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  1. Here it is, the big question. What is love? What does it feel like? What does it look like? What does it taste, smell, and sound like? Why do we want it so badly?! Why do we sometimes put aside common sense and logic to make room for love? Why does love make you crazy? Love seems to control many other emotions; it elicits ecstasy, yet it can drive one to depression. Over the last two years with my girlfriend, I learned much as the infatuation faded. I moved away to school in September and I ask myself everyday why I am still with a woman who I have to see on a schedule only a few times a month. She never had to sleep with me, bribe me, or "show me" anything to keep my loyalty. There are so many girls here, so many "fish in the sea" waiting for me, but I don't care. I only want whom I already have. For me, love means commitment. What does love mean to you?
  2. ChaseGodTV

    Very good video, really enjoyed watching it. On YouTube someone left this comment: I disagree with sex only AFTER getting married. There are logical reasons behind why people have sex before marriage (most of them just dont know about it). I mean sure they are usually doing it because of lust or whatever. But seriously, like even I would say, "this is the 21st century". We have things like Protection and HIV & STD testing. This is not biblical times. Back then, i could understand why one should wait before marriage. But now we have tools...that dont require such a method... I really hope this is a rare case, because if it isn't, I've lost some hope for the human race. It's almost offensive that some people think that waiting till marriage is just a "tool" or a "method" to avoid contracting an STD. Besides, if everyone waited (in a perfect world) then STDs would be somewhat less widespread.
  3. Common Anti-WTM Arguments

    Unfortunately, my whole family has been feeding me exactly those two lines for my entire life. Some have even encouraged me to break up with my girlfriend so that when I go to university I have lots of options and I can "experiment." Now that I think about it, it's kind of astonishing that I chose to come down this path despite all of the pressure put on me by my own family! I love my family, but I think they are really lacking morals and logic in the area of relationships and love. Sometimes it's really hard to listen to them. So far, I'm not planning to ever tell them how I really feel; I don't know how they'll react. I'm afraid I just won't be able to handle all of their judgmental criticism if I tell them.
  4. VERY good point! I guess once I start school in September I'll have other things on my mind. She will actually be kinda far away.. I could try fasting; I like to snack a lot in between meals so it might be a good idea to start limiting that. As for working out... Maybe. I tried once but never really got into it. I prefer to work out my mind (yea I'm one of those guys).
  5. Aren't we all Well, I suppose I am kind of an accidental waiter.. If it wasn't for my girlfriend I probably wouldn't have waited. But on the other hand, I'm not waiting just because she is; as I think about my decision I'm starting to develop my own reasons to wait as well. This article --> really inspired me. When I read it I literally had an epiphany (I almost started crying). Oh an we (gf and I) are somewhere in between orange and yellow.
  6. Tell me about it.... Every time I walk by those stupid lingerie stores it's hard to keep my mind from wandering. Anyways, I guess trying to avoid that kind of stuff is a good strategy. Oh and I'm 18, so marriage is pretty far away.
  7. I would move around before we have kids. I kinda like the idea of travelling around Europe for a couple years, but once we have kids I want to settle down and be close to family; I think it's very beneficial to have your kids growing up around other people they can truly trust with anything. Plus, the free babysitting isn't too bad either
  8. I just told my girlfriend that I've decided to wait (since I am a recent WTM convert ) and I feel really good about it!! Turns out she was worrying that I would want her to commit more physically to the relationship (which I kinda did), so I'm glad she knows that I want to wait now too. However, since I made this decision (about a week ago), It's all I've been thinking about. Since then, it seems like every time I see her she's getting a little more... tempting..... If this keeps going on like this I don't know how'll I'll handle it!!! Now I know it's only been a week, but I want to know if it will get harder or easier with time. I'm not questioning my decision, I just wanna be prepared! If it gets easier, then that's a relief.. But if not, what are some suggestions or tips that you have to make the next few years a little less of a struggle?
  9. Hello, I want to change

    Thanks for all the positive comments! It felt good to actually say that and get it off my chest. My girlfriend really is awesome; without her I probably would have lost my virginity long ago. I'm happy I realized this before it was too late! I want to talk to her about this asap. Hopefully I can get to see her tomorrow...
  10. Hello, I want to change

    Hello everyone. I'm a soon-to-be university student who just graduated high school living just north of Toronto. I've been with my beautiful girlfriend for over 2 years now and I really love her, but lately I've been feeling like a jerk. She told me early on that she was intending to wait till marriage. At first, I didn't know how to respond; "I'll convince her to change her mind eventually" I thought.. So as time went on and years passed, I tried pushing her to cave, but every one of my attempts to pass "second base" failed. I started to get angry! And although I never showed it to her, It was building up inside me, like a volcano about to erupt. This continued until one day (in my very recent past) I couldn't take it anymore!! My anger was causing me to consider leaving her. At that moment I realized what was happening to me; would I really become a guy who leaves the love of his life because she wouldn't have sex with him before marriage?? This though disgusted me, so I went to find out why people wait. The more I read about it, the more my anger turned into hope; when I found this site and read some of the articles and posts here, I broke down and realized that I need to change. And so, here I am, asking for your forgiveness. Now that I read this over, I really sound like a terrible person, but that's not what I intended when we started dating!! I let my hormones get the best of me, but I will never let it happen again! I want to change - I NEED to change - and I believe that this community can help me reach that goal.