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  1. First off: Hi Kendra Sorry, I just had to get that out of the way. Second: Why does every single person on this site use "pathos" to try to prove their point. I understand that "ethos" is completely thrown out online, but for Pete’s sake, use some actual effing logic once in a while to prove a point. Who knows, it might even finally set you out of the dreamlike, lovey-dovey, Mr. Rogers Neighborhood bubble you live in. Ethos: the source's credibility, the speaker's/author's authority Logos: the logic used to support a claim (induction and deduction); can also be the facts and statistics used to help support the argument. Pathos: the emotional or motivational appeals; vivid language, emotional language and numerous sensory details. Third: Thank you all for your replies. I truly wish I had the time to reply to each of your posts individually but I am swamped with other priorities that I have to complete first. Some people were truly trying to help me, and some just used their reply to take cheap shots at me. If you did take a shot at me, it's whatever, you get one freebee. Do it again tho, and I probably won't bite my tongue. Fourth: I'm not a bad guy. I'm just expecting my marriage to fail eventually, if I ever end up getting married. I am also predicting my girlfriend to cheat on me because that's just what people do. I am expecting this wonderful girl to one day tell me that she doesn't love (bad word) me anymore. And it's most likely I will die alone in some retirement home, just like EVERYONE else. Even though I am wired like this, it doesn't mean I don't hope for best. I'm just bracing for the future painful impact that is probably going to come my way. Think about it: If it’s happened to me once, it will most likely happen to me again. If it’s likely to happen to me, it’s the same chance it’s going to happen to you also. Just don't waste your life for searching and searching for "The ONE" like Ted Mosby from "How I Met Your Mother." I kid you not, you willl actually end up being much happier in the meantime.
  2. Not to offend anyone here, but I don't believe in love, I expect marriage to fail, people are bad, they are not meant to be monogamous, etc. Bottom line, I really don't do not see the point of waiting till marriage anymore. (Please hold your boos’ and don't start throwing rotten fruit just yet) I was never really sold on waiting till marriage in the first place, it’s just something my mum told once and so far I have blindly obeyed. I used to go to church (Mormon) also, so I guess they drilled it into me there also. Long story short, I've somehow managed to charm one of only 11 girls in my class (about 120 students’ total) by helping her with coursework, by cooking for her and just being nice to her I guess. I personally think it was the cooking that did the trick, I'm just an effing awesome cook. For like the past week now, I've been going crazy because I want to have sex with her in like 23 different positions. She's this fit, sorta athletic, kinda nerdy when she wear glasses chick, and she plays video games too. Basically, she is completely hooooooot. Anyway, I just need someone to convince me to jump ship so I can call her over and finally get it in, or I need someone to actually convince me to wait till marriage. I feel like I am literally in the middle right now and let me tell you, the middle sucks. I don't want to be in the freaking middle. I want to be one or the other. I guess this is a cry for help.
  3. By the way, don't you think these exact words were said from all the people that ended up cheating? You can blindly trust mere words, or you can have math to prove it.
  4. E = number of previous sexual partners Experience is the key factor here From: http://waitingtillma...on-and-divorce/ “Women whose intimate premarital relationships are limited to their husbands—either premarital sex alone or premarital cohabitation—do not experience an increased risk of divorce†“Having at least one other intimate relationship prior to marriage is linked to an increased risk of divorce†[*]E = coming soon, I still need to read that study to find good numbers. Bottom line: The sexual experience matter
  5. @Kailey If you could find a couple(3+) of sources that give some percent that will prove "once a cheater, always a cheater" theory, I would be happy to derive it into a factor. I will even name it the "K" factor, if you want. Only catch is, it has to be about women cheating on men or percent that takes them both genders into account. Oh and the sources have to be from kinda sort of known people. Example "As many as 70 percent of affairs end with the cheater feeling sick with regret. In these cases, the cheater may be transformed (relationship rekindled) if the victim is able to bring themselves to forgive. Cheaters who are less likely to repeat show sincere remorse for their actions. Instead of excuses like “It’s your fault,†“It was an accident†or “It meant nothing,†they take full responsibility and express the need to prevent it from happening again. They’ll open up about their feelings, attend counseling, and do whatever it takes to regain your trust. In cases like these, it’s possible for a partnership to actually emerge stronger than it was before." - - Eric J. Leech(he gets paid to write, so he's believable)
  6. This is all I came up with so far. Any more factors people? Anything at all. More factors = More Presice equation.
  7. Letter D D = your penile size This is a no brainer, size does matter. Every last eighth of an inch. Assuming average length is 5.1in – 5.9in and girth circumference is 3.5in – 3.9in. Volume equation = length*circumference2/(4*pi) Average Volume = 5.994825 in3 [*]If you’re “average,†save yourself some math D = 1.0 [*]If not in that average zone(higher or lower) D = [your volume + average volume]/[2*average volume] Bottom line: Bigger the penis, the less likely she will leave yours another one and vice-versa.
  8. Letter C C = attractiveness percent difference Every one rates everyone. “Yo that chick is a full ten; you’re waaay out of her league.†The same concept applies here. We are comparing your number with her number here. Use any number scale you want. (1-10) or (1-100) or (1-134234) it doesn’t matter, as long as you keep it consistent for both. C = [your number + her number]/[2*your number] Your number = Have others (male and female) rate you and take the average. Her number = *this is tricky* make her rate herself, but do not tell her what it is for Bottom line: if you’re hotter, then she is less likely to cheat. But if she’s a model and you’re 5.8 at max, then dude, just accept it’s bound to happen.
  9. Letter B B = financial status factor Most common thing that causes divorce is money. So this is essentially comparing your income with her income. B = [your income + her income]/[2*your income] Bottom line: if you make more money than her, this will decrease her cheating percent. But if she makes more money, this will increase her cheating percent.
  10. Letter A A = country divorce percent This is simple, your [setting/Location] matters For example, in the US women are more prone to cheat than say in Serbia [*]Use this site and find your country divorce percent - That site is in divorce/1000 people so just more the decimal plan one left [*]A = 0.495 can be written as [49.5%] (USA only) Bottom line: if you’re really scared on getting cheated on, move to Sri Lanka and find a girl there. She will be less cultured to cheat over there.
  11. So after we made these initial assumptions, we are ready to start the problem. Solution: So the basic approach to this problem is, assume she will cheat but then multiply by a whole bunch of factors that will determine if that number will increase(more likely she will cheat) or decrease(less likely she will cheat). So our general, plain, vanilla formula is: Percent Cheat = A* B * C * D * E * F * G *(add letters to be more specific)
  12. So let’s get started. First off, define what cheating is to you. It could be going all the way and having sex with another man, kissing another man, hugging another man, holding hands with another man, or even just looking at a another man for longer than 17 seconds. Whatever the definition of cheating is to you, write it down and do not change it from here on forward. So before we even propose an equation, we have to make some basic assumptions. So let’s make an assumption list here. Assumptions: [ You are a male; you are dating a female; you both believe in a monogamous relationship; you both are older than 18 but less than let’s say 35; and let’s assume out time frame for cheating to occur to be 10 years. ] This seems to be enough for now. We can always come back here and add more if needed. Oh and if you’re wondering why I made these assumptions, I will make an appendix to clarify why I picked these exact assumptions/numbers. (Add later assumptions here)
  13. Exact Percent Your Girlfriend Will Cheat on YOU (male) So you probably are thinking about skipping all this nonsense (boring words in the begging) and going straight into the equation below. Do NOT do this. I think I should repeat it, just so you don’t do it. Do NOT skip the beginning. You have to know where things come from so you understand the final result. I learned this during my university years as a Nuclear Engineering Student. Before we even bother spending another minute on this topic, ask yourself; do you really want to find out the exact percent that your girlfriend might cheat on you? If you said: “hell yea†or displayed any other form of affirmation, please read on. I gotchu you man, I am personally here for you. Anyway, since you acknowledged you wanted to know, our problem statement becomes. Find: [ Exact chance (in percent) that girlfriend will cheat on you. ] Ultimately, that last statement is our final goal. The number we are going to get will determine if she worth the time and effort. For example, if you have end up with a less than 10% chance, strongly consider putting a ring on her, maybe even two rings. Also, if you end up with a percent greater than 100% that means she already cheated on you so start packing your stuff right away. But most of you are probably going to be in that mid area, so I’m just here to give you a number and you have to decide what that number means to you. Basically, we are making a calculator to figure if she is worth the time, the effort we put, and all the nice little things we do. You can be sure, I’m going to use this method to calculate all my potential girls therefore you might as well use it also.
  14. Soooo since cheating is such a big deal relationships, I've been kinda messing around with some numbers and I think I can make an equation to figure out the percent that a girlfriend cheat in a relationship. Anyway, I've been loosely working on it for the two days and I could always use some help making it better. I would really like to refine this thing down to an exact date and time that someone might cheat if all goes well. All suggestions are welcome and please let me know if I made any calculation errors.
  15. Welcome Week

    Heeeeey, I'm Akhila W. I won't put my last name because its unpronounceable. Male, 20.5 years old, born in Sri Lanka and moved to Northern Virginia about 10 years ago. Likes: Barcelona FC, ALL sports, Xbox 360, and good food. Dislikes: Bad food(Wendy's), long waiting times, and unclean bathrooms. Oh and I really like winning, even if its just racing down the stairs. My dream girl: someone who can slice her way down the pitch, give me a perfect head and set me up to score. And I joined because at times I can get really reeeaaaally lonely