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  1. Hey..Whuddup?

    Hello.., my username's not my real name haha.. let's just say it's "JP". I'm 19 and am a pharmacy student. I have been waiting for 19 years now..haha..I like to think that the best gift a man can give his wife is his virginity.
  2. The Question Game

    on The Ellen DeGeneres of the few talk shows that i've religously watched...shes a pretty funny person..and she's the voice of Dori in finding Nemo..whuuuut?yeyeah \m/ If you only had the choice to pick 4 out of 5 of the human senses, what would you give up and why?
  3. Hey..Whuddup?

    Nice to meet you..and thanks..haha
  4. Prague, Czech Republic...beautiful place....i heard tis a nice place to party