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  1. Your dream home

    I would love a concrete multi-storied house with thermal, seismic and acoustic insulation. There would be electric fencing and motion sensors to keep burglars away. The house would be a "green building" . The house would depend less on municipal water and electricity supply and more on natural water and solar power sytems. I don't like apartments for the following reasons: 1. The doorbell is my enemy. People press it "on demand", whenever they need something from me. 2. I don't like the idea of the people on floor above dancing and jogging over my head. 3. A negligent resident causes fire to break out. Or exhausts the water supply. What then? 4. I presently live in one
  2. Do you have any tips for losing weight?

    I have a few suggestions: 1. Bring self control. Talk hard to yourself not to use food as escape 2. While the above step is really hard, have something low-calorie to munch between meals. 3. Eat less oil, butter, ice cream and stuff like that. 4. Eat more green veggies like cabbage, beans, spinach preferably steamed or cooked with less oil.
  3. What would you do with $100 million?

    Invest it wisely and live of the interest.
  4. What are your deal-breakers?

    I like the word "deal breakers". Dating is now dealing! I am generally pretty open minded but I wont date/propose a woman who has got any of these: 1. Smoker/Alcoholic/Addicted to Drugs [but if she is willing to quit these, it's okay] 2. Has incurable infections, HIV, Herpes, STDs etc [and tries to hide these, big red flag] 3. Still in love with an ex 4. Only needs a man to bear children [go to a sperm bank please!] 5. Is excessively religious [Religion should be your faith, not occupation!]
  5. Any place that has warm weather with not much rain and is safe enough to live.
  6. Have you ever...

    Do not let lust control you. Seek real love instead.
  7. Asia is a continent of myriad diversities. Every type of race, religion and culture is found here. Most people who aren't Asians or never been here don't exactly understand this. So they try to set "stereotypes" or I should say they rather try to generalize. But this is something totally wrong to do. China and India, just these two countries alone hold half of humanity in them. It is mind-blowing if one attempts to explore the diversity in these countries and the rest of Asia.
  8. In my opinion it all depends on who the two people are in a relationship. Theoretically if there is REAL LOVE in the relationship all other barriers including race, religion and culture will fall apart. But this doesn't happen in reality. Because people are biased. For some people (especially Caucasians) race is on the top of the list. Some others may not relate to another person beyond their religious faith. Some even weaker souls let culture and nationality limit them. As for me, I am attracted to all races. I am Asian. I am non religious. Would prefer my partner to be non-religious, at least non-ritualistic. And as long as your culture isn't all about going nudist and physical with every member of the opposite sex, I am okay with it.
  9. What is your ethnicity/national identity?

    About me: Skin color: Asian Eye color: Black Hair Color: Black Ethnicity would be Indian I guess. or Asian may be Not sure which one is ethnicity Yeah nationality is Indian.
  10. just saying hi

    thank you all of you
  11. Singles?

    yeah single me too however i wonder if anyone really wears those tees in public. simply photoshopped images for display online.