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  1. is masturbation a sin?

    I wrestled with this one for a long time. My conclusion: masturbation isn't a terrible sin, but it is what i'll call "sin-adjacent." Like alot of waiters, I have good self-discipline. I could discipline myself to not masturbate for months at a time, but eventually I'd "fall off the wagon." I got to know the bible better and I realized, God is pretty specific about the "Thou shall not's." If God didn't want people to masturbate, he would have told us specifically in the bible (I do not interpret the story of Onan to be relevant to this issue, although some do.) However, lusting after pornographic images is specifically discouraged (Matthew 5:28) So I made a compromise with myself- no pornography and no fornication, masturbation is okay. Although there have been some borderline cases, I am happy to say I am keeping to this rule. And I pray for God's mercy and forgiveness if I got this wrong and made a compromise I shouldn't have made.
  2. While marriage would be nice, I am not so much waiting till marriage as boycotting the awful sexual culture that has poisoned male/female relations and produced so much rape and divorce and other ills. I admire Saint Paul ("Flee Fornication"). I actually decided to wait/boycott when I was 16, after emailing a priest at and he eventually told me that the bible discourages premarital sex. I had to exchange emails with him several times and practically twist his arm to get him to tell me that. It was like he was scared I'd stop believing in God, if it meant waiting on sex.
  3. Fictional Crush?

    Lois Lane- I always wanted to steal her away from Superman. As described in the song Jimmy Olsen's Blues by the Spin Doctors.
  4. I am new to the site.

    and sadly I have to work on Sunday I can't go on the Sunday chat for the time being. I am generally discouraged by this whole waiting thing, but I can't see anything else to do.
  5. I am new to the site.

    I feel lucky to have found it. Not quite sure what else to say -FrogTrain