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  1. I definitely feel this fear-I don't want kids yet (I'm still in college) but I fear I'm never going to find someone. I always worry I'm not going to find someone. I don't really know how to meet someone/date-I've only really been on like 5 dates. It's hard and when I have gone on dates-the people I date find it weird.
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    I'm glad I'm not the only one out there. Pretty much everyone I know lost their virginity when they were in their teens.
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    My name is Katie. I'm 24; turn 25 next month. I'm not religious, just haven't met someone I like. I would like to fall in love before sex. I'm shy. I want to wait til marriage but it seems like I will never find the right guy. My family and friends try to push me into just doing it-just one night stand it. They say I shouldn't wait.