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  1. account delete option?

    can someone please tell me where the account delete option is? I looked for it in the profile settings, contents, the help section, and pretty much everywhere else but couldn't find it. i sincerely apologize for taking up valuable space with this useless topic. didn't know where to post it. i just need to know where that delete button is. thanks.
  2. Lifestyle Choices

    the whole serene countryside life sounds real relaxing but to be honest, i wouldn't know wtf to do with myself after awhile of being there lol i'm from the concrete jungle and that's where my heart is. i like the hustle and bustle of city life.
  3. Obliviousness and Missed Signals

    i'm the same way. in my case, i just don't like complicated things so i tend to see life in black and white terms. if i can't physically see something, then it's not there. lol i don't do small details, suble cues, passiveness etc. if i'm being approached by several men i only notice the aggressive ones and those are the ones who ultimately get my attention and respect. i try to look at it this way: if a guy is risking getting his ego hurt to get close to me, he deserves respect for that courage and balls alone lol the passive ones either don't like you enough or they're more interested in protecting their own heart/pride. some people don't realize that in love, wishy-washy attitudes won't get them that far. that girl who left you her number in your yearbook, she definitely liked you. try calling her maybe if you wanna make something happen with her cuz you never know lol
  4. Gif Warrrrrrrrrr (ARRR)!!

    @buster looking fine in dat suit lol
  5. exactly. at the end of the day it's all about owning up to the consequences of your actions. you're kidding yourself if you think you're immune to that. I dunno about other people but i wouldn't wanna live in a world where people just turned a blind eye to questionable behaviors ( in general). if I'm acting in a questionable, self destructive way I would want somebody to tell me. whether I wanna listen or not is for me to decide (lol) but in life, it's important to be self-reflective sometimes. and other people's opinions can sometimes help with that. self-reflection leads to positive growth. it's fine to say that you wanna live in a world where nobody judged one another. of course that might be ideal for a lot of people. but it's not realistic. you can't live on ideals alone. developing a thicker skin and a personal filter (the ability to take in useful information from your surroundings and learn from that and disregard whatever you think you don't need) is a much more realistic way to live. you could be a total saint (doing everything right. living an honest life) and people will still whip up insults out of thin air and try to bring you down. the shyt never ends but that's life. developing a thick skin is your best chance at survival.
  6. and as far as this girl, I wouldn't call her a hoe but I wouldn't protect her character on some forum either lol looks to me like the OP is ready to move on to bigger and better things now so that's cool.
  7. So true. I don't get why some people feel the need to get all butthurt over matters like these (somebody being judged for their questionable actions) it's human nature to see something and make judgements about it internally. people have a choice of whether to keep those judgements to themselves or not( i will say that it's wiser to keep it to yourself if it's a negative/controversial judgement/opinion lol) but what I'm trying to say is.....you can't live your life in fear of other people's judgements and constantly get butthurt over them. people are gonna judge you no matter what you do or say in this world. you can't stop people from being human and humans DO judge one another. people have a right to form negative opinions about people who are acting in questionable ways. do they have to voice that opinion? not always but hey some people want to and that's fine. Like Buster said, we're talking about the actions that people take. which can always be altered/controlled by that person. if you don't like being called a hoe, there's something you can do about it. I got called hoe in high school all the time because of the way I dressed. did I give a fuq? No lol cuz my friends and my family and I all know the kind of person that I am. I don't feel the need to get butthurt over some stranger's comments. we all need to develop a thick skin in this world lol
  8. yeah don't wait on the sidelines for her to come around. strong people keep moving even after a disappointment. but like you said if you like her as a friend/person and wanna just hang out with her with no expectations then I think that's fine. it's your choice.
  9. like others have said, it's a good thing you found out her stance early on. it sucks when the situation looks soo right and you think they could be the one and then they hit you with something totally unexpected. you wonder if they were acting the whole time. I feel your pain tho. I've been in a similar situation in the past but I quickly bailed out before I became too emotionally invested in the situation. nothing worse than wasting valuable time in dead-end situations that benefit no one.. this is why I stay away from "gotta sow my wild oats" type males lol they come my way but I'm learning to say no to them. it feels good to not compromise your values.
  10. Meeting new people

    some tips: -be the first to say hi. don't wait to be spoken to. you'll always seem friendlier by being the first to say hi no matter where you are. -ask people questions about themselves. seem interested in them. compliment them on something. psychologically, people are programmed to start liking the person who complimented them. (liking them as a person). -only let positive words/thoughts come out of your mouth. people will think you're an overall positive, cheerful person and want to be around you. you wanna avoid looking like a downer when you're trying to make new friends so don't say negative things that bring people's moods down. even a seemingly innocent comment like "this salad tastes nasty" (when you're eating at a restaurant together or something) might give people the impression that you're a negative person who does a lot of complaining. -smile. loosen up and look relaxed. don't have an uptight/stank expression on your face. make it easier for people to approach you.
  11. well i first suspected something was off when my profile said that I logged in when I didn't. (was at work/ or was out and about during that time so I couldn't have logged in). and then the same thing kept happening so I checked/spied on my profile during the day (without logging in) to see and my "last login" kept showing new times. this only started happening couple days ago. in the past, if I went away for two weeks or whatever, nothing in my profile changed. things stayed the way I left it. I don't even know what's going on. i'm confused over here too.
  12. for the last couple days in a row, somebody's been hacking my account (logging in when i'm not here) at first I was like maybe it's a system glitch but it's still happening (even after I changed my password) is anybody else experiencing this or is it just me I dunno if this is a system glitch or if somebody out there is tryna be cute and play games.
  13. lol but just out of curiosity, what did you say to her before she stopped texting you?
  14. relax. sometimes people stop texting back because they simply have nothing more to add to the topic being talked about or whatever. or maybe they're just plain busy. don't sweat it. it's usually nothing personal .
  15. i changed my password recently but they cracked that one too.
  16. it happened again. I know dang well I logged out at 12:27pm today after I posted this topic but somebody logged out of my account at 4:52pm and then again at 7:39pm. can one of the mods here plz delete my account so this fool won't even have an account to hack into. my account isn't even worth hacking into so I dunno why this fool chose it but it still pisses me off so plz shut it down. I don't want it anymore anyway thanks.
  17. i agree that it's better not to dabble in anything sexual if you've made the decision to wtm but not everybody is a black-and-white thinker like that. some people are okay with exploring the grey areas in life. personally tho I'm all-or-nothing so i wouldn't go there. if I'm abstaining from sex, it won't be a half assed effort. i'm abstaining in every way possible. i'm not knocking anyone that wants to do these other things tho. but i will say that if the reason you're doing all that other stuff is because you're feeling pressured to or because you think your man/woman will leave you if you don't give 'em something, then you probably need to rethink the whole situation. don't ever do it out of fear.
  18. 30 minutes

    I think it depends on how long the guy can stay hard but I wouldn't know.
  19. I'm the only one in my circle that's wtm. my friends don't know i'm a virgin. most men assume I'm a ho cuz of the way I look (i like to dress sexy). i don't really give a crap. i don't see how i should have to explain myself to anybody. they can believe what they want lmaooo and as far as my friends go, even tho they're not wtm, they're not wild or anything like that either. they keep it classy too.
  20. How do you Men control yourselves?

    I'm not trying to derail the topic or anything but I've been noticing that it's often the men who say sexist stuff like "it's a man's world" that are the ones who have the most trouble keeping their dicks in their pants and are easily influenced by a woman's sexuality. lol from my point of view it's like how are you gonna say it's a man's world when you're constantly controlled by pu$$y? lol I never understood that lol
  21. Do you prefer a "manly" man or a "sensitive" man?

    lmaoo@ emotionally constipated
  22. i don't think i would be affected by somebody's different sleeping style/habits cuz once my head hits that pillow i'll be knocked out until the next morning. television sounds, chit chats, earthquakes, nothing will wake me. i sleep like i'm dead so he can watch UFC next to me all night and i wouldn't care cuz i'll be completely knocked out but if I'm the one that's coming home late, i'll probably be tip toeing, making the least sound possible when sliding into bed next to him. I'd try my best not to disturb his sleep but if he's a light sleeper, i'll probably just sleep on the couch for that night lol
  23. my girl friend just sent me this lol no BS real advice on how to get dat ring on your finger lol
  24. i used to be this "let me roam free, don't tie me down" type and i would always steer clear of clingy men but recently that's changed. i dunno if it's because I'm getting older and developing some nurturing feelings towards men in general but I'm getting more and more okay(?) with clingy men. in fact upon some reflection, i was like "wait a minute tho I'd rather have this guy obsessing over me than some other ho". and just like that i started seeing the whole situation differently. so it's fine as long as he's not clingy to a point where he's immobilizing me and cramping my style.