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  1. In my personal experience, I've never been approached by any of the groups you've mentioned. Other than seeing a group of people holding signs on the side of the road while watching the evening news I've never encountered any such people in my entire life. I've never had anyone try and force a religion on me and I can hardly think of anyone, ever in my life approach me about religion. I may have encoutered a few people handing out literature or have gotten a flyer in the mail inviting me to visit the local church. I've never experienced anyone getting pushy with me ever. Maybe you've had those experiences. Sorry if you have.
  2. Well, thank you for your response. I'm not going to retract what I said but I definitely don't want to offend you. Back to this theme of "forced" I am speaking of certain areas or countries where this applies. I never said all muslims or all muslims countries. There are far too many muslims and sects under Islam and too many countries where Islam is the state religion to try and encompase what all muslims believe or all muslims don't believe. It is just a fact that in some countries it is against the law to deny Islam or to deny there he is God or to convert to another religion and in some places it is punishible by death. So if we are going to discuss having religion forced down your throat that is a strong choice of words when most of the democratic countries many of the posters here are from have no government enforced religion. They have the freedom of speech, and the freedom of religion so just getting annoyed because someone speaks to you about faith when you don't feel like hearing it is not having it forced down your throat. So, I am in no way trying to classify the entire faith of Islam into that one category or everyone who follows Islam but I definitely am saying that in some countries Islam is the state religion (endorsed by the government) and it is against the law to convert to any other religion or deny God. Not all of them (their are close to 30 or more countries in which Islam is the majority faith), but it does exist. You said "the person who kills us", no I mean the state/government who kills. Not an individual but by degree of the government. It is literally against the law. I am only speaking of those countries that have those laws or areas of countries that have those laws. I am in no means an expert in it. Saudi Arabia is the main example that comes to mind in which you can go to jail or be executed for leaving Islam. Now, that is having a religion forced down your throat. That was just an extreme example of having a religion forced down your throat. Nothing else that extreme comes to mind, so if you know of other instances of the government pushing a religion in current times by all means mention those too just to show many different examples but off the top of my head I know of no other countries that "demand" a specific religion. Countries under Islam are the only countries I can think of. So, if it helps, I am speaking of governments that force religion, not really the people themselves. I only mention Islam (or muslims) because off the top of my head that is the only religion "forced" in some countries by their government. Once again, I want to friends and I am not trying to offend anyone.
  3. I'll be honest.....this just sounds like some political correct concept. This day and age everyone walks around with the mindset that if anyone, anywhere at any time says anything I don't like.....I am "offended" and that must be stopped. I recently read about a father/daughter dance a school held annually...........until some single mom didn't like that this event, meant to be special for fathers and daughters and to be a fun bonding experience, didn't include her and she felt left out. Well, instead of working with the school to make an exception for her or deal with the fact that this one event didn't apply to her because she wasn't a father or just showing up at the dance with her daughter anyway she got the school to cancel it because it wasn't politically correct and therefore no one gets to do it now because one person didn't like it. One person doesn't get their way and the entire society has to change for them. You don't celebrate Christmas? Merry Christmas "offends" you so people go out of their way to ensure no one acknowledges it publicly and you try to force a society that largely does celebrate something religious to give it up for you. I don't celebrate Hanukah but if someone says "happy hanukah (spelling?) it doesn't offend me. Now, when I said "you" in these examples, I didn't mean you personally, just the people in general who are "offended" by things and want those things halted to stop their "offense" Now, the term "forced down their throats".....I don't know what that means? How, can anyone is this free country (if in the USA) force anything. The USA was founded on freedom and the freedom of religion. England had a "state" religion that people were supposed to accept. The USA has no "state" religion and never has anyone been forced by law ever to accept a religion. Now, not to offend any Muslims on here, many muslim countries will kill you if you don't accept Islam or convert to other religions. It sounds like people just get "offended" if someone shares their faith with them and they want to live in a world where no one is allowed to ever share their faith. I'll be honest, I'll get more offended if someone curses in front of my kids than I will if someone asks me if I'm a Jehovah's Witness or something. I just reject the concept that people can force any religion down anyone's throat. People just want to silence people they don't agree with.
  4. Hi, When I think of India and marriage (this being a site about waiting until marriage) I often think of "arranged marriages" where the parents of the husband and wife choose the spouses and you marry someone who is unknown to you. I was curious to know if that is the tradition that you will have or will you actually choose your own husband? I'm not trying to get too personal, ignore the question if you like.....I was just curious.
  5. Yes, I was influenced by my mom and my grandmother. I've never changed religion and I'm not denominational. I'll be honest, I actually reject the word religion.....hence, I am not "religious" I consider religion a manmade concept but I do on the other hand have "a relationship with God" or a "relationship with the creator" I view "religion as manmade concepts and rule and traditions people started rather than a personal one on one "seeking of God" I'm curious, I've not known too many "true" atheists.....meaning I've known people who said they were atheists but it ended up being that they actually did believe that the universe was made by an immensly powerful being of such power, knowledge and wisdom that the human mind couldn't even conceive of it what the sticking point was.....they didn't believe in a God like (fill in the blank). Whatever faith you could bring up....they just didn't agree with a God "being like that". The main example...the God of christianity...God of Abraham, Isaac & Jacob....Israel's God, who sent his son Jesus to give himself to pay the price of rebellion and sin that we couldn't pay ourselves......I've heard many say I can't believe in a God like that. If he loves us why is there suffering, how can he love us and let people hurt each other and let children suffer and things along those lines. They'd sum it up with something like....."I could never believe in a God like that" but they didn't actually go all the way and say that there was literally no creator in any sense at all and that once you die that's it. If you have a life of suffering and die in a tragedy at the age of 7 then tough luck......that's all there was and it's all over...........forever. Are you truly of the mindset of there literally is zero creator, this universe and humanity (people with consciences who know right from wrong, good from evil who can love or hate) just somehow got here all on its own from nothing or do you believe deep down that there is something behind all of this but you don't think that "thing" is the God you heard about from various faiths? I'm curious to know?
  6. Well, I don't like tattoos. I don't think they look attractive so I would never advise someone to get one but I'll come at this from another angle. This sounds like a "whim" notion. An impulse thing. You may say, I've been thinking about this for a year or longer, it isn't a whim. I mean long term. Ok, you get this done. Then what? You get married in a few let's say you've been married ten years and have a couple of kids and you still have this true love waits tattoo on your rib. You're married, you don't have to wait any more. Now the long term effects no one thinks about when they are 18, you're now an old grandma with wrinkl, saggy skin. Face it, tattoos don't age well and when you are 60 years old what will be important......that you actually did wait and that you have years of memories together with your husband or that you've got this 40 year old, saggy ink glob hanging off your torsoe? I mean tattoos may sound cool in the moment but things change through life and you may not always think this is cool and 20-30-40 years from now it may not seem cool to you and definitely won't look cool. You may regret it and when you've been married for 20 years you may be glad that you two waited for each other but having it permanently inked in your flesh may not seem so important 20 years later.
  7. Girl Initiating Dating With a Guy

    Yeah, this is about two months old. I wonder if you contacted him or not. Do you see how much this was on your mind? You've got to act on stuff like this and not have regrets of looking back ten years from now thinking I wonder what would have happened if I told that person I was very interested in how I felt about them. It is much better to go for it and not have regrets. Even if it doesn't work out or he isn't interested it is better to know. You don't look back on life thinking about the people who turned you down you think about the ones you really liked but never acted on.
  8. PS I'm 6'2" so not many girls were taller than me but if my wife was 6'6" it wouldn't have been any problem at all. Heigth made no difference.
  9. I'm married. My wife is average height 5'3" to 5'4". That being said, I am a guy, I remember dating and I remember always having an eye out for someone I thought was attractive and thought I might like to meet. I just wanted someone I found attractive. Not super model good looks, just someone I found pretty or cute, sweet personality, cute figure. I didn't really have one type so I didn't want a tall girl or a short girl or average height girl. I had no preference at all. 6'4" would have been wonderful.......4'11" would have been just as wonderful. I just wanted to find someone I thought was attractive and being tall or short doesn't make a girl more or less attractive. Blond, brunette, red head......eye color.....that also didn't matter. Was I attracted to her? That was all that mattered and I could have been attracted to all of the above. Just a extra note....I always have had sort of a thing for fair skinned girls with red or reddish brown hair. Don't know why, they always seemed extra beautiful to me.