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  1. "Waiting is too hard!"

    I know I'm not a guy, but I would like to point out that since those "men" say things such as ""I'm a man, I have needs!"" I think you have to realize that they are selfish. They are not considering your value on the topic. If they loved you, or have feelings for you they have to be a little bit more selfless than that. A person who truly treasures you will stay by you no matter how difficult it is for them, because they value the relationship and most importantly, they value YOU. Plus, there's plenty of other ways for them to express their love for you besides doing The Deed. In addition, I don't believe someone who truly cares about you should make you insecure and sad about a choice you decided to stick with. Because being in a relationship means that two individuals come together to accept their differences and their similarities and here, they are not accepting your difference by making you feel... uneasy or sad about your choice. That's not right. You are a strong individual who has her own choice and independent thought and you SHOULD be valued. You ARE good enough and the right person will NEVER make you doubt that fact. NEVER. Never. Never. Never. (I'm sorry, I got to say that because I can't emphasize it enough. Never doubt yourself. I've been down that road and I can say it wasn't pretty. Sending me to depression and almost into the thought of committing suicide.) Don't be distraught, don't EVER let someone push you down from standing firm on a decision that is truly YOURS. You are a good individual and you deserve better. I promise that.
  2. Would you date a guy who's still living at home?

    Definitely! I would think twice before getting married to a guy with loads of debt if he had the possibility of living with his parents to ease that debt. I'm not saying I won't date some guy who had debt but if he can't handle himself financially he isn't going to be able to handle taking care of US I'm also not saying that money is a necessity, though it is! but he has to know how to handle financial issues. (I know the importance money is since it has been the reason why some people I know have divorced or broken up) SO to answer the question (hahaha I almost forgot to answer it). Heck no, I live with my parents. It saves TONS of money! Less burden and more happy times and it promotes saving in case a storm comes!
  3. Your Dream Guy !!

    1. Catholic 2. Same ethnicity as me (I'm open minded but ugh, i don't want to explain this) 3. has some intelligence, I don't want to talk to a brick 4. cares about me enough to treat me well and show me that he likes/loves me 5. doesn't drink (let's just say I've had bad experience with alcoholics) 6. doesn't gamble (another bad experience) 7. Not abusive (*cringes*) 8. no smoking 9. understanding 10. Has short spiky hair (that's masculine to me, no offense to other people, this is my preference) 11. has a sense of humor (i love laughing) 12. Virgin 13. has a lot in common in me 14. treats other people right 15. does not lie, cheat or does anything to other people like flirt 16. romantic that it comes off naturally 17. a gentleman 18. likes to have fun I think I'm good with this, but there might be more I'll come back if there's more
  4. How Would You Feel If....

    I read this one quote that one of the best pick-up lines is: "HI." Um, I guess if I met a person who at least had the decency to politely talk to me first and make me feel comfortable and not creeped out, I guess it would work. Just try to ease the stranger status off first and I'll most likely consider it. But that's me personally,
  5. And please do not feel unrealistic and offended in your belief that you won't find a virgin woman at age 20. I'm pretty close and I have VERY DARN determined to keep it that way until the day I get married so you can be guaranteed that there are others out there for you and others more older than me who are waiters. I know everyone says this but look at this community!
  6. I just want to point out to you this one quote that really inspired me: "If you love something, let it go. If it comes back, it was meant to be." I hope that was exactly the quote but I think you get the idea. I'm sorry you had to go through that, I really am, and my heart goes out to you. Break-ups are hard and I remember struggling through mine since I invested the most (well, let's not get into that). Anyway, you want to know why this bugs you? The question about her past. Well, it seems your priorities and hers do -- did not match. I'm not trying to be harsh, but I'd like to be real to you. Her being a virgin was more important to you because you understood the gravity of your choice to wait and the seriousness of sex. She did you a favor by leaving you and I think you deserve better. I believe, you deserve someone who be everything you hoped for and more. You will find her, move on and believe you will find that special girl for you one day!! Best and most sincere wishes! Stay strong!
  7. "Prince"

    aaaaahhhhh! I can't believe I never saw this topic! There was some pretty good discussions! And I almost was undecided between a lot of them but now I'mm just stuck on Flynn Rider and Prince Charming mainly because I love how they treat their princesses. I like Flynn's humor and I just Cinderella's story of the prince trying to find her. Though I wished he tried to find her IN PERSON instead of sending out his duke. Ugh. Now I think I'm going to choose Flynn because he was always by her side!
  8. What if

    thank you for that, I didn't think about the "common interests" factor! Silly me!
  9. New Members-Girls Only

    Hello everyone! My name is Theresa but you can call me Tweesa! I am 19 years old and I stumbled on this website one day when I got frustrated thinking it'd be unfair that I would have to wait and met a person who didn't wait. The articles here really have astounded me and I loved all the responses and mature ideas and insight that people on this website had, so I decided to join. I like to sing, draw and doodle and watch romantic comedies and read inspirational books. Hope to get to know you all in the future!
  10. Oh my gosh, I just read your reply and wow I'm stunned by what you read. Thank you for posting and giving us your success story, it was truly inspirational!! Congrats on your three daughters! And I'm so happy to hear that you're happy of your choice to WTM! Thank you again!
  11. A lone-wolf female

    Would you guys date a girl with no friends? There's nothing wrong with her, she just likes to be independent and she just doesn't like to deal with girl drama but she loves her career and spends a lot of time with her family. Or more like, she's family person. What are your thoughts?
  12. Why is virginity so important to you?

    you do not sound like a jerk, you sound like everything I would hope for in the man I meet one day. Thank you for your insight!
  13. Would you want your SO to get work done

    Dude, if I met a man like you I would never want anything from God anymore. I've finally found what I was born to find. You made me tear up, thank you for letting me know there are men in the world out there like you
  14. Princesses

    brilliant reasoning and I loved that this made me laugh so much. I loved Disney princesses, you've totally opened my eyes to what they brainwashed me with in the background
  15. Friendly VS Flirty/Touchy

    i think you said it in the best way possible