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  1. Personally, when I get married, I wish separate bedrooms. I think it's very important to have privacy even in marriage. Who would wish to go poop or pee in the restroom with their spouse at the same time? And it's not because we would not love each other, it's because we would need some privacy to do it. I think it would be extremely suffocating to share a bedroom 24/7 with my future spouse. And I need to decorate it my way, not as a kind of " unisex " decoration. And my wife could decorate her room the way she would want. And it would bring some spice in the conjugal life, we would still " date " each other, and we would never get bored to meet together. Sleeping in the same bed in the same room all life long ? No way ! I don't care what hollywood and the vatican teaches about marriage, and there is a lot of brainwashing crooks among them ! And I'm a movie and series lover though. I would have my own room, she would have her own room, we decide with certain codes when we date and meet together, I could do anything I want in my room and still be I, she could do anything she wants in her room and still be she ! Most people see separate bedrooms in marriage as a dreadful heresy, but what most people don't know is that same bedroom policy just happened recently in human history, thanks to the brainwashing crooks in hollywood and the vatican! Am I the only one who would want separate bedrooms in marriage here ? Or do you know married couples who successfully do it ? What's your opinion on this ?
  2. Hi ! It's been more than 6 years I practice WTM, and I'm very happy to find I'm not the only one waiting ! It's a great blessing to be encouraged walking in the narrow way, even if many people in the world would see it as crazy. I believe virginity is much more of a commitment and spiritual faith than a physical thing. There is physically virgin people with high moral values, and there is physically virgin people with very low moral values. So the most important thing to me in WTM is the attitude and spiritual faith. Of course, I wish I never committed fornication before, so that I would be fully intact in my body and soul. I cannot make time travel, I cannot change past, but I can change my present and future, by the Lord's Wisdom. Well, I've tried dating sites for years, and I didn't find my WTM missing rib. I have high moral expectations, though I'm a good living man. I don't want to do anything intimate before marriage, including holding hands, hugging, kissing, etc. All those intimate acts belong to a married couple only. Before marriage, I believe men and women should be like platonic friends only, physically and verbally ( yes, not even words of intimacy before marriage, would you like your married spouse to have words of intimacy with his/her supposedly platonic friend ? ) I do not agree with that common misconception that fornication wouldn't be adultery, because adultery would be the concern of at least one married person involved. . Fornication IS adultery, as it defiles the conjugal bed ! Every act of intimacy before marriage means cheating on the future spouse ! Besides, the act of carnal union is the seal of marriage. It's the blood signature from both partners. So you don't want to get married with the wrong person. That's why you should wait before giving your blood's marriage approval to the right person with marriage first ! Who knows ? I could find my missing rib here ! By the Lord's Blessing ! It's also a strong encouragement to talk with WTM people to persevere on the right path !