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  1. am i at the right place?

    First of all, welcome to the site Elizabeth, and Dasboy1. What I like about this site is that even though we all have one similar goal, everyone is so different. But you will find a lot of support here, we all make an effort to help each other out. Everyone has their own guidelines, or "rules" on what they consider a virgin to be, or how far is too far. So if you consider yourself to be, then you are. No matter how far you have gone, now that you have joined this community, we will support you from here on out.
  2. Grinding?

    lol! It took me a sec to get this... I was like, grocery store? machine? nice one
  3. Ask a Catholic! (i.e, me...)

    What's your favorite song in the Phantom of the Opera?
  4. Proposing

    Hmm, maybe I'm totally unromamtic, but I don't like the idea of a big youtube proposal. I'd like it to be small and sweet. I like the idea of having that be a small intimate moment you can share with your man instead of an exhibit for the whole world. Idk, I've had this talk with a lot of my girlfriends and they all want it big, flash mobs, and dance numbers. What happened to good old fashioned one knee? But if you guys want an idea of what your girl would like, just ask her friends because I guarantee every girl has had this discussion
  5. Yeah, I liked the article. Basically, you know what turns you on, and what actions will only tempt you to go further. He makes the point that you should think about what promotes growth in your relationship. You just need to know your boundaries, and know that it's ok to step away if you feel its gone further than you are comfortable with...
  6. Triple ton!

  7. Songs

    I don't know if anyone here like gospel music, but I'm going to share this song. Lonnie Hunter came to our school last year and performed it, it was really powerful
  8. What sports do you play?

    I run track (sprinter) and cycle. I used to dance when I was younger (ballet and tap) but stopped around the end of highschool. But i just recently joined a praise dance group at my school!
  9. Siblings?

    I've got one older brother, we're almost 2 years apart, but were only 1 year apart in school because of the way our birthdays land...
  10. What is your ethnicity/national identity?

    I'm West Indian. My dad is from Barbados, and my mom was born/raised in England but her family is originally from Jamaica. I was born and raised here in the USA.
  11. Kids today

    Yeah I don't understand this. But it really is the parents... A friend of mine's niece and nephews are so over protected by their parents. They are all homeschooled, spend most of their time inside at home, and have no real friends. I asked my friend what they do for birthday parties, and she goes home for each of their birthdays and celebrates with them. Yes, they are fat and spend most of their time in front of the tv. I mean this friend of mine has complained to me about it, concerned about the kids. She even wrote a check to her sister for each of them to go to her christian summer camp for a week, and the parents refused it. So it is definitely not a money issue. This frustrates me. They don't trust anyone else with their kids but I don't know what they are scared of?
  12. Not waiting for first kiss, but I respect those who do. They are more serious about finding that someone special, and are not just throwing themselves around to any guy/gal that gives them attention... I've been thinking about waiting from now, and not kiss a guy until we are married. It will be tough but I don't hate the idea
  13. meCamilly says hello!

    You guys are just so sweet, I love it!
  14. @Sophie, I can agree with that. The last apartment I was in was terrible! It was hot and had so many nasty critters! It's nice to have a place for yourself that you can call home, somewhere that you enjoy coming home to after a long day... But my material item would be a bicycle. I ride my bike all over the city and love it. But I would like a nice new road bike, right now I've an old hybrid style, which is nice, but if I were able to indulge, that's what I would get...
  15. meCamilly says hello!

    Hello all! What a community I have found here! You all seem really supportive of one another, and that is very reassuring, I'm glad I found you! I am (very almost) 21, and from CT, but now live in Philly. And I am actually making a big move to Australia in a couple of days... So once again, hello. I look forward to getting to know you all.