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  1. Being Single

    You have my utmost sympathy
  2. I believe in some way or fashion, God will reveal that information to me
  3. sometimes I get a little ancy, being 35 and never married.....
  4. Hello All!

  5. new here

    Welcome to the site
  6. 35 and never kissed a woman/been kissed
  7. Hi WTM forum

  8. Hi WTM forum

    I live in South Texas
  9. What if you never get married?

    not getting married would be my worst nightmare.... but I am do not feel called to singleness and trust God to bring me someone to pursue and marry and before I am 45 or 50
  10. Hi WTM forum

    Thanks all for the welcome
  11. Are women turned off by inexperience?

    If they are... I'm also screwed... no girlfriends (ever) at the age of 35
  12. Do you think you're marriage material?

    I would be after getting a higher-paying job
  13. Hi WTM forum

    at least you are not a Man City fan
  14. Hi WTM forum

    well, both of them occurred when I was 31.....better late than never, I guess
  15. Hi WTM forum

    Probably the only other thing (besides faith) that keeps me distracted from being overly aware of being single. However, I have scored one more goal than dates I have been out on