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  1. yes I am and thank you everyone and im glad im not the only
  2. Thank you everyone that answered me and rookiepilot1 I just meant they were probably better at waiting or w/e. like everyone i know has either had sex, or if they are waiting theyre waiting for everything. so i feel like a in the middle person, like someone whos not waiting thinks im too inexperienced (not the right word, but i cant think of the right and someone whos waiting will think im too experienced. sorry if I offended you, i wasnt saying it in a bad way, i was saying it in a im bad and theyre good
  3. Quirks

    something weird I do is, I cannot write in a journal different Like i have a journal, and i'll decide this one is for lets say dreams of stuff I want to do, and then I'm watching tv and hear of a website i want to go to, I can NOT write it in that "dreams" journal, I either have to find another thing to write on or rip out all the pages already written in that journal and make it a new journal of websites i want to go I have like a hundred journals around my house just written in the first few pages, and i can't write in them off topic unless I rip out the already written on pages, or if i make it a "random" I'm insane. haha
  4. lol, i didnt know how to word the question. But like I'm waiting until I get married to have sex, I'm 23 btw, but I've done everything but sex, because when I was younger I didnt really know God, and all my friends had had sex and I guess I didnt want to feel to "weird" or w/e. But I still never had sex with anyone because in highschool, I wanted to be in love before I had sex, and that didnt happen, and after highschool I though I waited so long, I might as well wait until I get married because It will be so special to be with just the person you marry, and Then once I really Got to know God and started having a relationship with him I decided it's 100 percent what i want to do, and i wish I would have waited on everything, but like i want to marry someone thats also a virgin, but if someone is a virgin and waiting until marriage, then he's probably tottaly a virgin. So I guess my question is, do you think a virgin guy whos waiting until marriage will still think its special even though I've done everything else with someone else, or just feel like theyre being with someone who didnt wait?