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  1. The one you will want to commit to will not give you headaches. These casual relationships just lead to drama. And after sex, many girls become attached.
  2. What if I wait forever?

    Getting rid of negativity helps. Negativity is like a stench that repulses other people.
  3. Men also suffer from doing casual sex. Unless they never want to stick to one woman.
  4. Ladies, need some advice here! (long story)

    Trust me you will tend to keep meeting better girls with each miss. Like I have met someone with whom I can talk non-stop for like 5-6 hours we have so much in common. Shame she lives on the other bloody side of the world!
  5. Ladies, need some advice here! (long story)

    Some girl used to show me interest signs and even gave a very happy Yes yet she did not pick up my calls until I sent her a text forcing her to answer. She was playing games and I'm glad I did not date her. It would have been a nightmare with her. In hindsight she wasn't even that hot and hindsight is always 20/20. You will meet better girls.
  6. Is monogamy unnatural?

    Depends on how you're raised. I've been raised in a WTM way and I understand it. Then again, sex is more experimental and explore-able with one person than multiple.
  7. Celebrity Crush?

    Adriana Lima, Candice Swanepoel, Rosie Huntington Whitely, Elsa Hosk, Barbara Palvin, Allison Brie
  8. Yeah, like someone I know met their S/O on a language pen-pal site. On those types of sites, you look for friends and if you are compatible, something else can develop!
  9. I feel a bit of pride because I know that there will be only one woman who will get the great gift of sex from me. I don't want to waste myself by having sex with women who would not care for me and be as cool as my future wife.
  10. Attractiveness is not just genes. Genes is probably only 20%. The 80% is hygiene, swagger, style, grooming. For men, I think confidence and flirting help a lot. No use being a pretty boy. Guys are not really pretty anyway. Maybe muscles will help but you get them from working out. So no excuses, just do stuff in life you enjoy, have fun, talk to girls and improve yourself. Just don't be a bum with no job who is living in his mom's basement at 40 and eats McDonalds 24/7
  11. Being Single

    Hang out with friends! Gets my mind of it.
  12. Being Single

    Just find other hobbies that keep you occupied and PRETEND TO ENJOY being single. I posted a funny photo about me being single and loving it and two days later I get a date and am planning on seeing another gal as well. LOL Edit: Nvm, she seems to be leading me on and is immature. Did me a favor so I wont show up. Better, more mature girls out there.
  13. Men, would you date/marry a taller woman?

    I'm 172. I don't care. I love a wide variety of women. Tall or short meh...
  14. What if you never get married?

    There is one thing I can do: Get involved in language classes, go to sport events, concerts, art galleries, take cooking classes, go shopping a lot, go to restaurants. Better than sitting at home and whining.
  15. football sex talk

    DW, you are more of a man for TRULY loving a woman as opposed to banging and using someone.
  16. Same bedroom. No gadgets in bedroom. Seperate bedrooms for kids.....always
  17. Letters to your future wife

    Who cares? Just meet and talk to as many women you find interesting and maybe one of them will be compatible. DW, I know someone who was lonely till 35 and then married an awesome lady.
  18. Modesty

    Even in my uni, most girls dress quite well actually. Maybe I get repelled by the immodest ones or something haha.
  19. Letters to your future wife

    To my dear future wife. Where the hell are you?? Show yourself! Cheers.
  20. Modesty

    You can be sexy while being modest and that is what turns me on the most. I mean look at Lauren Bacall. She would wear a lot of clothes yet she was sooooo sexy. 10000 times more than Megan Fox or Kim Kardashian. The girls I get interested in usually are modestly dressed. Even when they where shorts, they wear them modestly and not like bimbos.
  21. Some stats. In 1960 USA, the out-of-wedlock percentage was less than 10%. Now it is 40%. Funny thing is that contraception and abortions became "acceptable" in the late 1960's and 70's yet there are more births. Funny.....
  22. Official Cars thread

    Hmm. I want to own a Holden Calais V8 or HSV GTS. My favs are: -2014 Corvette Stingray -Porsche 911 Turbo -Aston Martin DBS -Lamborghini Aventador -VW Golf GTI -BMW M3 -Holden Commodore -Nissan GTR -Chevrolet Impala 59 -Camaro SS
  23. Cheating during the relationship

    Divorce. Cheating is filthy and a total disregard of feelings. But I wont let the relationship head in that direction. I will always discuss stuff with my S/O and yes we will talk about being aroused by someone else. That way we can get closer and wont have to cheat. Openness and 100% honesty is the way to go.
  24. Telegram to the Love of Your Life

    "I think you hang out at my train station.... :o" Lol, isn't it weird that I see a girl 2-3 times and somehow I think I would like to marry her and have a feeling she will be compatible? Like WTF?!
  25. Cuddling

    I would but depends on what type of cuddling and where and how excited I am feeling.