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  1. HOw should I approach?

    so i just started dating this guy and weve been friends for two years i really like him but i also like other guys he has no problem with my guy friends and is very kind hearted. i guess i wanna know what should i do i feel stuck
  2. I think you have to be open to new things every person we meet want be our ideal person because we cant make them into that person we want them to be. i dont know im young so I personally have alot tolearn
  3. I myself would like an honest open heart and open mind person. were we can talk about everything and not keep secrets. a relationship were we could comfort each other. the kind that you see two older people together walking and laughing who have been married for 60 years.
  4. Aging and waiting

    I've read most of the posts does it really come easy or harder as you age? Do you have any regrets or is it just a whim that you feel? I am happy to say that I will have been a virgin for 18 years in a few weeks.
  5. Hi my name is Darricka

    Thanks everyone for welcoming me
  6. Hi my name is Darricka

    Hi I'm Darricka little shy about joining this site but I feel this site is a great way for me to hear others opinions on waiting til marriage. I'm 17 (teenager) and it seems like everyone I know has done it and they ask me have I. I say no and they say I dont believe you but then when they figure its the truth they tell me they couldnt do it. I believe in being with one person is healthy and waiting is a great reward. My friends consist of mostly guys so you see where I stand. Should I feel different from my friends? Are my feeligs for wanting marriage before sex normal? Will this decision be a regret in the future?