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  1. I'm not too picky, obviously he must be willing to wait for me. He doesn't have to be waiting and could of had sex in previous relationships, but he has to be willing to wait. I would not continue on in a relationship if he was not willing to. Other than that

    -no current drug use(past experimentation is fine, and I don't consider caffeine a drug, even if it is technically one)

    -no heavy drinking(I don't care if they come home and have a beer a night, or occasionally let's loose and has a few drinks)

    -They have their point of views, but they don't push them on anyone and everyone(I can't stand people who believe everyone should see the world their way)

    -Okay with a wife in the military


    -They have some faith(I don't mind if it differs from mine)

    -Want a small family(I'm not sure if I even want children, and if I do have kids I only want one)

    -They don't believe in the traditional roles of men and women(I don't believe women have to be the homemaker and men the breadwinner, rather I believe both should take equal responsibility in both)

    -They aren't against the military/are in the military

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