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    well as you can see im 22 years old, and never had sex. New to this site, kind of took me a while to join this website. My honest thought about wtm is sometimes i want to, some days i don't. Had my share of guys but nothing worth holding onto. I'm really just here to be around like minded people, and being able to know im not the only unicorn left lol. feel free to talk to me whenever!
    Oh and my interest are reading, doing hair, learning, currently in college at UFM-Dearborn in Michigan, studying Anthropology. I also like hanging with pals, flirting with guys and just living :)
  1. I don't think skin tone should be the ultimate factor on deciding who to date but you like what ya like I guess ;p
  2. To be honest, yes. When I was apart of an abstinence program when I was 15 in 2005 I felt like it was the way to go. Up until like 20 I was really content and comfortable with being one. Up until recently I have felt really ashamed. I've had anxiety, depression, the whole nine yards. I'm just now since beeb breaking away from it. I've seperarted myself from.certain people, removed some of my social media accounts and removed music off my ipod that made me feel uncomfortable. I felt like I was wrong for not having sex and no one could relate. Things are looking up now though.
  3. I believe sex is sacred and I only desire to do that with the person God had created for me. I believe sex is an energy thing and I don't want tk have so many sexual partners especially ones filled with negative energy because it will be given to me and it will affect my positive nature. I don't want every man I meet to see that sexual side of me, I don't think every man that I.date casually is worthy of that.
  4. Sorry for such a late response but I want to say thank you to all of you. I like being on this website and opening up to others with the same mindset as me :-). Atlan- its nice to know that I'm not alone and that their are guys out there like you. You have also encouraged me to deepen my practice in God and my buddhist faith Marriage Material-i hope that I can get to where you were with being content with who you are. I think I sometimes wear my virginity on my sleeve if that makes sense, lol. But ur story of meeting a waiter after you were happy with who u were is really inspiring, thanj you! I'm hoping to change my perspective for 013 MerelyaRumour-wow thanks for that! I really like how u ended that when u said having to change ur self for someone else means they wouldn't really love u. And it made me think that the person I'm destined to be with won't care if I'm a virgin, the persob IM not suppose to be with will!
  5. I think it does. Even tho I myself am intrigued by someone who has a different culture than me and how we can somehow come together but yea maybe down the road for a serious commitment we'd have to be more so equally yoked.
  6. Dating an Older Guy

    I've never dated an older guy but as long as he has a youthful spirit I would date him :-). I have a friend who is a 26 yr old virgin so you can still meet virgins past 23 :-). And I have a friend who is 23 and ever since she was 22 she has dated guys 28 and up to 35
  7. Meant to say I dont want to be married right now, like 25 or 26
  8. Hello everyone, It has took me a while to admit this but on my wtm I have felt very lonely, unreal, unconfident, and unsure. I'm 22 years old and this has been a very rocky path since last October. I can't help but to think that I'll never find the one. I've never done much with a guy before, never had a real relationship. I've had several likeships but nothing too serious. I shy away after a while, and the last guy I liked this yr respected my choice to wait but he didn't want to commit to me and I guess so me wrong, I feel he wants to come back in a couple years and then just marry me and hope I'm still a virgin but I had to let him go recently. I can't help but to think that if IM still a virgin 3 yrs from now no one will want me, they'll not respect my choice because honestly I don't want to be married but it would be nice to have a relationship without sex with someone for now. I don't want to be an akward 25 yr old whose afraid to love, I just feel alone and too different from everyone else like no one understands. I wish I could find a goup of people who were wtm to hang with. Just so I know I'm not alone, ive been in my own box basically all my life and for a long time I enjoyed it now I don't. Ever since last October when I likd this guy and he said he wouldn't want to have sex with a virgin i feel so low. I have anxiety about it everyday, I've gotten spiritual readings and they have told me I will find the one but I've been so hopeless. I'm not really religious more so spiritual but I feel like God doesn't hear my cry. Usually I feel like once I talk to him everything will br fine but now I don't. I want to meet some1 or some peopñe who wtm and actually found the one. I have even thought of just not living anymore :-(. I don't know why I allowed myself to get this far. I don't really wanna hear that it will be fine, I just want to know.that I'm not alone and if their are any wtm people on here who have celibate or abstinent relationships. I don't feel like I'm ugly I just feel like people see me as an angel who they don't want to get close to. Or it could be just me? Idk I do need help. Ive been talking to a counselor at my college but he's clearly just there for his paycheck, pls help :-(