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  1. I'm currently in college study psychology;) Welcome
  2. Psychology!! I know many view that a "default" major but this was a fully dedicated decision for me. While, I'm not EXACTLY sure what my career aspirations are, I know I want to help people, so I decided to start by understanding them! I enjoying learning a wide spectrum of things and my knowledge isn't limited to my major since I attend a liberal art's college.
  3. Hey Y'all :)

    I admire your outlook as beautifully faithful women. Bless you, and welcome!
  4. I totally agree with Nick Currently, I’ve been examining whether or not I want children myself. I’ve went back and forth, and have come to realize it all depends (on a lot of things). I don’t think I would find myself in the predicament illustrated because this will definitely be discussed as the relationship progresses. It takes to two to make a child, and if it isn’t discussed one could have a great deal of resentment towards the other when things don’t go the way they expected. Furthermore, the discussion must go in depth about the circumstances that effect your decision and how you are willing to compromise.
  5. I've explained before how I've come to the decision to WTM, what’s relevant here is that you know that this is a recent decision. Prior to now, I had been taking baby steps…â€waiting until age 16â€â€¦â€waiting until I graduate high schoolâ€â€¦and once I reached that final milestone and entered college, I had to decide what my next step would be...and now I’m here. When dating, I’ve always let it be known that I’m a virgin and not ready for sex, and still had a decent dating-life. However, informing guys that I’m WTM isn’t as simple. I feel they get scared because they hear…â€MARRY ME!â€â€¦when I am in no rush to get married. My mother brought up the idea of getting a chastity ring to weed out those not willing to WTM and to ease the awkwardness of the WTM discussion. This sounds like a good idea to me I really wish every waiter wore one, so we could easily identify each other. Do you wear a ring, why or why not?
  6. 20 year old university student WTM.

    I'm currently in college (undergrad) its motivating to hear of you all who've continued to WTM , glad to have you
  7. hello to all :)

    Hi, I'm so glad you've found us I'm also in college and in the same predicament ...this site really helps Welcome!
  8. I'm 16 and I'm waiting till marriage <3

    It's very mature of you to make this declaration and be proud, this site is such a help when the "going gets tough" I hope you enjoy it, welcome!
  9. Hello pun intended :)

    Thank you very much, I can't wait to get to know you as you share your opinions on the forum...Welcome!
  10. Hi my name is Darricka

    Welcome, this site will be a group of friends who support you and share your opinions of being with one partner....I too hang around plenty of sex-crazed guys...being around their "craziness" actually helped me with my decision to WTM Lol, and about being normal...let's talk about what's normal these days...divorce, teen pregnancy, STD's ...let's not shoot for normal, instead follow what you feel is right and you won't regret it
  11. Okay, now ladieessssssss! (Yeah?)

    LOL I agree, if we go any further into the lyrics I'm sure we'd be flagged or something! LOL & I don't believe we've met yet, you just have to be 5'10 or taller and you're in the running! LOL
  12. Ello Govna

    Welcome I want to be an art therapist btw
  13. Guilty Pleasures

    Ugh I dont know how to catch up! Its hard to find them online do you know of any sites?
  14. Guilty Pleasures

    @dodgedude....that is so true it is the ultimate guilty pleasure, I'm so ashamed of how into I get you would think I was watching sports or something! Smh Lol for anyone who hasn't watched it before usually goes like this... Maury: today Kim has brought Jim here to prove he is the father of her child Jim Jr. Jim: that ain't my baby, she slept with my brother, cousin, ain't no telling who else!!?? Kim: that is your baby! Look at his nose, look at his ears he look just like you!! Maury: we have the DNA results and in the case of Jim Jr, Jim you are...NOT the father ....Jim celebrates by doing some crazy dance, Kim runs off camera backstage crying, Maury follows and tell her they will help her find the father then she returns on the showing testing 5 other men swearing she is certain each man is the father as if she only slept with one man... BUT IT'S GREAT, motivates me to only have ONE partner and WTM Lol