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  1. Ladies, when you're walking down the aisle....

    THAT IS SUCH A GREAT IDEA. Thats it you guys. My mom is gonna be walking me down the aisle! It makes perfect sense, she was both my mother and father.
  2. Ladies, when you're walking down the aisle....

    Same here. Dad didn't do his job. Gosh our generation is messed up. Lets hope the next generation of dads steps up.
  3. Why do girls go to public restrooms in groups?

    Usually when I say 'guys, Im going to the bathroom', one of my friends usually comes along because she needs to go too or fill her water bottle. In the bathroom itself we just talk. I have no idea why we do this..
  4. "No guy is ever going to want you if...

    Ive actually heard about guys preferring virgins, even if they had sex before themselves. What bothers me about this is that having sex= manhood. Back in the day not being a virgin as a woman was frowned upon, but as a man you were expected to have 'some on the side'. I guess that still stems from that period. Im not saying that a guy who has had sex before can't prefer a virgin, but it definitely sounds very hypocritical and backwards to me. I for one wouldnt date a guy who had sex before and wasnt a reclaimed virgin.
  5. Meh. Fine I guess. As long as I stay away from crappy romcom movies and songs that remind me of the lack of intimacy in my life, it's actually bearable. I dont even pay attention to nosy people anymore. Actually, the 'HOW CAN YOU NOT HAVE SEX OMGGJKHJH' remarks make me laugh now. Seriously, aint nobody got time for that.
  6. I really hope everything goes well Sofia! Im here if you need me, even though I don't have much experience myself! You should start to forgive yourself for what you have done, whats in the past is in the past. Now you have the chance to do things differently with all relationships that are to come.
  7. I wouldn't tell Rayan exactly what you did with Adam, but do try telling Rayan that you don't want to 'take it to the next level', because you want to save yourself. If I were you, I'd tell him that if he can't respect the fact that you won't do it, the relationship can't go on any longer, since you are both on different pages when it comes to sex. I know you might have this awesomechemistry between you guys, but if he pressures you, you might need to sit down and have a serious talk. You don't have to tell him the details about your past, but I would tell him that you have taken 'things to the next level' before and you really regretted it, and that because he is so special to you, you don't want to do the same with him.I think communication is the key here.
  8. OMG! Help

    Oh a 'study session'! How classic! Just a small tip, when you are talking to him about something, study his body language. If you move your arm a certain way, or scratch your nose and he mimicks your body language, its usually a sign that he likes you. When he keeps his head slightly tilted while you are speaking, it means he is genuinly interested in what you are saying. Good luck!
  9. Were are you SINGLES :O

    Those women have always existed. Theres actually less guys waiting then girls from what I see. I don't know if Im the prove of them existing. It depends on what you find attractive, lol.
  10. Crushes

    And here I was, thinking that only girls overthink these kinda things. Boy was I wrong So how r you and the girl doing now Tev?
  11. What are your deal-breakers?

    Making a list of my 'dealreakers' would be close to impossible, since it includes being a psychopath, criminal, close-minded, etc. and basically every bad thing you could imagine. On top of that its way more fun to talk about what I like instead of what I hate! 1. Has to be my best friend - looks will fade, but being able to laugh together about the stupidist things will never fade! 2. Sexual, Emotional, Physical attraction - Duh. 3. Loves God as much (if not more) than I do. That's it This whole list kind of implies every preference I have. (romantic, WTM, kind etc.)
  12. Christian rock/ Alternative is a great site to view album reviews and news on most christian bands, but they seem to be more rock/alternative oriented. @rah38 allready compiled a whole list for you (he basically listed my Ipod list, so sadly I can't add much )I personally am a big fan of Abandon (Searchlights, Control) they are extremely underrated imo! Their last album control is just A WHOLE BUNCH of alternative. Every single song seems to be christ-centered, and that is hard to find. Seriously, listen to them. You'll thank me later. I saw Kutless a year ago, they were fenomenal live. If you wanna hear rock, you should only listen to their first few albums. Even though their later ones are also very good, they are worship albums. (They made a great rock cover of It Is Well though). Next month I'm gonna see Skillet! (so excited!) I also saw The Afters and it has been a bit quiet around them lately, but I definitely dig their sound. One of their latest songs (Lift Me Up) is extremely inspirational and the video brought me to tears. Although their latest song 'Won't Give Up' sounds a lot more alternative/rock. (Even if I would listen to that song while walking out of the bus, seriously, that song makes every event, EPIC.) Ivoryline- I don't listen to them much, but I like their sound. Switchfoot- Their lead singer is so poetic, the guy could write a dictionary. If you really wanna go all metal try some Brian Head Welch, some might know him of the band Korn, but he converted to christianity and now plays solely christian hardrock. (Although, I remember seeing him at the FlevoFest over here in Holland and his bass player looked downright possessed, lol) Family Force 5- They have gone a little too mainstream for me. (both musically and lyrically) but their songs are ridiculously fun. their old songs (Never Let Me Go, Luv Addict, Radiator) are awesome though (his screams in those songs are awesome, really gets you pumped) Fireflight! I can't listen to them for too long for some reason. But their songs are decent. Royal Tailor, they're new, good. Not really hardrock or anything though. Hawk Nelson. they used to have some pretty neat songs, though their lead singer just left, so I have no idea how their next albums will turn out. DISCIPLE! One of my fav hardrock bands to listen to, check out their song 'Dear X, you don't own me' (I think it won some awards?) HB - I listen to this when Im mad, and wanna show my friends the different styles CCM has to offer. This is probably metal at its finest. (With lyrics like 'When the Jesus Metal Explosion Hits!', ya can't really go wrong there now can ya?) Haven't listened to any of their new stuff though. Sanctus Real Now if you really wanna be oldschool: Petra Stryper ('To hell with the devil!') I too was always searching for new CCM stuff to listen too, been too busy to really do my CCM 'hunt', every weekend. I've kind of had the same struggle like you with non-christian bands, luckily, there is plenty of good CCM out there! In nearly every genre! Tobymac has some rock songs as well, he (DCTalk as well) kind of does every genre. I really like his song 'Hey Devil' (It doesn't sound christian, but it actually is a really good song .
  13. Hi everyone! Christians, Europeans?

    Hi Summer, A fellow European over here! I currently live in Amsterdam! Europe is indeed losing its original values, lots of people just cohabitate now instead of marriage, but in defense of my continent, I know very few 14 year old girls over here having sex. I remember an episode of the Tyra show where girls at that age were saying how they wanted a baby O_O But waiting till marriage seems to be getting more popular over in the U.S! Or so I heard? I don't know many people who are as liberal with sex, though thats probably because the people I hang with tend to be like me. There is probably an uber-liberal-sex-lets-do-it-with-anyone- underground scene over here in clubs or whatnot, but I just don't see it. Cause I don't go there. I guess ignorance is bliss:)
  14. Is it naive to want the fairy tale?

    Studies actually show that young kids who come in contact more often with 'germs' (yes, some daycares can be extremely filthy. I remember my little sisters being exceptionally clean!) develop less allergies.(Kids who grow up at a farm are healthier than kids who live in the city, for example) I really always have been a pretty independent child, and never cried when mom left, though I must be an exception to this. I think as a child its definitely good to be around kids who are raised differently, it opens up his/her mind, broadens the horizon, learns them to solve conflicts and teaches them the skill of making friends. At least I think this is so, I don't have a clue since I haven't really been in the situation of having to take a kid to daycare (like most of us btw!) I think it is definitely hard to find a good daycare center, leaving your child alone with other people always brings along some risks. I do know that it has its pros and cons, but I'm not sure what I would do when I marry. I'm just 17 for Gods sake! XD Shouldn't be thinking about this! Anyway, I think this kind of has to do with culture differences. I was raised in Amsterdam and we are generally more liberal. I actually know very few moms over here who choose to stay at home. Maybe 1or 2. It's not that common here. Though it is common that the wife works part-time and the husband fulltime, usually the mother takes up more of the upbringing of the child, but isn't a stay-at-home mother. I actually think that if you're looking for a wtm-husband, you won't have to worry. As you can see by the comments, most wtm men seem to be a little more conservative. (Nothing wrong with that!) I actually think I'm the one who should worry! lol. And I won't waste my words on Mstr Josh and his cars, cause he seems to be either trolling or in need of a reality check
  15. Is it naive to want the fairy tale?

    Btw, letting your kid go to daycare actually improves their social skills and broadens their mental lexicon, it stimulates their brains in a way that staying at one place wouldn't. So in the end, it makes them smarter, because they hear more words. I know this since I am now sleepdeprived from writing my lecture on it XD