prefer older men and i feel like most women feel this way.