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  1. Welcome back! I'm not too active any more, and a lot of the people from back in the day seem to either have left or just lurk these days. For me I just got busy with life and haven't had time or energy to post when I do happen to visit the site, and just drifted apart from everyone I used to talk to. Cool to hear things are good for you. I hear that. lol. I'll occasionally stumble upon one of my old posts and it's cringe city. Even sometimes when I still agree with my past self.
  2. Why I Don’t Hug Girls: Part 1

    This guy sounds like he needs a hug.

    Pretty sure always being the initiator sucks for everyone. Ashley could have let Jake be the initiator at the beginning and still ended up at the exact same place 10 years later. Plenty of men (and women) stop "chasing" at some point, even if they were the initiator at first. It takes two, at the beginning and ten years later. I don't think it's smart to look at two relationships and make sweeping generalities about life and gender and relationships. This just looks like the author picked a couple situations that fit their worldview and made a cookie-cutter post out of it.
  4. Becoming an Atheist

    I've called myself an atheist for about 4 years now and started doubting about 2 years before that. The doubt hit me all of a sudden but going from that to accepting that I didn't believe anymore and moving on was definitely a drawn out and often painful process. I'm happier now and hope to one day soon be more open with my family and friends about it without feeling weird. (Former Christian; raised Christian from birth to college) For me the most interesting and toughest part has been having to figure out all of my beliefs, morals, etc. from scratch without a guide or dogma to start from. Worth it though in my opinion. Good luck with your new outlook and, no offense to others, congrats!
  5. deleted topics

    She deleted those topics herself, which wasn't possible before the forums were updated. I couldn't figure out how to take that ability away or restore the deleted topics. Will probably be a job for Mike
  6. Supermoon!

    I always read about these things while at work and forget about them at night... Need to start setting an alarm or something.
  7. MUSIC!

    Or the acoustic version
  8. Does he know how negatively it is affecting you to keep waiting? What's keeping you from getting married?
  9. MUSIC!

    This has been one of my favorite songs for years, mostly because of the piano and the overlapping singing parts starting around 3:25. I need to find more bands that use two singers this way.
  10. October Suprise

    What's the surprise?
  11. Random Thoughts

    Cassowary looks like a straight up dinsosaur.
  12. Hey, it's Mark...Just Checking In!

    Hey Mark, good to hear from you. I hadn't checked out your blogs before; I'll have to remember to check out your thoughts on the Disney movies I like. I'm doing pretty well. I finally got an engineering job back in January and while it's no dream job by any means the people are pretty cool, it's not too stressful, and it's allowing me to live decently and save up some money while I figure out what I really want to do. Still single (I thought you were gonna say you got married or something and I was going to be like, "So that's the secret, leaving the site!") As you may be able to see, the site has quieted down a lot. A shame, too, because we seem to have a steady stream of new people. I think it might be a nature of the site that the regulars get what they can get out of the community and move on with their lives. I've thought a lot about it...maybe we need a lot more not-so-much-about-waiting discussions to keep people around. I myself haven't been posting much. I generally check in once or twice a day on my phone to look at new posts and delete spam, but I haven't had the time or the attention span to participate much. How do you like blogging? I've been thinking about getting into that world. (Partly to vent my thoughts on certain things but mostly to have a base of operations for some artistic ambitions I have.) I already bought several domain names but haven't set anything up yet.
  13. MUSIC!

  14. Growing Taller

    Things you could try: - Wear a Native American chieftain feather hat. - Get swol. - Medieval torture - When a female approaches, go into an aggressive stance. Heels raised, weight on the balls of your feet, feet shoulder width apart, chest high, arms raised high above your head with open palms and curled fingers pointed towards the female. Bob your head up and down. This distorts your actual height and allows the *Matthew Stance(TM) to create its illusion. Also continuously flex the muscles in your face and neck. Not only is this intimidating and thus alluring to the female, but it also turns the skin an attractive shade of red, assuming you are light skinned. *Results from employing the Matthew Stance(TM) may vary. Not tested on humans. Incorrect use of the Stance can result in injury or death. Consult your doctor prior to use. Women that are nursing or pregnant may be more susceptible to the Stance, due to their heightened need for a powerful male companion.
  15. Nothing to see here. Don't click.

    Necro-ing this because I didn't see this question before... Here you go: