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  1. Glad to see so many as like minded as me I would not even consider agreeing to it and would view the person a lot more negatively for even suggesting it. Yeah, for sure they'd be more likely to cheat on you later on cause they dont take commitment seriously but even if they didn't, it'd still be horrible to put their current partner through that I know I'd feel AWFUL if I figured out that someone who said they were fully committed to me turned out to be doing that all for show. It'd make me feel I was not good enough in some way. If this scenario makes me sad , it's reasonable to believe it would make someone else sad as well. And I prefer seeing people happy not sad. It will never cease to amaze me how selfish and dismissive of others feelings people can be.
  2. I agree with this!!!! Getting your emotions out rather than keeping them bottled up inside is always the first step to getting over any type of depression/sadness. That way, you won't feel completely like you have to hide your true self from society since you'll have a situation in which you can totally be yourself and be ok with it. I personally have found it very beneficial to go see a counsellor/psychologist every couple of weeks. If they are well trained, they will suggest many good techniques to help reduce depression and negative thoughts from taking up your time (one very beneficial one is Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) Only thing is, if you do decide to try it, be sure the counsellor is a good "fit" for you before you decide to see them regularly (I went to about 4 before I found my current one. ) but it was totally worth it cause I know I can go there, say whatever I feel and not be judged for being "weird" or "off" (which I believe is what you are after) Something else I'd like to point out is that political views (left wing-right wing and such) are not very clear cut in a lot of cases and follow more of a spectrum. So far it seems that you have not had any luck with developing a relationship with the types of girls you described. Have you considered maybe checking out ones that are "conservative" by your definition? I'm one of these girls who is not clearly liberal or conservative and one thing that really irks me is when people decide to label or put me in a "box" category based on one or 2 views I have (typically my waiting for marriage) Even though my decision to wait was not religiously motivated at all, people often call me "church girl" or something similar when they find out because in their mind, only people who are very connected to a church and its rules would even think about waiting. I think it's the same in other cases too. Do you maybe feel that more liberal girls will in general feel more "liberated" as women and therefore be more independent, smart and sociable vs. a conservative girl who will feel more that she needs to fit a traditional female role and be more meek and submissive? I can tell you for certain that that's not the case. One of my best friends is a mormon but most people are surprised when they find out because she has a larger than life personality, likes to get together with people, party and dresses very attractively. She does have several conservative views but she's never preachy about them and always tries her best to respect other peoples point of view. She's also very open to date non-mormons and even has problems of her own because many of the guys she's attracted to (one's that have a similar personality to her and she has a good time with) are one's who don't want a any kind of serious relationship with her That's really just food for thought though. I ,of course, do not know all the details of your life so maybe you don't actually have the exact views I talked about but I'm putting it out there just in case cause it's something I'm strongly against. First and foremost, find a way to ease your negative feelings. I believe that in and of itself will fix a lot
  3. How many languages do you speak?

    Lithuanian was my first language. I wasn't born in Lithuania but my maternal grandmother never learned english after emigrating so I had to speak it with her. She died 6 years ago and since my parents are both Canadian born as well, we usually speak english. Therefore, it's getting rusty so I make sure to keep in regular contact with native speakers... I learned English when I was about 4-5 and from my perspective, it just happened overnight!!!! It's now my most natural language. Since I'm fluent, I try my best to speak/write it as good as possible I learned German in university. This is probably my favourite language to speak. A lot of people think it sounds ugly but I think it sounds cute Still working on becoming totally fluent.... I also learned Russian while in university. Even though they're not mutually intelligible, Lithuanian and Russian have a very similar system of grammar so I was already a familiar with a lot of the "quirky" traits of the language when I first learned it, which made things easier Still not totally fluent though. French. I really see it as necessary to learn because it's Canada's co-official language. Even though I do know the construction of the language pretty well, I don't practice that much so I don't IMPROVE I need to fix this ASAP!!! There's actually a lot of languages I still want to learn. In particular Arabic, Finnish, Japanese, Greek, Turkish and Afrikaans (@Francois ) but I'm gonna stick with perfecting the above 4 before attempting those....
  4. Haitigirl, I wouldn't worry too much about possibly offending him. His previous posts and persistence to stay here despite all the negative feedback he gets proves without a doubt that he wants and is in fact COUNTING on harsh criticism from us. Best thing to do is just ignore him. If we don't give him a good chuckle with all our emotionally charged replies, he'll probably get bored and leave.....
  5. Random Thoughts

    Ahhhhhhhh, the smell of sunscreen When it's around, there's no doubt in my mind that summer is finally here Even if the outdoor temperature doesn't exactly back in up
  6. Did the world go mad while I was asleep?

    Well, I'm definitely also in the same camp as Tiny, Belle and others!!!! I like to be treated as a peer and be acknowledged as being capable of anything considered more "manly" whether it be making stupid jokes, performing daredevil acts, killing bugs, the list goes on... I actually have this one guy friend with whom a good part of our interaction mainly consists of throwing insults and coming up with REALLY exaggerated claims about one another. Because of this, I feel way more comfortable around him than I do most other guys (or even most other girls) I can be entirely open and candid with him because he is so laid-back and doesn't take little things all that seriously. This has helped me both with my confidence level as well as with seeing what to look for when making new friends. It has also helped establish a better trust between us cause we now clearly know what the meaning is when one of us says something and also to have no shame in discussing certain things. That being said though, that is just me. Not everyone finds trust and confidence in such relationships. It's just that with their personality, certain ways of interacting feel more natural and comfortable for them. I think that's actually a more common scenario than someone just wanting to be seen as a "dainty flower" What I recommend is that you test the waters with new people before falling into your default personality. For example, if you are talking to someone for the first time and you start making jokes, MAKE IT CLEAR that they are jokes by going "haha" or backing them up with outrageous claims about something else that they'll be able to tell is nothing but exaggeration. Their response to this will reveal what they are comfortable with. If they are, eventually you can remove all the exaggeration marks and just be natural. But make sure they know what you are all about first Not gonna lie, when we first chatted that one time, I didn't know how I should react cause it was really ambiguous when it came to what u actually meant. Only after reading others responses, did I realize you were funning around... This type of precaution wouldn't really be necessary in real life but on the internet (where our emotions and voices are a mystery) it will make things easier... Finally, I totally agree with everything Jegsy Scarr wrote. I'd comment but she pretty much said everything that needs to be said on the matter, which are very valuable words of wisdom. I hope everyone can learn from them
  7. What do you do for work?

    I am also working the same job as (and therefore a colleague of) Diva and DayDreamer [My title for when I'm working this job is J'Dreamer haha ] I'd really like to find another job though. I really wanna do something which allows me to get out of the house and develop/use new skills. Not even looking for anything in particular either. Something fast paced and straightforward like waitressing, barista-ing, fast food working etc. I think would be a good option for me. Thing is, I get pretty OCD when I think about my future so I start thinking things like "what if that'll look bad on my resume and no one will take me seriously?" which then escalates to "I'll never have a career that will give me a stable life and I'll be seen as an eternal loser" After that starts, not only do I give up on finding one of those jobs but any job altogether so I think it's clear that that's not really a healthy way of thinking... I think what I should do is just go for it and at the same time focus on finishing my degree i(n linguistics) Even if it may not give me tons of experience to language related stuff, it'll still help me communicate and interact with people better (not to mention better at receiving and following orders!!!) That's something that'll particularly be useful even when just looking for a job. Also, the money I earn could go to things like taking a certain class (if I need one in a particular job) I think the more independent I become, the less difficult all of this will seem
  8. Random Thoughts

    Tried a new topping on my pizza yesterday: Jalapeno Peppers!!! I really enjoyed them!! I was really concerned about how they would taste because they look like olives/green peppers Even though they did taste slightly green pepper-y at first, that quickly turned into pure spiciness And I love spiciness!!!! I'm glad that worked out because this particular pizza variant had everything I liked on it otherwise. Cheese, Garlic, Basil and Mushrooms (AllishaG will probably picture this and be like *PUKE*) lol Does that mean you ended up finding it in the end? That's good at least. When I misplace items, I typically never recover them
  9. wish I had known about y'all sooner

    Welcome!! Welcome!! Oh man, that's awful!!! (what happened with the guy) Though as you'll realize pretty quickly here, not all guys are like that thankfully. Lots have the same beliefs you do and can't picture having a relationship any other way In other words, you have found the right place!!! Whenever you have similar issues in the future, we will be right there to reassure you
  10. Random Thoughts

    Wow!!! The twin sister I never had I can totally relate. When I was younger the only stuff I ate was literally McDonald's Cheeseburgers with just cheese McDonald's Fires (if they were crispy) Pizza with just cheese Popcorn chicken from KFC North American Style Pancakes Cookies and other sweets Bread with butter/cream cheese Noodles with Tomato Sauce (not spaghetti) The occasional Apple here and there (but I normally, wouldn't eat all of it) Thankfully, my menu has expanded CONSIDERABLY since then. I'm glad because I feel much more healthy and energetic. I still have my moments though.. For example: I'll eat any kind of meat but only if it's but into small pieces. For poultry, slices are fine but red meat absolutely MUST be minced/grounded. Any meat I eat has to be crispy with noticeable burn marks, otherwise it looks raw and uneatable to me. And Bacon? Don't eat that at all!!! I like tomato sauce, ketchup, the liquid part of salsa but not solid tomatoes If I eat fruit, it has to be cut in pieces. It's hard for me to eat whole fruits or even large slices (like melon) I absolutely HATE milk. But I love cheese, fruity yogurt, ice cream, and even bevrages with high milk content (e.g lattes, hot chocolate, smoothies ect.) Sounds weird but it's 100% true
  11. YAY!

    I love your enthusiasm When you get a chance visit the chat room (that is, only if others are inside) It's a good way to get to know several other members at once and there are always lots of good laughs
  12. YAY!

    Welcome to the community!!! I'm glad you found us since I, like you, did not feel like I fit into society for the longest time. Now I know that I don't have to feel that way cause there are sooo many others just like us Have fun here and I hope you make some new friends...
  13. Bonjour à tous!

    Bienvenue!!! Glad you are excited to be here cause I can tell you...it's pretty fun Especially the chat so hopefully we will catch you on there some nights!!! Wow!!! Seems like you know several languages!!! I do as well and am always interested in improving them/learning new ones. Especially french!!! I feel really bad that I'm not so good at speaking it I'd also be very interested in learning Dutch (I already know German) and Arabic
  14. Awww sad to hear you're feeling ashamed and used I've felt that way and it's not fun at all (for me it was also after doing much more than send pictures) I hope you can get over this quickly and be happy again My advice is just to be open and honest with him about how you feel. Say something like "I know you just meant it in good fun but I didn't feel comfortable by sending those pictures. I'm more conservative and and that was a little too much for me" Don't try to sound as if he really hurt you or anything but make your boundaries clear. Also mention that you enjoy talking to him Will be interesting to see his reaction after that. If he starts being nasty about it, Adios!!!! But hopefully he'll be understanding, apologize and continue to be chatty. As for leading him on, you can ask him outright what he thinks of you. If he gives a hint of romantic interest, again be upfront but do it sweetly. Say "I'm not really sure if that's how I feel, I just feel it's too fast but who knows what might happen in the future?" Will also be interesting to see how he reacts after that. I'm really hoping that he is a good guy like you say and he'll respect your wishes. A truely good person respects who you are and your boundaries
  15. New member has arrived!

    Nice to meet you!!! I've actually have never heard of Bahrain until now but I do know the area it is located in as I have several friends who are from Dubai. I assume it's a similar atmosphere. Is your island independent or is it part of another nation?