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  1. I'd probably do both. Simply because I do a lot of freelance work. For tax purposes, it is SO MUCH easier to have an account that isn't shared, where the only money flowing in is from freelance stuff. Easier to calculate taxes, easier to keep track, easier in case of auditing, just easier paperwork in general.
  2. I guess I'm the odd one out. I'd sign one, and I would have one signed to protect my own assets. There are some things I will not tolerate in a marriage. For instance, physical abuse. Total deal breaker. The first time someone hits me is the last time they'd see me. No therapy. Done. Now, OBVIOUSLY, I'd hope I would marry someone who was not a physical abuser. But, I always hear stories of how women fell in love, how everything was awesome, and then ... all of a sudden, it got real bad. And it's not something they saw coming. That really scares me. So, yea, I'd want to protect my assets in such situations.
  3. I watched it, and you were awesome! I thought you sounded really approachable and fun. And it was my kind of fun, too - kind of geeky, kind of quirky, very cool (or so I think since I'm a total geek). I really liked that t-shirt you wore too. High five.
  4. History and Dramatic Literature. Neither of which have anything to do with my current work, lol.
  5. I'm not waiting for religious or moral reasons either. Mine are all a combination of personal and logical. Logical in that I'm safer from STDs and accidental pregnancy if I abstain. Personal in that I'm an "all or nothing" person. I want to be with my husband, and ONLY with my husband. If I can't have that, then I want nothing. It's actually easier for me wait than to be part of the whole hook up culture or serial monogamy. I see a lot of people struggling with waiting ... and, sometimes, I admit, I feel like a fraud. Because it's not a struggle for me. I don't know if it's my personality, or a weird mix of genes, but I just do not see the appeal of sex with someone who will not be in my life forever. Well, obviously, not forever, but, you know, close to the end of my lifetime (since women live longer than men, on average, I have to be realistic, lol). It's totally natural for me to wait.
  6. Awesome. I'm totally watching! Especially now since I "know" one of the virgins ... kind of, lol.
  7. Unrealistic Ideals

    Not always the case. My mom got pregnant with me accidentally when she was 23, and knew my dad for a few months. She definitely was not a waiter. Actually, I don't think anyone in my family waited. Yet, I'm 29 and still waiting. The "black sheep" of the family, lol. Anyway, I think about this as well. Sometimes, I can get pretty existentialist about it too. I don't just think about how I may not make a difference, but I have this cosmic perspective where I see the sun supernova, eventually, taking the whole solar system out with it. At which point, I wonder - what the heck? What is the sense in all this waiting when, in the end, nothing may matter?! On the other hand, though, I don't associate sex with morality. In the sense that I don't think sex outside of marriage is immoral, and I'm not waiting from a moral point of view. So, realistically, it doesn't matter to me whether or not my waiting is an example or makes a difference. That's not my purpose. I'm doing this because it fits my personality, and because it's actually easier for me to wait than to attempt the whole hook up culture scene. I've only ever wanted one person, all or nothing. Morality doesn't really come into it for me. For me, it's just a subjective choice - like choosing apples over oranges. In terms of general good overcoming evil ... eh, the jury is still out on that one for me. We haven't achieved world peace. But, on the other hand, we haven't annihilated one another completely either. I'm rooting for the good, and trying to promote Good - hopefully that goes without saying!
  8. Is this the same thing as Fertility Awareness Method? As in described in the book Taking Charge of Your Fertility? I took a class on it - yes, I like to be prepared in advance. WAY in advance, lol. I don't know if this is the same thing, but with FAM, I was the only single person in the class. It's most effective if both partners are onboard and take the class ... so I was the odd woman out. Still, it was really interesting, and I learned a lot about my body.
  9. Nearly 27 & wtm :)

    I'm 29, still waiting. Welcome (I just joined recently too).
  10. Morality of man without god?

    Good thing I'm not a man or I'd be in trouble. Sorry, couldn't help myself. You walked right into it, and I just could not resist! Otherwise, I'm ducking out of this debate, lol.
  11. Splitting the bill vs. guy pays

    If I invite someone, I pay. If we agree to meet mutually, we get separate checks. If they invite me, then it depends on their etiquette skills. I actually prefer paying for myself, simply because when I lived in NYC, some of my dates had the attitude that, since they paid for dinner, they should get something in return. Ummm, no. So, I find it more "safe" and just more of an equal ground if we get separate checks.
  12. Morality of man without god?

    I'm an atheist ... so, my morality/ethics are not based in a higher power. I base them more on logic/reason. If I go out on a killing spree (not that I want to!), I'd eventually wind up in 3 ways: 1. dead, 2. a fugitive, 3. in jail. Which is just not conducive to what I would like to do with my life! In order to function in the world, and to live my life freely ... I have to allow others to function in the world and live freely. My idea is this: my freedom to swing my fist ends at another person's face. So, I'm not ever totally free. I can't ever violate the freedom and life of another person. Not only because I'm not a psychopath, but also because this would violate my own freedom. Similarly, I help people because, if I were in ______ situation, I'd hope someone would do the same. I live in a world that is connected. Should civilization collapse - I wouldn't survive for long. So, I make sure some of my time and money goes to helping those who need it. In terms of caring about others - yes, I care. It's not just logic in that case. I care out of a sense of camaraderie. We're all on this rock, spinning through space. In short, we're all in it together. I'd like us to be happy together. Ultimately.
  13. It's also cultural. In Europe, a common greeting is the cheek kiss - both cheeks. Both men and women do this, with either gender, and this is totally normal. I haven't seen the awkward hugging in Europe.
  14. I'm female, no sexual experience. My preface is that finding a man who is my age, compatible with me, AND a virgin would be like finding the Holy Grail. Obviously, that would be 100% ideal and fantastic and beyond awesome and everything good rolled into delicious. However, I voted "not really". I have several mandatory requirements about which I can't/won't compromise. And those requirements are already fairly rare. Virginity is not one of them. I have to be realistic. I'm an atheist, I'm 29, and I'm living in the "Bible Belt" region of the south. So, the chances of just finding an atheist are stacked against me, lol. The chances of finding a male virgin atheist pretty much fall to zero - at least, from my perspective (and dating experience). So, the reality is, if I actually want to share my life with someone, I need to be a bit more flexible. Not all my preferences can be mandatory. If I met someone who matched me on my mandatory requirements, was respectful of my desire to wait until marriage, and we fell in love ... I absolutely would not reject him based on his sexual experience. I think this is a bit easier for me as I don't view sexuality outside of marriage as immoral. Morality isn't why I'm abstaining. So, I can understand/see why others wouldn't abstain. Having said that, if anyone knows of any age 29 and above atheist male virgins who don't fit into mainstream culture in many other ways ... send them my way.
  15. Same with Europe ... and everywhere else in the world, except the US, lol. But, the legal age for adulthood (and everything to do with consent) is 18. 21 is just a weird drinking law in the US that I've never understood. And, yes, I agree with Chris - your cat is so big!! Very cute, though.