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  1. Anyone else that just doesn't know?

    @ Altan: I'm sorry, I didn't mean to be making any ignorant claims that would be detrimental to people considering that line of faith, I was repeating what I've read without considering all sources I suppose. @Everyone who thinks that God is bad because he puts people in hell: God doesn't "put" anybody in hell. Hell is a consequence of separation from God... the very definition of sin, separation from God's will. Satan descended from Heaven into the "abyss," a dark and bleak Tartarus not necessarily created where he was joined by his legions. In other words, when you depart from God's will, it actually HURTS his feelings. He takes no joy in people's spiritual deaths because by definition it is their separation from him. That is why all humans are sinners... because our ancestors departed from his will and contaminated our species with the knowledge of good and evil. Bottom line: "hell," or "walking through the valley of the shadow of death," or "sheol," or "hades," (all Biblical terms) are YOUR choice. You choose your faith and your destiny. "I am the master of my fate. I am the captain of my soul"- Invictus, William Ernest Hemley Of course, your faith will reflect in what you do. I believe that a pot on the stove is hot, therefore I will not touch a pot on the stove. I believe pre-marital sex is detrimental to my life experience, therefore I will not do it. I believe God desires that we follow the laws of our land so long as they do not contradict his will, therefore I do not drink (underaged). Much in the same manner, if you believe that Jesus is the atonement for sin, you will live in a way that honors that. That is your way of not touching the hot pot on the stove. "For faith without action is dead." Now nobody expects you to be perfect, and upon death your sin will be cleansed. And yes, to all who believe that Jesus made no sacrifice, he did. He was the only one in history, the ONLY one, who didn't deserve to die, but he suffered what may be the most agonizing death in recorded history. He was whipped beyond the legal limit of lashings, spit on, stabbed, made to carry his own cross, well you can watch The Passion of the Christ if you want the whole scene. Yes he rose from the dead, but it was so he could collect his flock and be there for our redemption. It was also symbolic of us dying to our sinful ways and being "reborn" or "resurrected" as a new creation in the name of Christ.
  2. Anyone else that just doesn't know?

    There are so many things to consider... and ultimately, it's not a decision that you "make" at any given instant I think, it's more of something that dawns on you over a period of time (whether long or short). Science: Any legitimate scientist will tell you that science is constantly changing, and that most (>90%) scientific claims are open to change if further evidence is recovered. In a word, science will never cover it all. And even if you can answer everything in the universe with science, you can't *prove* it. The Big Bang is a solid theory with evidence still existing in the universe today. But that's just it, it's a solid THEORY. Nobody was there to see it and it can't be recreated to know that that happened. It's a very well thought-out, very educated guess. (It's my personal belief that Science is the human sequence of cataloguing God's creation. Pretty nifty mix of views, in my own opinion.) History: Consider the Bible. Yes, it's been translated and re-translated and re-worded and cut and copied and bla bla bla, but HEY! We recovered the Dead Sea scrolls, we have close-to-original Greek and Hebrew documents to translate from. Bottom line: any Biblical scholar KNOWS what was originally written because- despite popular belief- it is available to us! Your obstacle is trying to find the best-fit version to the wordings and history of the time. Consider Gen 3:19 (accuracy?) "for it was dust whence you came, to dust you shall return." How would Moses (or whoever wrote this passage) know that the compounds and elements in our bodies are the very same as those in common dirt and dust? That wasn't known until thousands of years later. In fact, why did ancient humans have knowledge of ANY creation, God-inspired or godless? Just looking at their surroundings, it seems as if it would have been simpler just to think that the Earth had always "been", with no beginning. But not only did they know there was a beginning, but they knew that the heavens were "stretched out" (Isaiah 42:5- referencing the fact that all galaxies are accelerating away from each other when they should be caving in). Religion: If it dawns upon you that there is a higher power, an often-titillating question is: Which one? The one that gets the most attention, of course, if the Abrahamic God, Yahweh/Iehova/Allah. Some argue that these are actually separate Gods. Perhaps to some, the fact that they get the most attention contributes to their likelihood. Otherwise you are dealing with an assortment of polytheisms with some scarce monotheisms mixed in. I like to personally notice where they intersect. Jesus. Mohammed, Moses and the Buddha all spent time alone in the wilderness, considerable time, and performed some kind of work or ministry of their own. Moses professed that he was not the Messiah and pointed towards one who would come in the line of David (which happened to fall upon Joseph, Jesus's stepfather). Buddha said that with all of his wisdom, "I still search for the truth." Jesus said "I am the truth," and that his Father God ordained him alone as the truth. Then Mohammed came along and said none of that was true. So pray and spend time in quiet meditation, and don't rely on voices or "signs", but rather on inner urgings and notions of direction
  3. Hi ya'll I'm 17(:

    Been in that situation soooo many times. You're older than I was though so I'm sure you'll handle it the right way. Just stick to your convictions, don't worry about his right now.... It'll be a lot harder if you give in than if you just stick it out.
  4. If you read my story, you know the heartbreak I went through now 3 months ago. Spend time with real people, with real relationships, with God and with your family. The people on here are great, wonderful, understanding and compassionate, but they can't replace face-time relationships. I promise, no matter how big someone was in your life (I've had 2 girls with my heart wrapped around their fingers), a couple of hours with the people you love will pull you away from the thoughts. It's like tape: the more times you peel it off (get him off your mind), the less it sticks (when you think about him again).
  5. ^ Well, not all "Christian" denominations actually believe that Jesus is physically the Son of God.... Unitarian Universalists are categorized as Christian typically although they believe that Jesus was essentially mortal and worship more the "idea" of what he represented: they do not actually weigh his words as "gold" (symbolically speaking) as you or I (also a Protestant Christian) would. Likewise, Mormons extend the belief that Jesus was born a typical mortal but, by never sinning, "ascended" to Godliness and dwells with immortal beings on distant planets. I guess what I'm saying is, "Christian" is a broad moniker. To my personal satisfaction, it's good to know you're a devoted follower of the Son of God as well. To answer the original question, if I didn't believe that Jesus was the son of the living God, I would probably be Jewish.... he stories of Mohammed ever struck deep within me, and I am one of the most pro-Israel guys around.
  6. You have someone now who wants to complete you, who accepts you even with all your faults and has a passion for you that bucks the human instincts of recreation-procreation (like the little tongue-twister there?). Anyway, I have to say I envy you, you seem to have things right in gear and headed in the right direction. Prayers go out for you and your guy, stay strong to what you know to be true and I'm sure you will reap the benefits.
  7. A story, not for the faint of heart...

    I'll say to you guys like I said to ian (and like he responded to in a very wise manner) I hope the next few steps in my life are huge improvements. I guess when you hit rock bottom, the only way you can go is up, right? I hope people are able to look at my last few years and avoid the mistakes I've made. My worst fear is that I missed the opportunity to be with the best girl I will ever meet but, considering her immaturity, I won't insult God by implying that he can't do any better than that. I also want to believe that God doesn't punish us in this life for our mistakes, I hope that I am just following his divine plan that is tailored to include my mess-ups
  8. I don't know if there is a better place to put this post... it's definitely an introduction of sorts, but I have already posted in the Introductions forum! Woops, guess I'll just slide this one in here as well :3 This is my story, my testimony if you will.... I imagine the more religious people here will enjoy it immensely, and I hope the less religious can as well. I'm going to trace my life back to the 10th grade and recap on the mistakes I've made, mistakes that have cost me a great deal already, only 3 years later. Mistakes that wake up with me and lie down with me, that haunt me in the hallway like ghosts and follow me down the streets like gangs. This is going to be a lengthy post. By October of 2009, I was 15 years old and had not kissed a girl yet. This was strange, as I was a football player and a wrestler... the jock with the Spartan jaw... a public figure at my church, a generally well-liked and popular guy who intimidated bullies by my presence and was known for standing up for less popular people. It was in church, while I was playing a djembe for the youth group's praise band that a girl walked by me and caught my eye. I later figured out her name, the fact that she was a foreign exchange student from Switzerland and got in touch with her, and by the 29th of October, we were kissing on our very first date (it happened to be the Michael Jackson movie, THIS IS IT). Such a beautiful and innocent picturesque moment of teenage romance. What I didn't realize is that she was only Christian by name of her family, she actually had no real religion and didn't believe the teachings of the Bible, and had never heard of the practice of WTM. I found that it was my goal to represent Christ in her life by treating her with the utmost respect and dignity, and being the real Christian man any girl would want. Well, it only took about a month folks. I had my first sexual encounter pretty early on, and we just kept progressing. It was about this time that I had a very real dream of a city on a river, and she was in another guy's arms on the bank of this river. He got up and let her there, and she was weeping. I woke up weeping myself. In response, I kept setting us different sexual boundaries that we wouldn't cross, and every one we eventually crept up to and crossed with discretion. We were suffering pressure from her host parents to spend all of our time in private so that we could do as we pleased, and also the pains of first-found love. But I wouldn't do it all the way... sex in its fullest form, that was off-limits to me... and eventually she had enough of it. She moved back to Switzerland and after 3 weeks, cut me off in favor of finding a guy there. You can imagine how crushed I was. Now 16 years old, my first love of 7 months tells me that I'm not man enough to satisfy her, so she's going to go give herself away to another in search of satisfaction. We were supposed to be it FOREVER dammit, and nobody should take that away from us, not even her... I really didn't think she knew what was good for her, and she didn't, but I was in no different boat. My mom had left for Philadelphia for the summer, and I sat home alone for close to 50 days before I made a move. We had planned a trip for me to Switzerland, and in July she still wanted me to come over, promising that we could give things another shot while we were there. I got to Basel and spent all my nights in her room, not "doing the deed" but creeping back up on my boundaries again. We fell deeper in love than before, but it was again jeopardized when she gave me an ultimatum: sex or bust. So on the 9-month anniversary of our first date I told her fine, let's do this thing. It was the second biggest mistake of my life. For 7 days and nights, we did as we pleased. I gave my soul away piece by piece, and reasoned with myself on every aspect of my life. In that short time I lost the religion I had grown up with and my morals took a downward turn, my relationships with people started to change and I became a new person. But you know, the thing about a trip is it has to come to an end. I returned to America with promises that we would stay together but 5 weeks later (exactly one year after our first date), I heard through the grapevine that she was with another guy. And then 3 months later my dream came true, and he left her stranded on the banks of the Rhine with a broken heart. Wow. Just when I thought I had conquered this love thing, it kicked me in the 'nads. I lived in 4 more months of bleak pain, unsure about my future love life, considering enlisting in the military as an infantrymen and just spending my days wandering the wastelands of the middle east with nothing but me and a rifle. I was a junior in high school interviewing for a spot at Georgia's Governor's Honors scholastic program when Izzy walked through the door. She was a beautiful, busty blonde with a thick southern accent and the kind of eyes that make you stop what you're doing and just stare back at them. Once again, I got her contact info and got in touch with her. 2 months later, I was starting the cycle again. We first dated in February, and by May I figured out that I didn't love her like I had loved Miss Switzerland and was still very attracted to other girls. I never had full intercourse with her, but this time it was me who did the heartbreaking. I'm glad I broke it off when I did, because she went on to have good relationships and respect her privacy with no real regrets. I stayed single (and Agnostic) until the following August, when I had my only one night stand. A french exchange student (sense a pattern here?) who was 2 years older than me had one of the most rockin' bodies I had ever seen, and we lay on my sister's couch at her University. I knew immediately that it was wrong, but tried to work through it. God had me in his hand though, and didn't let me "perform" like I had been able to so many times before. I had an ok time but ended up wishing it hadn't happened, especially when I found the girl of my dreams a month later. A friend had been begging me to come back to church, so I went one Wednesday night. It was in the same room I met Miss Switzerland that 17-year old me met a 15-year old Fox model. I was madly in love at sight, and so was she, and were were dating by the end of the week. 3 weeks later, my hormones kicked in and I started making moves down south. She told me to wait a little bit, but eventually started taking some initiative herself and exploring her first lover's body. We were the picture-perfect couple for 7 months (shocker!) until I got a scholarship to a school in Pennsylvania. Very respectfully and lovingly, I let her down easy, telling her that we still had a chance in the future, but with a plane ride's distance in between us, it just wasn't likely. It was the third biggest mistake of my life. The next night, I had a dream that she got in a terrible car crash and her status wasn't known. I hope this one doesn't come true like the last one. I moved to Philadelphia but my scholarship opportunity fell through, and by July of this past year I moved back south to Florida, where she had just moved. You can see where I'm going with this. I re-adopted my faith in this time of transition but made none of the commitments that came with serious Christianity. God gave me another chance with the sweetest love of my life so far. Who wants to guess what I did? I'll give you a hint: it was the biggest mistake of my life. You probably guessed intercourse. Well, you wouldn't be completely wrong. We did everything just short of it, and now that I had my own apartment it became a LOT easier. We would do a Bible study and "lovey time" in the same visit, and God didn't like that at all. Instead of begging for forgiveness of my idiocy and sin, I thanked God for the opportunity to "get my rocks off". Things were literally going better than ever, until one day (almost a year to the day from our first date) I got a text message that crushed me. She wanted to be single for 2 years, and being friends wasn't an option for us. I would see her once more at church before I switched churches, and haven't seen her since. It's been a little over 2 months. Since then, I recommitted my faith to a deeper level than ever. I've accepted God's plan and high standards for my life, and recommitted myself to WTM for the first time since 2010. No more drinking underage, no more sex until marriage, try to stay away from porn and bad habits, and dedicate myself completely to study and worship of God. I kept reading 2 Bible chapters per day, and still do. I've finished the New Testament and Genesis and Exodus. I'm in the process of re-establishing myself with a praise band, and getting over my last heartbreak. She is still the most beautiful girl I've ever met, but I saw a picture of her online the other day. Her arms were around another guy in her living room. I shut my computer off and took a long drive when I saw it. It's kind of like that song "Boys of Summer" by Don Henley, listen to the lyrics... I can't listen to any sappy music yet. It grinds my gears in a time when I'm trying to focus on the positive. As mean as she was to me during the breakup (she really did behave pretty disastrously), I would still hear her out if she came back to me. But I have a funny feeling I blew that opportunity. I live with my regrets daily. They cloud my thoughts and peruse my mind. They devour my time and leech on my grades. I pray every day that people like you can learn from my mistakes, and that one day I will find a wife who will understand my flaws and help restore me to fullness. I plan to devote my career and life to rocking her world in return, giving thanks to God all the way along. I look forward to helping you guys through your struggles as I hope you can help me through mine.
  9. Not all colleges require admissions tests, just go off your previous grades and reputation... Penn State and Florida State I know for sure....
  10. The Question Game

    Sean Connery at any point in his life. He was always doing something unimaginable and amazing, just check his wikipedia page. Why does Channing Tatum look like such a doofus?
  11. Hi!

    Don't feel bad... Some of us have gone much further and ruined many good relationships before we realized what was right for us Just be glad that you haven't given yourself away, you still retain your identity as an independent individual with dignity and respect. Look forward to more discussions about things, since we're similar ages and probably will deal with similar things here shortly
  12. What are you going as for Halloween this year?

    This was me. In all my spandex glory.
  13. What eye colour do you have?

    Hazel, gold in the right light. Green when I'm in a particular mood
  14. Raised Christian, became Agnostic by choice, returned to Christianity by further choice, now more devout than ever and it's the absolute BEST feeling
  15. Your Honeymoon

    I think my stepbrother took 18 days... It was like a 7-day Italy adventure followed by a 2-week cruise or something ridiculous like that. I still don't think he got all the lovin' out of his system though hahahaha