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  1. 22 and still single

    So i am a 22 year old girl in my senior year of college and I am frustrated with always being single. This usually does not bother me, but every once in a while it does. This is really just a spur of the moment rant on how it just doesn't seem like there is any suitor for me. I thought it was cute to have never had a boyfriend when I was 18, but now pushing graduation and still going back and forth on the story of having a crush and it turning out that he doesn't like me back, or him liking me but not being my type is a little pathetic. It's even worse with my roommates banging their boyfriends literally everyday, and all i want is a first kiss. I am already a confident person who knows I am a good catch, but it seems that I am invisible to most guys. Sometimes i just wonder what I am doing wrong. Does any waiter sometimes feel the same?
  2. I heard on the news that there was a sixteen your old girl who was drugged at a house party over the summer and raped. The group of people who did this took pictures, video, and made a song and posted it online. On twitter the kids in her neighborhood post picks of themselves in the same pose she was in when she was passed out. Now I'm baffled at the fact that no one has been arrested. But part of what is going on is the fact that too many people do not even see this as rape. I believe that the extremely loose culture that has developed in our society has desensitized sexual intimacy and has made people see each other as sex objects and nothing else. What are your opinions?
  3. the fault in our stars

    Is anyone else excited about the movie " the fault in our stars", because I am obsessed? I'm definitely already fawning over the character agustus.
  4. I would love to have children after I have finished with my degrees and have gotten a foothold in my chosen career. I have seen my mother in a marriage and a single parent. The one thing that has taught me is to have your ish together as much as possible before bringing a kid in the world. All this talk about how being an older parent would be the worst time to have children is B.S. The argument for that can go both ways. My mom is an older parent to me and my two younger siblings. She was vibrant, energetic, relaxed, and worldly during our younger years. It's only now that we are becoming adults that she seems to be slowing down; only a little bit. A lot of how people age is has to do with how well you take care of yourself through the years. My mother had been, and that has paid off for my mom. Sure you can run around with kids just because your young, but you can do all of that as well when your older (if you care to keep in shape). Lots of time a younger parent doesn't even know how to discipline/ train their kids. Lots of younger parents are so damn immature and feel deprived of their youth, that they may even end up competing against their child. My mom had already achieved her life's dreams, grown wiser, and had prepared everything her children needs before I came. She's also more relaxed in raising me bc she doesn't stress over things younger inexperienced parents may be. I'm not knocking young parents, I'm just saying that neither is better than the other. Both has pros and cons, so lets not knock the older parents. I would love to have mine in my 30s(only about 2 after a couple of yrs settled in my marriage).
  5. Cheating during the relationship

    That's true. There is a study that was done that the amount of sex and love scenes done on tv today are far more of infidelity that marriages or already established relationships. I'll hear things like guys cannot help themselves when it comes to cheating most times, so women would have to learn to to forgive and understand that that is how men are wired. Since women want to even the playing field, they rush to cheat in order to hurt a guy before they can hurt them(its become a fashion trend for them). I have heard my aunts and uncles tell me that, and at some point it sort of detered me from marriage. The society really makes you wonder if anyone is able to be in it for the long haul. Since i have no positive examples in a marriage to pull from after hearing my mom's experience and all of the men in my family, i will really have to trust in God and be comfortable with the potential of ending up alone.
  6. So I worked at a small family owned fast food resturant this summer, and yesterday was my last day. There is barely any customers so there is lots of time to chat. The topic of virginity randomly came up with my manager and I proudly said tthat I was waiting. Some of my friends who aren't virgins know, and they said it was a good thing. But my manager said that I wouldn't be able to sustain a relationship long enough to make it to marriage without doing that. As we learned about each other's interests, he found it strange that I have never had a boyfriend, smoke, drink, or stay out all night. He even said since I don't want to experiment with these things I am wasting my life. Even though he is 27 with two baby mamas ( whom he has a strained relationship with), has to depend on a crappy job because of he has no better options, no place of his own, and spends at least six days at work getting high and playing video games all night or meeting up with girls. He told me when he was younger he was quite bright, but dropped out of school and sport teams. He seems quite knowledgable but prefferes to spend most of his days being high, talks about big dreams but makes no strides towards it. I had alot to say but didn't because he was my manager. The last thing I needed was to get in a heated argument with him. But if i wanted to I would have mentioned that my main dream was to be a singer. My degree in psychology is really just a back up plan. I don't just talk about having dreams, I am constanlty taking steps to making it happen. He says he has never met anyone like me. But at least I associate with a wide variety of people that I can say I have met different people from other cultures and beliefs. I don't have an issue with his lifestyle because he wants it. I have an issue with him trying to belittle me about mine. Funny he is supposed to be more liberal but I can understand and accept other people's different life decisions better than him.
  7. He's been in jail a handfull of times, but at one point he even had the nerve to say " what are you doing with your life?". In my head I thought " Are you serious?". Anyway, this was the first time I encountered someone who seemed to go on and on about my decision being wrong. That was why it initally annoyed me.
  8. That is why I didn't spend much time arguing my side, because i don't care to try and change his decisions or belittile him for his choices.
  9. OMG! Help

    I have recently developed a new crush on a classmate at my college. I have never had a boyfriend, so it is a bit awkward for me to put myself out there with a guy. Most of my girlfriends have already had boyfriends, so they straight up tell me to ask him out. Here's the thing, I have grown out of my shell in the past few years but I would really like it if he were the one to ask me out. I have even ended up getting his number and arranged a study session with him in a couple of days. My advances are settle and are seen as just being friendly. Funny how when I am just being friendly the guys I don't like are the ones to ask me out. The range of guys I do like are so wide, but none seem to be interested. I just need advice. I don't want to come on strong, but show that I do have intereset. This guy seems like a genuinely nice guy. so him being really nice to me could mean absolutely nothing. Gosh I hate have crushes, I always get crushed.
  10. OMG! Help

    So good news. I have an 80% feel that he likes me back. It went far better than I ever could have imagined. The review sheet we had to complete did not have to take 4 hours but we kept stopping to talk most of the time. I was totally already planning to stop pur work later on to chat, but he started it first. At some point I did suggest us hanging out sometime, and later he unofficially invited me to a family get together( kind of vague with no details yet). And at some point I'm pretty sure him asking about my long nails and touching them was an excuse to touch me. I may have even stumbled onto another waiter as well. Anyway thanks for the advice, I think I can take it from here.
  11. OMG! Help

    Does it mean anything when a guy you've had good conversations in a class with a couple of times, never says hi unless you say it first. He will see me in the halls and simply walk right past me. Geesh even if he says hi everyother time would make sense, because I totally get not speaking to someone most of the time. But whenever I speak to him, he seems enthusiastic and even keeps the conversation going. But now I'm psycho analyzing it. He does not seem shy in the slightest way, but maybe that is in some areas. I did notice that he doesn't speek to anyone, except for one guy. Maybe he can be shy in areas of meeting new people. Because he usually just gets up and leave right after, and does not try to interact with other students. He also seems very focused, as if he does not quite have time for distractions. I don't know, gues I'll have to wait till Monday.
  12. OMG! Help

    Well gues what, he just texted and said that he has a flat tire. Now we have rescheduled for Monday. I was looking forward for today. My friend told me to find out if he has a girlfriend so I wouldn't waste my time. Any thoughts on how to ask without seeming too obvious?
  13. OMG! Help

    Also some guys are skanky. I have seriously heard stories of guys going out with girls they don't even find attractive just because it is offered to them. A guy will settle, date, have sex with a girl they don't even want. Just because he agrees does not really even mean he likes me. I know that it is also achance of a guy asking me out just because they are deperate, but it is easier to avoid that if they at least put in some of the effort. Besides I don't want to feel like the only way I can get a guy I want is by always initiating. Don't get me wrong I would do it from time to time. But for the most part the most I would do is drop significant hints that I am interested.
  14. OMG! Help

    Although asking a guy out is not really my style, I will try to use sally's advice. I know that this is normal, but since I have never had a guy that I liked like me back, I am really nervous about rejection. I know, get over it. Although I have grown to be a bit more confident over the past couple of years. I would find it difficult coming off as being more than just a friend. I gues I really just like the being chased feeling, but I will step up my game and be a bit more obvious. If I feel that there is a good vibe, then I'll do it. But he doesn't seem shy. I feel like if he did like me he would make more effort to initiate conversation with me. It is always me initiating. But I don't know, I gues I have to wait until the study session on Friday to really tell. Ugh, I hate that he kind of gets me tongue tied. I'm a psych major and theater minor, so reading people have always been my thing. But his type is usually quite difficult; the mysterious type. I see him in class tomorrow. He leaves class so quickly that it has to be timed just right to get in a word. Omg I sound like a stalker, but trust me I'm not. He seems really confident and nice so I would not tell the difference between him being nice or him liking me.
  15. Singles?

    I'm single. I'm 20 years old but never had a boyfriend or had my first kiss. I have standards and refuse to settle. I'm not prudish at all, and I'm not super picky. My standards are quite decent. I am shy but I would make it a point to strike up conversation and make it obvious that I enjoy the guy I'm interested in's company. My flirtation can really just come off as friendly; not painfully obvious but at least enough to make you think that I would be approachable. After that I leave it to the guy to ask me out. I totally believe in girls asking guys out, but I enjoy the dude doing it. But I at least make an effort to give the guy I like opportunity to get to know me, but I'm not really into chasing guys. The guys that have asked me out, really are not my type. I would hate to lead someone on just for the point of saying I had a boyfriend. strangely enough no guy that I have had an interest in or would be interested in has approached me. When my friends ask me about boyfriends and kisses, I sometimes fumble the truth. If not then they are really shocked, but I've never been into settling. But my requirements are very reasonable and I know that I have alot to offer as well, but I hope I find the type of guy I'm looking for soon.
  16. Hi I'm new

    Hello, I am new as well. I just joined last night because I am itching to dicuss a topic. But I have been reading the forums for a couple of months now. I was totally astonished to find a website about a subject I thought was dead. I was seriously beginning to question whether or not I was the only one still deciding to take my maidenhood seriously. I was starting to doubt exactly how long could I remain a virgin before the stigma of being a 40 year old virgin came up. Then I started reading this website and realized that there are alot of ride or die virgins still in this society. The term " waiter" even sounded cooler as a description of what we are doing. Everyone thinks that virgins usually have a difficulty getting sex. But in reality, in the 21st century it is the easiest time period to get as much sex as you like. You don't even need to visit brothels, but there are easy to find, street prostitutes, stripers. Even women can find places like these to pay for men. Websites for hooking up, friends with benifits, one night stands, sex parties. The point is that if anyone truly did not want to be a virgin, then they would not. So the term "waiter" is expressed as our choosing. It shows that we have standard on who we choose to give ourselves to. This website totally has helped me decide to stick to my own guns. As a 20 year old girl, It's good to know that the age range of those who are on here are not just my grandparents' age. So thanks for welcoming me other waiters, I'm happy to be here!