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    Some sort of a geek I guess: like boardgames (preferably at a cabin) and you'll never find me in pub/bars/nightclubs.

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  1. the non-religious

    Although I used to be a devoted christian, the WFM was not based on my former faith, so you'll get one vote from me as well
  2. How old are you?

    36 yesterday. Happy birthday to me
  3. Hello all ^_^

  4. refered to as a dating site?

    Actually, I wouldn't mind if WTM was a dating site... Speaking of which: does anyone have a dating-site suitable for WTM-people? I tried wewaited, but there were not many people there (making it even harder for me since I don't live in the US. And to top it of, am an atheist)
  5. Alcohol/Drinking

    I don't drink, I guess I hanged out with the wrong crowd when I were young...
  6. What do you look like?

    1) I look more or less as my pictures 2) Yes. I've only had one girlfriend, although my friends will not call her that since we never even kissed (it didn't last for long). Since that was at the age of 25, I have had loads of time to question my appearance since it seems as no women are interested... So, you're not alone.
  7. I hope there are others like me!

    Welcome. I'm just as much an outcast as you are: atheist, WTM, non-drinker etc. Unfortunately, it is rather painful to be an outcast
  8. I'm just wondering if you guys will try to encourage your children to WTM or not. The reason to why I ask is that there are so few of us, especially in Norway: In Norway the mean age for sexual debut for girls is 16,7 years (survey from 2003), down almost 1 year from the survey 10 years earlier...
  9. Greeting from an norwegian atheist

    Thanks guys, hope you don't bite ;-)
  10. Am I the only atheist here?

    Atheist, but not jewish
  11. Raised by devoted christian parents and became a devoted christian myself until 7-8 years ago when I became an atheist.
  12. Singles?

    Single as well, and I will confess that this is the reason to why I registered... None of my friends share (not even remotely) my wish for WTM, so no hope of finding a soulmate through friends... So feel free to say hi (I could do with some WTM-friends as well, so don't feel shy)
  13. Hi all. I'm a former christian who de-converted 8-9 years ago, but I have kept my "christian" values. My friends wonder why I, as an atheist, still want to wait till marriage. No doubt I can love a person who does not share my values, but I am afraid that I will never manage to live with a person who is not my soulmate. "Loneliness is not a longing for company, it is a longing for kind" (Marilyn French)