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  1. So...I'm not sure if this has been asked before, but I REALLY need some advice and insight on this from you guys....I met a guy who is very gentlemanly, righteous, respectable, etc. We have the same beliefs, interests, values, etc, but when I brought up the topic of waiting he said he was neural. He basically said that if he was with someone who was WFM then he would wait too, and if was with someone who was NWFM then he wouldn't wait either. This really bothers me, but in all other ways he is a morally just person and a great potential match for me...What should I do? Should I consider dating this person or should I take it as a sign that I need to move on and find someone who isn't 'neutral'? < : o
  2. We have to share the same faith; as long as they have an intense love and belief in God, and as long as they are willing to make an effort to accept Christ (something I struggle with myself) then it doesn't matter to me what they choose to label themselves as. :>
  3. If you walked into my room right now you would see alphabetised books, clothes ordered by color and sleeve-length, godzilla figurines arranged by height, etc. And if you walked into my kitchen and watched me cook you would see the messiest person in the world.~ ⊙▽⊙
  4. What are your deal-breakers?

    My deal breakers mostly echo what most of you guys have said: CX -Drinkin' -Drugs -Smokin' -Anger issues -Crassness -Promiscuity -They have been married before/multiple times -Already have children -Not waiters -Lazy -Prejudiced -Narrow-minded And my most unreasonable-reason: -No sports fanatics 8B
  5. Are women turned off by inexperience?

    Yes. The majority of our society seems to see inexperienced as the worst thing you could possibly be, e.g. the word 'virgin' is often used as an insult, especially so when it's directed at guys. But seeing that there are so many users on this forum really renews my hope that there ARE plenty of people who diverge from what society deems as “normal“, and as long as that’s true, I don’t really care what the majority thinks. (*´꒳`*)
  6. 25 facts about YOU!

    I'll give this a shot. P: 1. I'm ambidextrous 2. As a baby I really loved hats; I never grew out of this 3. I am a 2nd Gup in Tang Soo Do (The martial art that Chuck Norris first learned coincidentally XD) 4. I can tolerate ridiculously spicy food (I’ve literally made grown men cry) 5. I'm 1/4 Native American (My eye-shape gives it away. ) 6. I was born at just over 7 months X0 7. I'm double-jointed in my hands and feet 8. I couldn't read until I was 10, (dyslexic ._.) but I was in 8th grade by the time I was 12 9. I am an INTJ (for any Myers Briggs aficionados c: ) 10. I cannot whistle 11. I cannot snap my fingers 12. I find taking notes fun and keep 5 different notebooks 13. Half of my piercings I’ve done myself 14. One of my eyes does not see colors correctly 15. On that note, I have had 5 eye surgeries 16. I have 4 diamond birthmarks under my arm 17. Learning Spanish, Japanese, and British slang are hobbies of mine~ 18. I still sleep with a stuffed animal >/////< 19. I have 3 ‘battle scars’ on my face, but you can only see them if I point them out c:< 20. I am allergic to ALL types of grasses, and most trees and molds 21. Because of this, I have almost no sense of smell :c 22. About 2 years ago I had thigh-length hair (I might grow it back out cx) 23. I really like knifes, motorcycles, and guns 8D 24. I sometimes need to use a cane (For reasons I’m not ready to say yet. :’c) 25. Coffee, milk, and anything with caffeine makes me crazy-sleepy zoz Very nice topic and responses btw! c:
  7. 2 In each lobe-I've got a rainbow spike theme going on-and I'm going to get triple spirals in the cartilage. c:
  8. Would you date a guy who's still living at home?

    The way I see it there are two kinds of independent: The “Smart†kind and the “reckless†kind. I would much prefer (as well as his family I think) that he diligently works and plans his future at home than to him up and striking out on his own, just to prove he’s “independent†That would be the reckless kind, which is the kind I don’t want. ( ^∇^)
  9. What do you have in your big a** purses?

    I don't carry a purse, just a wallet. It has everything I need. XP
  10. Alcohol/Drinking

    I don't drink, I just don't feel a need to...My Dad used to drink whenever he was upset and seeing how it affected him made me realize there were better ways to deal with your feelings. That, and getting smashed doesn't seem fun to me. XP The only drink I've ever met that I enjoyied is a margarita, and that's only if it's fruit-falvored with a sugar rim. >w<
  11. Ello' everyone, my name's Savvy. : D I had ALWAYS wished there was a forum like this, and whatdaya know, it exists! I can hardly believe it! (It must have spawned from our magical virgin powers! XP) For me personally, while I can acknowledge that many people will know me on a somewhat intimate level, I only want one person to know me on a sexually intimate level...Do you guys think it's too extreme that I yearn to find that in someone else? Sometimes it feels like I'm blocking out a lot of potentially awesome matches because of it... <:c Um...And since we're supposed to introduce ourselves, I am an introverted bookworm who is addicted to music (of all types) and who is also an anime/manga/Asian culture enthusiast...I hope there are people here with similar interests lul. >w<