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  1. I think the term "Marriage" should be for man-woman. And there must be an equivalent term for the Man-Man Woman-Woman
  2. What do you think of this? I think, this is very true and that open communication to anyone, especially God is important. To be close to him and to become one with Him.
  3. Hey..Whuddup?

    Hey "JP" Welcome to the forum! Obviously, bayer is a manufacturer. Lol. Hello fellow pharmacy student! Have fun in the forums!
  4. What would you do with $100 million?

    I would invest, travel and help my mom and dad's debts.
  5. I think it depends on both the husband and wife. Most couples who have defined goals and responsibilities have less problems than those who are not. For example, it's the job of the dad to be mowing the lawn and washing the car; the mom would be on washing the dishes and taking care of the kids. If one doesn't do what is expected, it causes problem to the other party as well as the family. But for my own preference, I like guys who aren't all the time at home -- much better if he works for the family too. I heard some guys don't like going out. I don't like it. I love going on trips so I would have to find someone who would join me.
  6. Theory of Attraction

    IMO, I think it depends on the person and the factors that affect their views.. I am skinny but I like a guy that is actually, bigger than me. I guess I don't really look too much at the physical side of the guys tho being attracted at first is important.
  7. I have an atheist friend and I asked her if she believes in resurrection/life after death. She told me, no she just thinks that she is just living life and then she'll be dead and nothing else will happen anymore.
  8. I am a Catholic because I was born and raised in it. I am thinking about other denominations like - Baptist and Born Again.
  9. Somehow, I see lots of people here in our country that has a relationship with a person who didn't originate from here. I am just wondering what might be the positive and negative points in this like, if one person is from this country, they might be waiting till marriage and if they come from another, they wouldn't be waiting. Would it make a great impact if they aren't culturally compatible too? Just a thought.
  10. Topic Title

    Hi there! Welcome to WTM! There are still lots of guys and gals who are waiting till marriage, so don't give up. It's hope that keeps us trying! Have faith! And we're here to support u! If u need someone to listen, just message me
  11. I actually do think the same way, like maybe 90%. I guess I grew up in a very conservative environment. And like the others, everyone is still surprised that I am a virgin. AND I HATE when they say that I am wasting my virginity -- that I have to use it and have fun.
  12. Is dating considered a relationship? Because I met the one i'm dating right now on a random chat site. It was freaky at first but he kept on talking to me and I feel very lucky that he actually flew from WA to VA when I was in VA. My father was like "Don't talk to strangers" but I kept on talking since I think he can't harm me anyway (because he's far from me). While my uncle is telling him that most people in the internet are not really people who can be trusted. But I am very happy to say that we've been talking for almost a year now and he's flying again to meet me!
  13. One Desired Talent

    I want to be a polyglot! Wow, that will be such a great skill if I had that. I would be able to make friends easily!
  14. My professor in "Marriage and Family Life" and the Priests in our church told me that the wedding day is actually IS FOR THE BRIDE. From the word matrimony - matrimonium, matr. meaning mother. It all centers to the bride. But I do think, that the day of the wedding is for both the bride and the groom.
  15. White wedding dresses on non-virgins

    In our country, it is traditionally white but the off white or antique ivory like the ones made of silk colored, is actually acceptable. The silk is made up of Pineapple Fibers and the country's national dress is made out of it.