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    Oh i love to watch a lot of tv im beyond way too into gossipgirl,the OC,Smallville,OneTreeHill,90210,Friends,pretty little liars,vampire diaries and charmed.

    I read all those sappy bubblegum magazines glamour,cosmopolitan,people,seventeen,cleo,bliss,teenzone and jewel

    i love my music right now im way too into Taylor swift,Carrie Underwood,Evanescene,Kanye West and Lil Wayne oh and the Veronicas.
    I love to shop i have over 15 pairs of heels and still insist i have none to wear,play dress up with my idea of a good time is dressing casual or to the nines with friends and goin out for a late lunch,gossiping abt who and what and ofcourse grabbing a latte by my fav cafe #Cafenush in avondale

    I LOVE GOD but i dont go to church i just find the scene a whole lotta prententious.....I AM WAITING FOR MARRIAGE and I AM a proud VIRGIN and very open minded,loyal and well detemined.....i like making new friends withs guys,girls,white,coloured,indian,black(im black!),doesnt matter.i dont judge(MUCH.ha!) but haha im shy!shocker*

    oh followme on twitter @itsmikaylahun DM and il give you a shoutout
  1. Hey and waiting

    Thank you.I will always pray to God so he guides and keeps me on the right path.
  2. Itsmikaylahun.........!hie im sure il love you all

    Thank you.Your all lovely
  3. Hey ya'll

    Well hie..i kinda know how you feel love iv been in relationships though haha but im not a delusional dater whos goal is to get married young before im done with school,or a lover who meets her man halfway by giving him a HJ or God forbid Bj which is so unlike my friends who are coupled up all the time
  4. Is it okay for guy friends to say you're beautiful?

    I actually believe its healthy as much as it is just appreciative to tell a friend you think they are beautiful..i know i love hearing that from friends.Telling someone you think they are beautiful doesnt mean you see them that way.However saying beautiful is ok what MAY maybe not ok is saying they are gorgeous,sexy,sultry and stunning.idk
  5. Ok so im 19,virgin a girls girl who can be one of the boys on cue....people generally misjudge me and think im loose,dumb or whtaever but im a strong young woman who does not get around,sleep with any guys like that,in fact im a virgin who is set on waiting till marriage and im glad i found this site where i commune with other believers.......some people ask me why im waiting..well i like having the power of knowing that im sealed down there when all of my friends are losing it coz in a few years noone will want them,i making my mom,God n me proud and just because i dont want to lose it before marriage....i dont even have to explain on that
  6. Hey and waiting

    Hie im a 19 year old virgin girl who is WTM............add me,feel free to give in any pointers on what would help me stay virgin*wink.........