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    I always try to step out of my comfort zone and experience something new! Right now I’m finding interest in checking off items on my “Life to do list� or what most people refer to as a bucket list. The most recent couple of things I have checked off have been: Donating shoes to the homeless-Signing up as a bone marrow donor-and holding a lady bug without screaming lol
  1. Is it safe to think this way...

    @loyalhero90<3 Having love and tolerance towards one another is the key to understanding diversity.It's great to be around people who think the same way as you think but is living our life completely to that standard going to further are development? I don't think it will. Observing and listening to people we meet in our own personal environment, who are complete opposite of us, can only aid in fine tuning who we are. The best way to grow as an individual is utilizing people who share different principles. This is why people aren't afraid of voicing their own opinions. Our minds benefit from expansion and absorbing new thoughts. Just because we are accepting of this expansion of thought doesn't mean we are losing our own set of values. It means we are learning that other people think differently and have every right to their own set of beliefs just as we do<3
  2. What's more important to you...

    @LiveTheDream<3 I would like to think I am an incredible person as well, but that doesn't mean that my incredibleness lacks any stature when someone decides, for whatever reason, that I'm not the one for them. For some people it's more than just a great personality that keeps them interested. And that doesn't tend to offend me because everyone has their own standards when it comes to chemistry and dating. I truly don't want you to feel as though you have to drop your moral beliefs because some WTM women have treated you less that what you would've expected but, the Non-waiting women are treating you of lesser value when they don't respect your decison to wait. They shouldn't have to convince you of anything! They should take that piece of your beliefs, your decison to wait, as an extension of your great personality and not seperate the two. I've never seriously dated anyone before, but I've been hurt a numerous amount of times just because of my WTM status alone. I've gone through ridicule, lack of understanding, and mistreatment from men who all couldn't "deal" with my personal choices. And I bet other WTM women have gone through the same. But I don't think ALL men are like that. I would never dare to lump great guys like yourself, and the ones within this group, with them. I want the person whom I'm with to feel as though they have a great catch rather than a great burden. And you should hold that same requirement. <3
  3. Do you like your name?

    My name (Charmaine) actually means "Charming" so I try my best to live up to its meaning. I think my name is pretty unique as well. I have only come across one other person with my name and they spelled theirs quite differently. I think my name just tends to create a lot of opportunities for people to think of nicknames lol! Have you guys ever seen that Charmin Tissue commercial..Cha Cha Cha Charmin! Thats how EVERYONE would address me back in high school. Or they would call me by those pokemon names Charizard and Charmander. Oh! How about this one?..Chow Mein. Lol Its fun and Ive grown used to it so it makes me love my name that much more!
  4. This site and I love to cook!! I am a master in the kitchen *brushes off shoulders* lol
  5. I miss the days when...

    @ MM and RJ Hey my girls!! I didn't factor in behavior at all! I was solely thinking about the way someone dresses and, while forgetting, how some women may act along with their dressing preferences. In that case, I do think that their behavior subjects them to more chances of, possible, mistreatment. And that you can't get around. Not all people that come across our paths are good people, and thats so disheartening to say, but its the truth none the less. But I'm still torn...I still feel like to each their own. Not everyone is pure or choosing to save themeselves so their whole view on sexuality, and code of conduct, can be completely different then our own. You know? And @RJ I am shoooort too girly..5'1 to be exact lol!!
  6. @ Tev<3 although you state that you are underpriveleged are far..VERY far from being underpriveledged when it comes to how wealthy your heart is. And that is what you constantly need to remind yourself. One of my favorite quotes is by the artist Andy Warhol and he states, "People should fall in love with their eyes closed...just close your eyes. Don't look and its magic" Many people, whether they are in or out of high school, fail to digest such a meaning. While the high school girls around you have their eyes opened to the guys who choose to display their value by treating them with less then worthy conduct and superficial gifts; you just know that you have something entirely priceless, that no money in the world could buy. So when the time is right, you will be able to give the most important gift of all, your heart Tev, to the person who can ,metephorically, close their eyes and see you for who you truly are.
  7. Chivalry: Appreciated or sexist?

    @vince I hate that you were treated in such a disgusting way while representing yourself as nothing less than a gentleman<3 Although chivalry by most people is understood when it applies to men, I'm sitting here thinking there a female variant of chivalry? I think there is! Anyone can be chivalrous including women. Women can be brave, courteous, and honorable while showing respect towards men in their own right. Sadly, the women you bestowed your generosity to Vince, didnt appreciate you for your kind gestures. They, themselves, lacked chivalrous tendencies so there is no way they could have understood the exceptional treatment they were receiving. My heart honestly skips a beat when a man chooses to acknowledge my presence and acts accordingly; whether that be him giving up his seat because only standing room is left, opening up a door, or bravely snatching a bee off my shoulder while getting stung in the process( <---that actually happened!) Please don't change who you are. Your chivalrous ways could be the very first thing someone falls in love with you for<3
  8. I miss the days when...

    Ok my loves let me see if I can add to the convo! Developing pretty voluptuously at a very young age, I grew into hating my body for the curves that I had. All the unwanted attention I would receive from older men started this type of self-hate in me. I started wearing the baggiest shirts,sweaters, pants anything that would hide my natural curves because I was utterly humiliated. I had the body of a woman but the age of a child. So now that I am older I celebrate and embrace my body and curves. I have adapted a whole new perspective on who I am internally. I don't think women should be limited by what they wear just because some men, like the ones i have come across, choose to act in a certain way. Rather then, believing women should know and expect men to react in this manner, we instead, need to adapt a higher expectation and have zero tolerance for it. Some men feel as though their irresponsibility's ( i.e. cat calling, groping, or something as serious as rape) were provoked. I personally don't agree with that, nothing gives anyone the right to infringe on another persons personal freedoms, period. Its wrong to judge a book by its cover, so eqauting someones self respect by how they personally decide to dress is unfair. People are judged on first impressions and first impressions are based, in large, on appearance I get it..but i don't agree with it. It is not my place to judge or dictate what anyone else "should" do. It's none of my business until it infriges on my rights; how another woman chooses to dress doesn't fall in that category<3
  9. Your Dream Guy !!

    Hey everyone I'm new to the WTM family so I thought I would finally answer a forum question! Hmmm? My dream man is one who understands my youth, strength, energy, looks, and anything material will fade, but my ability to love "HIM" will always remain young-that is the man I want to invest my emotions with<3