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  1. I respect myself. I was always taught my body is a temple and I have it until I die. I figured any guy who respected me would respect me enough to wait for sex. So I decided the ultimate test would to see if they wait until marriage for me. Plus, there are too many emotions involved with sex, and I want to only share those emotions with one person.
  2. Friendly VS Flirty/Touchy

    I know this is going to sound harsh, but this is how someone in a relationship starts snooping and invading the others privacy. It starts out with someone flirting with them, then the find out they have a number or email, and that makes them upset and nervous. They want to be come protective of what they have. They become upset, and instead of talking to their significant other they let it build inside them. They may go talk to other people about this, and "venting", but it isn't really problem solving. They let the feeling consume them and before you know it, they're checking the other's emails, phone call, text, profiles, whatever just to make sure they aren't cheating. My advice, if it is really bothering you that bad, talk to him about it. There may be nothing that you or he could do to stop the flirting, but at least he know it makes you uncomfortable to know that she and him text. I don't see any problem with a married woman going to a young male for advice in a marriage, it does seem a little weird to me, seeing as he has no experience being married, but like Josh said there is nothing wrong with having friends of the opposite gender while in a relationship and asking them for advice. Bottom line, talk to him, let him know how you feel. There is no way for him to know how you feel unless you tell him. This will prevent you from going down the road mentioned above.Also, if you don't think you can handle this, get out of the relationship. It might be a lot to handle, but relationships are always going to be a lot to handle, they're never easy. Maybe you're not ready for a relationship right now and that's okay. I've always told my boyfriend, I trust you, if I didn't I wouldn't be dating you, and if I ever don't then I will leave you. I know that sounds harsh, but to me the most basic foundation of a relationship is trust. If you don't have that, then what do you have. I will work through whatever, but if I can't trust him, it's time to end it.
  3. Friendly VS Flirty/Touchy

    I will agree with you that rubbing lotion on someone is definitely unacceptable, from the sounds of it though he wasn't rubbing lotion on her. Though I will say that him allowing her to rub lotion is a little too far my comfort, but I don't know the context so there could have been more at play than what was mentioned. Without the context I can't quite judge her boyfriend at fault. nanners210, I won't say you are tripping over nothing, there are parts of what you say that would bother many people. If I asked someone to stop and they didn't, I would be upset too. The flirting thing is just a part of life. There are going to be people who flirt with people in relationships, and though it is despicable, they're not going to stop. It is annoying and aggravating, but unfortunately there is nothing we can do about it. You are completing in the right for being irritated. Above I was merely just offering an alternative attitude to your situation, not excusing their behaviors.
  4. What is the fastest you've driven?

    I would say about 135 mph in a little Nissan Sentra when I was 15 and had my permit, but I consistently go into the 90's, sometime pushing 100 in my Jeep Commander. In my defense most of my driving is on an Interstate with a Speed Limit of 75, but most go about the same speed as I do. The 135 was because my stepdad decided it would be good for me to experience high speed on a nearly deserted highway under supervision. Given the chance probably would go at least that again, but then again I'm an adrenaline junkie.
  5. Friendly VS Flirty/Touchy

    You don't have a choice with who flirts with you. From what it sounds like is that he isn't very receptive to the flirting behavior. Even if he talks to them about stopping, but if they don't what else can he really do? Are you going to break up with him just because someone is flirting with them? I could see talking to him if he was flirting with other girls, but not because other girls are flirting with him. I could be wrong, but it seems like the girls are flirting with him and he is trying to ignore it, especially since the one asked why he was not talking to her.
  6. Friendly VS Flirty/Touchy

    I really don't know how it is to be in your position. That is more what my boyfriend has to deal with. A couple of our male coworkers(including managers) do try to flirt with me. Several regular customers have asked for my number and tried to flirt with me. Me personally, I try to not reciprocate and I never give out my number(even to my coworkers). Sometimes it is hard not to reciprocate because sometimes I don't notice I'm flirting back, or I'm just being nice, but the person is seeing it as flirting. Out of respect for my boyfriend I try my best not to flirt with anyone besides him. From what it seems like your boyfriend is trying to not reciprocate, especially if the one customer is asking him why isn't he talking to her anymore. From what it seems like you have the same feelings as my boyfriend, more mad at the individual trying to flirt rather than at your significant other. Obviously, you don't see him accepting the flirtatious behavior and you trust him. That's a good thing. As for the other two, just try to ignore it, I know it is harder said than done. Obviously neither of them respect you or him, they wouldn't be trying to flirt with him otherwise. The one doesn't even have respect for her own husband, the person she chose to marry. And it is obvious that it isn't just her personality because she only does it when her husband isn't around. My advice trust your boyfriend, there is always going to be people who are going to flirt. I've noticed that even the once and a while someone flirts with him, it doesn't bother me, because I'm the one he is going to wrap in his arms in a few seconds. He knows that his arms are the only ones I'll let wrap me up.
  7. Alcohol/Drinking

    I drink, but not to excess. I will have a couple of drinks if I'm hanging out with friends. I also sometimes I'll have a drink or two at night just to relax. I've never been drunk. I really don't see myself getting drunk ever, it just doesn't appeal to me.
  8. Recently I started to date a guy from work. We have been dating about 5 or 6 weeks and we are both virgins. One of our managers is obsessed by that simple fact. She constantly either asking us if we have done it, when we are going to do it, or whose the reason we are doing it. She is trying to push us to do it. We have asked her to stop, but with no success. The best part was before we started dating, she looked at me and was like you know he is a virgin. The face she made when I told her I was one. We have never talked about waiting, we have mentioned that we would both like to take it slow. I just find it sad that in today's society sex has become such a big part that two people who decide to not partake are constantly are constantly subjected to such ridicule. What does it matter though, we are both comfortable where we're at with our relationship, and at the end of the day we are the only two involved in our relationship. Just thought I would share this little story with you guys. No matter what, you can make it, through ridicule and it all. Your relationship is yours, not societies and don't let others tell you what needs to be happening in YOUR relationship.
  9. We have tried and unfortunately nothing happened. There is no HR department, so no go. I'm only going to be at this job temporarily, it's only a part time to get me through college. I'm hopefully going to switching jobs in the fall and then in a year or so I will hopefully I will be an officer in the military. The best we can do is request not to work with her. Trust me this isn't the only thing, she has done things that would get anyone else fired and she hasn't even been reprimanded. We've stood up, now we just try to avoid if at all possible.
  10. I wish it was as simple as threatening sexual harassment, the situation is very complicated. A lot of people think sexual harassment is so clear cut, but it really is a she said he said game. Plus, this manager pretty much has immunity, mainly because she plays the race card whenever she gets in trouble. If I would say something, nothing would happen or it would be blown off. I used to think that it was as easy saying something, but the people who do this kind of stuff are people in power and what they say bares a lot more than both what my boyfriend and I say combined. My biggest point is how people treat virgins or try to get involved in other's relationships.
  11. So I've known several people in my life who at one point or another claimed they are "reclaimed virgins". What this means is they had sex and for one reason or another decided to reclaim their virginity. Most of them were because the relationship ended. Most stated they were going to to wait until marriage to have sex again. My question is what do you think about people who claim they "reclaimed virgins"? Also are there any people on here that consider themselves "reclaimed virgins" or celibate? I think it would be cool to get a perspective from that side also. For me personally, I don't like it. I prefer that people who have had sex, but decide to wait until marriage to have it again use the term celibate. This is just personal preference. No matter what each person decides to call themselves I applaud them for making this commitment and sticking to it. The reason I don't like the term "reclaimed virgin" is because it makes the word virgin seem almost worthless. It is like all the sex before that doesn't count, it was only a trial run. It makes those people seem like they are the same as me, a pure virgin, especially because most I've know call themselves straight up virgins rather than reclaimed virgin. You would never know they were reclaimed unless you knew them. I also think that it gives off the notion to others that it is okay to have sex, you can reclaim your virginity. I've noticed that some of my friends have started to think in this context, give it a try to see what you missing, then reclaim. Also, some of my friends failed at WTM the second time. I know that is because they reclaimed their virginity, but they didn't also make a commitment to WTM. That is why I like the term celibate better. To me celibacy is making that commitment to wait. To me it also says a lot about that person. It tells me that they are strong enough to admit to a past mistake, while making a commitment to not make it again.
  12. The iPod Shuffle Game!

    1. What is your name? Fireflies- Owl City 2. Where were you born? Cowboy Casanova-Carrie Underwood 3. What do your friends think of you? Little Things- One Direction 4. What do your enemies think of you? Call Me Maybe- Carly Rae Jepsen 5. Where would you most like to be right now? F**kin' Perfect- Pink 6. What is the best thing about you? The House That Built Me- Miranda Lambert 7. What should you do with your life? 1,000 Faces- Randy Montana 8. What do you avoid if possible? Fly Over States- Jason Aldean 9. What is the main reason you were born? Who Are You- Unspoken 10. Where will you be in 24 hours? Show Me What I'm Looking For- Carolina Liar 11. Where will you be in 24 years? Undo It- Carrie Underwood 12. What couldn't you live without? Camouflage- Brad Paisley 13. Name a song that you want to play at your wedding? Hold It Against Me- Britney Spears 14. What will you name your first child? Ronan- Taylor Swift 15. How will you die? Southern Voice- Tim McGraw 16. What will your dying words be? Blow Me One Last Kiss- Pink 17. What song will they play at your funeral? Love Like Crazy- Lee Brice 18. What's your biggest regret? Drive By- Train 19. Who do you admire? Take a Back Road- Rodney Atkins 20. What do people assume when they first look at me? Live Like That- Sidewalk Prophets 21. What is some good advice for me? Firework- Katy Perry 22. What will be a big challenge in life for me? Bait a Hook- Justin Moore 23. What is my sexual preference? Enchanted- Taylor Swift 24. What do you say when life gets tough? In My Head- Jason Derulo 25. What is the story of your life? Rythm of Love- Plain White T's
  13. I wouldn't want to know. Like all great things it is worth all the not knowing, obstacles, and wait to get there. It's not about the end result to me, it's about the journey. Knowing when you're going to meet your soul mate takes all the fun out of the journey. Instead of a road trip with no destination and no set end, you have a plane to catch. You miss all the wonders along the way. Plus, how would you tell your kids the story of how you met. I was watching my soul mate counter and when it hit zero there they were? This one is very elegant and cute don't get me wrong, but ultimately that is what it comes down to. Plus, what would happen to all the cute they were best friends, neighbors, coworkers, etc. that didn't really like each other, but eventually fell in love stories. I do believe that there is the right person out there who is waiting to meet me(or who knows maybe we have already met), but I don't want to know who it is until God wants me to.
  14. I don't really want kids, so it wouldn't be a deal breaker for me. I would be willing to talk about having kids, maybe see if I have a change of heart. For me, I am more career focused, so I feel like that would be a detriment to any children I might have in the future. I just don't feel like I would be there for them like I would need to be. If my husband wanted kids he would definitely need to take equal part in raising them and I don't mean he works and brings in the money while I take care of the children at home.
  15. Actually, the economy got worse in the first four years Obama was president. Not only that unemployment rose and has recently began to come down. Yes, stocks have raised and interest rates have lowered, but inflation has also risen. Foreclosures rose and have recently come down. The economy has so many more factors in it, so I don't necessarily blame politicians for it. There are parts of it I do blame politicians, like the national debt, things they directly responsible for. I didn't say Obama hasn't done good things, but there a lot of things he has done that have hurt our country. I simply pointed those things out. And what democrats call tax breaks usually mean fair taxation. Yes, sometimes billionaires get tax breaks, but so do the other classes. Also, it isn't cutting everything, it's called making people rely on something other than federal aid.
  16. Bush wasn't retarded. Plain and simple. Just because Reagan cut programs doesn't make him one of the worst presidents. Reagan did not start the slippery slope to debt. If anything he attempted to stop the slope. It was Carter who started the slippery slope. By saying there was nothing to protect us from and Bush just started a war just because I guess you don't realize the impact 9/11 had on American society. You may not realize this, but there are many people in the middle east that want to hurt us and many groups that train from young ages to hate, hurt, and even kill Americans. They are constantly looking for ways to attack us on our own soil. As for the elderly, yes they need federal aid, but at the same time there's a reason they say save for retirement. Social security is one of the few federal aid programs I agree with. As for rich and out of touch republicans, well so are the democrats. As for Obama adding to the debt, I have not seen any improvement in this country, just a worse off job market, more people on welfare, and higher taxes. I've also seen the military make to many sacrifices. It has gotten to the point where the Pentagon has had to look at Obama and say we can't cut anymore, and yet Obama wants more from them. Like I said over and over both are to blame. It's just that Democrats seem to point fingers more than Republicans. I never said that Republicans don't point fingers, but they do it less. The bad guy argument is a double edge sword. Republicans get called the bad guys just as often as democrats. And before you can go saying well you only say that because your Republican, I give you this, I have seen both side rally. I have family that are democrats and I have family that are Republicans. I may have been raised in a Republican household, but I have seen both sides and I have chosen that the Republican party sides more with my views. I am not out of touch with society and I am in no way rich. To me, this is what I see: Republicans believe in the value of hard work and earning everything you receive, democrats believe that everyone should be equal. Do I believe in equal rights, yes, and don't think for one second that I don't. But when it comes to my living and lifestyle, no. I work for what I have. I earn my money. If I can do it, then anyone can. If you knew how I grew up you would understand.The fact that you say you have no reason to believe in this country, well then leave, you are a part of the problem with this country and not a part of the solution. I don't ever say that unless seriously hurt. I have volunteered to put my life on the line so that you can have what this country has to offer to you. Almost every generation in my family has served in the military. By saying that you saying that what these people do for you, that the people who are dying on the front line, does not mean anything to you and that you don't care what they are willing to do for you. You should always believe in your country no matter what, that is how a country moves forward and changes.
  17. Reagan was one of the best presidents this country has seen. Nixon, well yeah, he sucked, but that wasn't because he was a Republican, it was because he was involved in Watergate. Bush may have added to the debt, but that was to protect the US from the people who want to hurt us. Obama has more than doubled the debt in the first 4 years of his presidency. As for federal aid, I don't believe in it in it's current context. Is it okay that I work my ass off for my living just so that people on food stamps can go to Starbuck's and afford an Iphone, things I can hardly afford? And just so we don't see someone suffer. FYI, that's not suffering. Plus, there are many not for profits that are doing what they can to help with poverty and feeding. Do I believe there should be federal aid to help people get on their feet, yes, but not to hold them up continuously. People can live their lives on federal aid. Also isn't sad to have those federal aid programs our military suffers. Did you know that many bases had to cut back on the amount of food they serve, to include not serving meals at all. These people put there life on the line and we keep asking them to give. And they do. No matter how much we cut from these people, they continue to give. The US continuously threatens to cut military pay, and yet most military members live below the poverty line. Oh and the democrats have failed to pass a budget for the past few years. But like I said it does no good pointing fingers, like democrats seem to love to do. It's all the republican's fault, they're the ones screwing up the country. I've seen both sides rallies. Republicans: we need to work together to fix this country. Democrats: It's the Republicans fault the country is this way, don't elect them, elect me. But hey, keep pointing those fingers, that seems to work. And there are many more things making this country looking bad than just somebody claiming legitimate rape. Oh and republicans believe in equal taxation, not let's steal from the rich. Also have ever thought that this country is starting to fail because people like you don't believe in this country anymore. I see Canada thriving, even if they have different viewpoints, because many people still believe in their country no matter what direction it takes. They are still willing to scream GO CANADA! Each party has equal responsibility in the way our country is today, but if you seriously what to point fingers I can go on all day.
  18. Mstr Josh, be careful what you say about republicans. The liberal democrats are destroying this country just as much. And you can thank the middle part of the country for pretty much all the food that you eat. Oh and us middle parts do have some of the best skiing and snowboarding. And trust me it isn't the only rednecks making a stereotype for the rest of the country. It is one thing to have views of one political party, but it is another to bash the other. I would say that is the main problem of this country is that neither party respects the other and that is why there is no progress, not because one party is stopping the other.I could go on and on about how I believe democrats are ruining this country, but it would just start a fight and we would go nowhere. Plus, I believe it is the government as whole, even though I tend to view with the republican party. As for the original question, I still love my country, no matter what. It is when we start to lose faith in our country and the values that it was founded on that destroys our country faster than anything. Until the day there is no US, I will stand by it and I will fight for it. But, maybe that was my conservative, republican, middle of the country up bringing.
  19. I always say, I don't need to park the car in my garage to know it is the one for me. As long as we are compatible, on the every other level then it really shouldn't matter. We have to work through so many other issues through dating anyways, so I pretty sure when we get married we can work through any issues in our sex life. I like the analogy that is like test driving a car, but not turning the radio on.
  20. I've never thought about it as equating a virus to a motor vehicle accident. What I always thought of it as you could die tomorrow. As for not getting hit by a car because you would see it coming may be true sometimes not always. I've been in a motor vehicle accident and did not see he coming until I was hit and I was paying attention. You can't always see what is coming your way in life. That is the analogy people try to make. Now I don't see how that can compare to STD's, but that has just how I have seen it used before. I used to use it when my friends used to tell me I could die if I enter the military. Then I would say I could get hit by a bus while crossing the street and die and I would rather die knowing I at least did something meaningful. But as it refers to STD's yeah I don't know. It seems like an excuse to have sex without regard for the consequences or it's meaning. As for why STD's argument isn't working anymore is because of the condom argument. Most think that using a condom will prevent you from getting an STD. While a condom can help to prevent an STD it is not 100% effective. But, most people don't think that way, they don't think they will be the one it happens to. Those combine render the STD argument invalid in most minds.
  21. NFL Fans Opinions Please

    I like watching football, but I don't really know all the rules to it. I do know from experience from playing other sports that adding more rules to prevent injuries actually ends up causing more injuries, especially in like college and pros. These athletes have been taught how to do one thing for their athletic career. They have worked for years to become one of the best. Now you ask them to change they way they know how to play and you expect them to play at the same level as they did before. They have to concentrate to make sure they don't make the violation, instead of focusing fully on what the other player may also be doing. The greatest weapon a player has is their defense against the other team. You have to know how to react. When you aren't fully concentrating, you can't react as well. Most of the times it is the reaction that prevents injuries. Sports aren't necessarily safe, but they are making strides to make them safer. I think safety should come mainly from making safer equipment. I do think there should be rules that prevent unnecessary injuries, such as the unnecessary roughness rule. No matter what though, when you play a sport you accept the possibility you could get injured.
  22. The Death Penalty

    It really depends on how you define paying the debt. Was the crime so bad that the only real debt that person can pay to society is his life? In my book there are crimes that would fit that mold. It isn't about killing the person to help somebody else out with their grief. It isn't like these families sit around saying I hope this person gets death for what they did. No they say they hope this person pays for what he did, whether that be sitting in prison for x amount of years or the death penalty. People hope for justice for their family, not that somebody else is killed. As for the whole innocents could be put on death row such as Steven Truscot. First that happened in 1959 and most legal and forensic systems have come a long way since then. Second, that is why there is a lengthy appeals process. Somebody cannot be put to death until absolutely every appeal option has been exhausted, and every piece of evidence has been thoroughly examined. Can somebody still be innocent and put death, it's possible, but very unlikely. If there is even a single piece of evidence that could question their guilt then the whole case will be re-examined in the appeals process.
  23. The Death Penalty

    Separation of Church and State, I know. But think about it how many of our laws are based off of the ten commandments? How many laws are based off of what God tells us is wrong in the bible? The United States was built on Christian values. Now should we be citing scripture in court for reasons things are right or wrong, no. I was just stating that if you believe in God, then yes people have been given the right to take the life of an individual if the circumstances deem necessary. And a true justice system should have a variety of punishments to include death, and not just a number of years to be sentenced. This way the judge can punish somebody in a manner he sees best, and yes sometimes(rarely) it may include death. Isn't justice about paying your debt to society? How is sitting in prison for x amount of years paying a debt to society?
  24. The Death Penalty

    Actually according to the Bible(if you live by that standard) we do. As I've stated before I was taught in Bible study that God gives the right to the proper authority to take the life of another individual if they deem their actions worthy. The only reason prisoners are given such privileges such as tv, internet, visits, etc is because they made the claim that they have the right to have at minimum the right to earn those. The reason many people sit so long on death row is because we have to make sure all their rights are met. See where this rights argument goes. All it takes is someone to say well this is my right as a human and have a valid argument to get that right. You may say that is ridiculous, but it's true. As long as there is a valid argument anything can be considered. Solitary confinement(which is locked in your cell 23 hours a day, but they may or may not have certain privileges just based on behaviors IN the prison) is actually said to be a worse form of punishment than the death penalty. Imagine sitting locked in a cell room with no view to the outside for the rest of your life. In fact I have watched documentaries where these prisoner stated they would rather be put to death than know they would sit in that cell for the rest of their life rotting away, for who knows how many years. They say at least with the death penalty there is an end in sight. Would it suck sitting there forever waiting for your execution day, yes. But at least there is a definite end. I do agree to stricter standards, however. I do feel that prisoners have been given too many privileges and prison systems have lost sight of what they were actually meant to do and that is not only punish, but to rehabilitate.
  25. The Death Penalty

    So you would rather protect a criminals rights than a victim's right to justice. Trust me asking victims families gets you somewhere, and no they aren't angry, they are hurt, there's a difference. Should we allow the victims families to decide the fate, no. But we do need to take their opinions in consideration. Saying asking the families gets you nowhere is like saying they don't matter. They are the ones who have to carry on and deal with the pain. They matter and their voices need to be heard. Not only the family is now the voice of the victim, it is like saying the victim also doesn't matter. The fact their rights were taken away doesn't matter, all that matters now is that the person that hurt them gets their rights. It doesn't matter what a person does as long as they have their rights, right that is what you are saying. And shouldn't somebody pay for their loss, I mean really wouldn't have a justice system if we didn't believe this. Having a death penalty doesn't make a civilized society blood thirsty. It is there just in case a person commits a crime so bad that they deserve the death penalty. A blood thirsty society would go around giving every one the death penalty for murder or manslaughter. Not only that they would carry out the sentence much faster than the current standards.